Extreme Experience of Han Geng in Super Girl MV

Original posting: http://blog.naver.com/siwoo_kim/120090465540
Author: Si Woo
Translator: One SUPER Pine Tree 🙂


After watching the MV million times, the urge to post this topic suddenly struck me.

Extreme Experience of Han Geng

In other words,

Extreme Experience Presented by Han Geng to his Fans

Note: They are actually one person.


Same actions of adjusting the bow tie  T.T

One bragged about his highlighted charisma and dignity; the other was just too lovely to die for T.T


One was playfully waddling; the other, full of confidence, was marching like a lady- killer, “You will be all killed~~”



While capturing I realized that…

When Han Geng was acting a geek, yeah…rather…..a nerd…, his back was slightly bent, which, I think, was the point.

He was just advertising  “I am a 100% pure  nerd”  by bending his back and thrusting his head….

On the other hand, after the transformation, Han Geng put on airs.


Look how different they were  when coming to the party!



The first thing to do was the same: Greeting to Dong Hae ^^,

although the styles were totally different…

006_siwoo_kimThe most critical change WAS the reaction from the beautiful lady!!!

From a cold-hearted girl smashing the cell phone down to the floor to a kind-hearted one dancing together, saying  “you are so charming”


버텨라!!!!!! 한경!!!!!!! 挺住!!!!!!! 韩庚!!!!!!!

(by One SUPER Pine Tree, “Stay Strong, Han Geng!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” 🙂 )


This was a very good example of a rough translation = =;

There are too many pictures, video clips, news about HanGeng, Super Junior M, and Super Junior to talk about T.T

which is beyond my energy and capacity T.T

I think

Han Geng






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2 Responses to Extreme Experience of Han Geng in Super Girl MV

  1. icewater says:

    Oh, one by one showing the comparision, really make the sense: Han Geng, you’re the Superman!!

    Oh, my dear Han Geng, do you realise how excellent you’re!!

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