Han Geng Sang a Solo …"Betray…"

Last night was the most memorable night for all Han Geng fans around the world.

I just don’t want this precious feeling to slip away.

So I decided to update this posting with new pictures and more fan cams….
Han Geng just proved that he IS a SUPER STAR material…

He has everything.

Dancing, singing, acting, and most of all his integrity no one can copy.

I am just thrilled that I found him before he becomes a SUPER STAR.

I can watch and appreciate his growth and efforts

walking along with him on his long journey to achieving his dreams.

Han Geng, you deserve my respect.


credit : see the tagged

Here is the collection of video clips

I heard that he practiced singing this song with such efforts

that you cannot even dare to imagine.


who knows how to grasp the opportunity

when it is given to him.

Some people often say…

Han Geng is a just lucky guy…

but remember…

“Luck happens when preparedness meets opportunity”

At odds of 13 hundred billion to 1

He is not a miracle…

He is absolutely well-prepared…

as he did it for this solo performance.

Han Geng

“His name was already inscribed onto my heart…

if you take his name off from me,

my heart  will come out together”

(one of comments by Geng fan at Han Geng Bar)

My dear friend Si Woo posted the captured pictures at her blog.

Source: This Charming Man

03_siwoo_kim (1)

“그러고는 손 한번 간단하게 흔들어 주고는 슈엠뮤대를 준비하러 내려갔다..”
by Si Woo

“Then, after simply waving his hand, he right away went back to the back stage to prepare for SJM performance…”



Yes…Super Junior M…………

Coming back to the reality…there is SUPER GIRL 🙂

Ha Ha…
What a memory….

I already forgot about Super Girl T.T

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45 Responses to Han Geng Sang a Solo …"Betray…"

  1. rascalkitten says:

    I’m so impressed with all the fans’ cheering and calling his name

    He sang so well , too well!!

    I almost cried while I listened to it…though i didn’t know the lyrics too

    Can’t wait to see fancam … i’m gonna cry for sure

  2. icewater says:

    So much emotion he gave to this song…


  3. fang says:

    i cried T T

  4. 3qts says:

    Goodness…..my dream came true……..I’m floating

    He is one UNIQUE individual….a rare breed……when he dances, he exudes charisma and sexiness (in another word….HE IS HOT) which drives his fans WILD (me included)

    Yet when he sings slow song……he makes me emotional…..but still, I want to hear more

    Yes…..he definitely can sing…….such sweet, gentle voice

  5. megyuanyuan says:

    hannie has proven himself once again! i know he can sing, but he still amazed me. he has improved so much! i really admire his hard work. and all the emotions he puts into the song…hannie, i’ll never betray you!

  6. Green bristlegrass says:

    I think I am totally screwed up…

    I keep repeating different versions of his solo, literally, for whole day~~~

    someone need to save me!

  7. Ashley says:

    Dear Pine Tree,

    Last night, Geng’s performance was amazing. His voice is so touching, touch the bottom of my heart. He is so talent. He sings perfectly….I am speechless…I almost burst into tears…


  8. zung says:

    Dear onepinetree,
    I had all goose bumps when I heard this song. Later on, I found out that he is actually an Aquarius, how surprising :” Aquarius, they can be light and breezy as the breath of spring, but their words can also carry the power of a gale force wind.” – some definition by google 🙂
    I’m going to convert this song into mp3 and play on my Ipod !!!!
    See you tomorrow. hehehe

  9. Icydog says:

    I listened this song for whole day….
    I did not cry last night…
    bu I really want to cry now..
    I donno why..

  10. Green bristlegrass says:

    Dear Pinetree,

    I didn’t cry a lot before I read your updated post although I keep playing the videos and understand all the meanings behind this solo…but your post makes me cry, this was the second time since his solo came out!

    The first time I cried was when reading the comments from non-fans as well as those who said Han Geng used to be their favorite, they start to like him, or fall in love with him again. Once again, I realize that it is really not easy for Han Geng, it is really not easy for all his devoted Gengfans either…just not easy to walk along with him to get this far…never thought of being a fan could be like this

    No matter what, I am just so happy to know him…he deserves my respect, deserves my heartful love!

  11. yuki-j says:

    haha i send an address to you .this is the betray mv made by geng fan/ mm you feel better if you know chinese //but i think you can know what means because we all love hang geng

  12. yuki-j says:


    this address唯风轩 is all videos about hang geng and have many videos
    and almost every geng fan knows this address


    this is the address 七禾页 who update videos about superjunior videos most quickly
    and almost every elf knows this address

  13. Green bristlegrass says:

    pics from certain magazine…you may have seen them


    I think I need to stop thinking about Han Geng for at least one day, otherwise,

    I doubt I could survive for long…

  14. yuki-j says:

    ah ah ah in china we can not see youtube .
    use angency tools arenot see youtube too
    but taiwan can use youtube
    waiting please
    i ask the taiwan gengfan
    can she update this at youtube
    youku in korea can see
    if you want to see videos on youku
    you can clip this address
    无双is a geng fan
    she collect all korea music
    so please pick up

    sorry i wish you can know what i means
    my english is chinse english

  15. yuki-j says:

    i send message to taiwan delicious geng fan
    we can not see youtube but taiwan can see
    so please wait
    in korea people cannot see tudou but can see youku
    this address 无双 is a geng fan and she is collecting superjunior videos
    but also have other people

  16. yuki-j says:

    hmm this address can see in korea maybe

    and this video is very interesting because his bracelet and the frag in his hand all be rubbed heihei

  17. yuki-j says:

    i send some replies but i can not see them now\ what happened

  18. Icydog says:

    Pine tree sis~~
    I could not concentrated at my work in the past few days..ORZ
    Too many surprises!!!

    You are right…..We need to take a rest…
    and away from Mr Han…
    I have work and study….

  19. Sarah says:

    I’m late…but it’s okay…
    I’m crying now,deep in my heart I’m so touched by him…a Chinese guy that never give up!!!
    I’m proud of him…so much!!!
    Jemma Gamsahamnida…
    Thank you so much for sharing this…^_^
    Keep your good work…HWAITING!!!

  20. yang says:

    Is there a DVD out for all their performances for the Super Show? Or do they just have one for the performances in Korea?
    I’d love this on DVD!

  21. yang says:

    Is there a DVD out for all these performances? Or do they just have one of the concert in Korea?

    • onepinetree says:

      Not yet… they usally make DVD from Seoul Super Show …let’s see in that case, we cannot see Han Geng’s solo… T.T

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