Han Geng: A Wild Tiger with a Mask of a Tamed Cat

Long time ago….

Ok, not really long time ago…

it was right after OPPO fan meeting,

I could not stop thinking about how smart and wise Han Geng was during the event.

So, I posted ” Extraordinarily Smart Han Geng” at my Korean blog.


There was one reply saying,

” SM raised up a wild 白頭山 ( Baekdu Mountain) Tiger who masked a cute Sham Cat”

We could not agree more with this  statement.

I am a newly fan of Han Geng.

I am still in the process of exploring Han Geng, a treasure box that seems to have no capacity.

Today I want to share one fan-made movie of early Han Geng.

In fact, it was not really early Han Geng since it includes clips from SJM and the Stage of Youth.

The fan who made this video clip also has run Han Geng fan blog for a long time which linked at the right side of my blog.


This blog, I think, run by two bloggers and they were often misunderstood by other Geng fans due to their comments.

But I think they are devoted Geng fans, otherwise, it is very hard to make such a high quality fan video.

What I can tell from this video clip is that Han Geng really looks like a Sham Cat, very cute and adorable.

Such a cute cat is now revealing his true identity.

Are you a bit scared?


Are you just thrilled?

I know where the SM belongs to.

Let’s taste Han Geng’s true identity…a little bit from his solo performance “Betrayal”

Never tired 🙂

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9 Responses to Han Geng: A Wild Tiger with a Mask of a Tamed Cat

  1. Green bristlegrass says:

    A wild Tiger who masked a cute Sham Cat~~~~I bet Han Geng would like this comment too, although he may not admit it ^^

    To be honest, loooong time ago (too long to remember when), I accidently saw Han Geng on Love Letter, probably the first one he was on…couldn’t remember…although I knew he was the only Chinese member of a Korean boy band (I did know SJ either, out of pop culture for long time)…I was not impressed by him…and it made me miss him for a long time (2 years maybe)…

    The second time I saw him was on Happy Camp show…although the show is popular in China, I never watched it before, and I watched it just because I was so depressed for my lost data due to my crashed laptop and desperately needed something for fun only…again, he didn’t impress me at the very beginning, Siwon impressed me more, but my good impression of him started from his acting of bursting into tear…after being moved by his reactions to the prank, I decided to know him more…after I watched “Have a date with Lu, Yu” and “Yue ce Yue kaixin” (more talk, much happier), I was not only impressed by his experiences and ethnic dancing skill, but also his smartness…I never saw a celebrity could tease his fans and even the mc so naturally and sincerely without any discomfort, his reactions to jokes are quick, natural and wise maybe a little bit sly…I was not a Gengfan when I got these thoughts, maybe he was not that smart for others, but his manner is my type.

    Mild or wild, warm or cold, silly or smart, foolish or wise, childish or mature…Now, I just love how so many contraditory characters combined on him harmoniously. I think all the Gengfans are still on our way of exploring him, no matter if we are newly or not…I am just waiting for more surprises and excitements brought by this amazing boy!

  2. onepinetree says:

    I think replies at my blogs, both Korean and English, are always much better than my original posting …ha ha….

    if you won’t mind…I want to translate your replies into Korean and post them at my Korean blog…is it OK?

    These are so good ones T.T

  3. onepinetree says:

    Don’t worry; I just posted a translation only, not original version ^^ (by the way…your writing skills are so good T.T).
    By the way, my Korean blog is blocked from a searching engine now. So only sincere Geng fans can come and read my postings. So you do not have to worry about misunderstandings by other fans. That’s why these days the number of visitors at my Korean blog significantly decreased ^^.

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