Super Junior M Super Girl First Live Performance!

source: 52536563200909152136341858244937141_000


Photographer: Zoey

Edit: Choco77

(Please do not edit the picture)


The video clip

For the full-length of Super Junior M’s performance,

please click the following link:

As soon as I find a better quality video clip of Super Junior M performance

I will update the posting.

The reactions seemed pretty good

considering that this was their first live performance.

I am sure they will get better and better ^^


So you can see them try TOFU after Super Girl performance…

Ha Ha….they were so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >.<

I just found out my dear friend Si Woo posted the Screen Shots onto her blog.

Please click here if you want to see those cute seven boys’ captured pictures:)

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9 Responses to Super Junior M Super Girl First Live Performance!

  1. siwonsha says:

    wee.. tnx for the link.. i love it!! suju m is great performer..♥

  2. zung says:

    aaah, I love your blog, Onepinetree !! You enlighten my depressed days !!!! Thanks

  3. 3qts says:

    They’ve started performing Super Girl LIVE……so excited……the song is so addictive……I’m pretty sure it will be a GREAT HIT……I’ve been listening to it non-stop…..even my husband likes it HA HA

    Not bad for 1st performance…..I’m pretty sure they were all a bit nervous…..though the boys looked tired…..must be the hectic schedule…….I’m not particularly crazy about Donghae’s shirt

    Thanks for sharing

  4. Green bristlegrass says:

    Some fanvideos come out of this first Live performance,

    I find they were actually doing pretty well, the sound is much better than this TV version…

    don’t know why…Anyway, check it out at

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