Did You Mark September 18 on the Calendar?

Super Junior M is coming to the Sohu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Super Junior is performing Super Show II in Hong Kong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Our boy Han Geng is fully demonstrating that he is the SUPER MAN!!!!

[The picture did not have its logo, so I put it down]

My dear friend, Icydog, and her Geng fan friends made this fabulous light board to show their support at the concert.

Hong Kong Loves Geng !!!!!

I like the crown on the top of the letter Geng…..

Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!

Han Geng is the SUPER KING!!!


These days I have a tendency to overuse an exclamation point….

I need to polish my English skills…. T.T


Will Super Junior M perform  Super Girl in Hong Kong?

You guys are so lucky  T.T

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12 Responses to Did You Mark September 18 on the Calendar?

  1. icewater says:

    Wow, the light board is so beautiful!!!

    “Hong Kong loves Geng” , I like it!!


    “I love Geng”~~~~^-^

  2. icewater says:

    Ha ha ha.., Pinetree, you’re playing “Super” as well!! …..

    These days, as a Geng fan, everybody is “SUPER …” ~~~~~

    Ho ho, Geng, you’re my “SUPER BABY” ^-^

  3. Green bristlegrass says:

    This is SUPER NICE!

    Hong Kong fans, GO GO GO!!!!!!

  4. 3qts says:

    The light board is “SUPER” AWESOME!………following the trend here 🙂

    Really excited for Hong Kong fans……they will have such great time with both SJ and SJM…….hope SJM will sing “SUPER GIRL”……then Hong Kong fans will be the first to hear live performance of this “SUPER” addictive song outside of China

    BTW “SUPER GIRL” MV in YT has already over 250,000 hits within 2 days…..and that’s from just one uploader

  5. Ashley says:

    Dear Pine Tree,

    I am sure you just love our light boards. I held them during yesterday concert, we are so proud to hold them. We plan to make a new one if SJM hold their concert in Hong Kong next time. Please give us some good ideas on the design.


  6. Icydog says:

    Pine Tree Sis~~ Thank you for posting my photo~~

    I have came back from the concert!!!!
    Beside Super Girl, they also sang another new song~~~
    Geng’s solo!!!!! It’s so great~~~~ His voice, his technique!!!
    I am so surprise~~ He had a great great improvement.
    The name of the song is “BeiPan”(Betray).
    Love it much!!!

    Geng~~ I LOVE YOU!!

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