Bittersweet taste: SJM Mini-Album was released today


Credit: berry ღ Super Junior

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Super Junior M’s mini album “Super Girl” was released today in Taiwan.

Now I have to make a closure of my precious memory with Han Geng’s solo performance

and move on along with his group Super Junior M’s promotion of its mini album.

His participation in this album seemed minimal

as  we can see in Super Girl and Blue tomorrow performance at Hong Kong SSII .

After watching Han Geng’s solo performance at the concert and fully aware of his talents,

I had a hard time in watching him perform ” A Man in Love” at Asian Music Festival, Seoul, Korea.

Here is the clip, only focusing on Han Geng during the performance.

He was the only member who did not sing any single line during the performance.

This is not news to me.
After the thrill and happiness, the reality just returned to me.

It’s sorrow and brutal reality for me.
Yes, Han Geng was given a trophy and a bouquet  and had a chance to deliver a speech to Asian fans,
representing his Super Junior group.

Instead, he does not have a vocal part.


Bittersweet taste with this mini album….


I know I have to change my identity from a Han Geng only fan to a Super Junior M fan to support Han Geng

because this is the album he takes a big pride in…


he will do his best to promote this album no matter what….


I will just swallow this bittersweet flavor and move on.

By the way….

there is a touching video clip a fan made.

I will translate the subtitle when I have a chance,

although it will be Chinese–> Korean –> English…

At least you will understand the content…


Just watching the video clip…

you will understand everything…

if you are truly a Han Geng fan.


Dear SM,

You never disappoint us…

The Korean version of Super Girl….


The horrible lyrics……….


Gosh….my dream to see SJM’s Super Girl performance in Korean NetWork …..

turned out …



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3 Responses to Bittersweet taste: SJM Mini-Album was released today

  1. Angie says:

    Let’s look forward~~
    He will have a bigger stage that not only has singing and dancing. He has the great talent on acting, and acting should be his ultimate goal.
    Gosh, I am melting in his SOLO performance again…

  2. Icydog says:

    I did not cry even I heard his live solo in 918.
    However, I cried when I was watching this video….

    Hope he will have a bright future.
    All we can do now is to buy SJM’s mini album and support him!!!!

    My friend said we should buy the mini album as our souvenir from Beijing~
    I think this is a great idea~~ haha~

  3. onepinetree says:

    I already pre-ordered several copies of the minialbum at, which will take a couple of weeks for me to get them due to free-shipping option.
    And one Korean Geng fan mailed a Korean version to me, so I will get it soon, so excited. ^^ By the way…Korean lyrics of super girl have some problems in wording…so…many fans were disappointed T.T

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