Han Geng: Interview and Rehearsal for Premium Live on TBS

You can find all the video clips at Youtube for this program aired on TBS yesterday.

I am posting the first one since there are many scenes of Han Geng.

One Geng fan in Japan sent me a video clip, saying that

“Look at Han Geng, how confident and mature in public….

compared to other childish members..

he was the only one who appropriately waved to the fans….”

Ha Ha…

I will take this compliment as an indicator of Han Geng being a big brother…


other members  still being young and pure ^^

By the way…

I couldn’t understand what Han Geng was saying in Korean T.T

He kinda mumbled….

” I am nervous, excited to see you, Japanese fans..

I will try my best to show you a best performance…”

I think it was like that…

I remember that time Han Geng was in the middle of a Crazy schedule.

China, Korea, Thailand…and Japan…

He must have been very tired…

I know when I am extremely tired….speaking English….is like….

Are you KILLING ME??????????????????

Hang in there…

Hang in there…

Han Geng…

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