My Super Star Han Geng at Hong Kong SSII

It has been almost a week since Super Show II in Hong Kong was over, which was the most memorable concert for me although I was not there.

I have collected of Han Geng only pictures from the concert.

2nd source:

credit: see the tagged





source: 虫虫com

He will shine in my heart for ever.

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3 Responses to My Super Star Han Geng at Hong Kong SSII

  1. Sarah says:

    Every single move…waw!

    Thank you Jemma sister (may I call you sister?)

    I love it so much^_^

  2. 3qts says:

    Thank you so much for these wonderful pictures

    Almost a week……really?……I didn’t even notice……and am still hooked on listening to “Betrayal” everyday…..all day

    SM should release DVD of Super Show Hong Kong

  3. onepinetree says:

    There are more…..when I have time I will post more pictures ^^

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