Han Geng in Hong Kong

Source: This Charming Man

Han Geng and his team Super Junior M has arrived in Hong Kong.

Although I heard Han Geng was really sick during the recent festival,

these pictures showed his big smile.

I think he was happy to see fans cheer for him and his team.

I definitely feel that Super Junior M will be the sensation during Super Show II in Hong Kong.


credit: http://www.hksupperjunior.com


By the way….Han Geng has another nick name  = =;

Gosh…he has so many nicknames….


(Han Zong)

which means…. President Hanni or Governor Hanni…or Chairman Hanni…

Ha Ha….

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5 Responses to Han Geng in Hong Kong

  1. Green bristlegrass says:

    AH! Hello, my dear, sweet, lovely Han Zong (韩总),

    I love the glasses on you…NO…I love everything on you,

    I wanna be the glasses on you

  2. siwonsha says:

    I love siwon and hangeng on that picture.. love it♥

  3. 3qts says:

    His smile is always lovely…….and brightens up my day

    Notice they wore the same clothes as when filming Sohu in China………ah….must be in a rush that didn’t have time to change…..no wonder he gets sick……

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