Reading Han Geng's Thank You Note[Eng version added^^]

” First of all I am grateful to all the staffs who have worked hard on SJ-M’s new Chinese album.

Thanks to Sr. Lee Soo Man, President Kim Young Min, Director Yoo Young Jin, brother Yoo Young, brother Young Jun, brother Seong Hwan, brother Byung Jun, brother Dae Bin, brother Ji Suck, sister Sung Kil, and sister Yun Jung who have taken care of us until now.

Also to my father and mother, along with dear you fans in China, Korea, and Asia, I am really grateful for your support.

I will love you for ever, FOR EVER~~~~~~~~~~~!

Thank you so much for continuously looking forward to our new album and

we wish this album to bring you much more pleasures and fresh feelings.

Thank you very much for your support and concerns on our SJ-M during last year of 2008  and

your every single action, even little smile became our energy source!

We will try our best and show you the most splendid stage from now on.

We shall not part from each other for ever,

I shall stay with you for ever.

Love you~~~~~~~~~~~~~~! “

(note by one pine tree:

Han Geng used “for ever” FOUR TIMES!!!!!!!

Gosh…he loves us too much………..

But we promised him with only 20 years committement….

Ha Ha…. 🙂 )


Today I received a very special package from one Geng fan in Korea.

She sent me a Korean version of Super Junior M mini album Super Girl via express mail, which caused her a fortune. T.T

I do not know how to express my gratitude to her.

She was the one who wrote “Han Geng: His Charm Covers All Generation”
on the Seoul Super Show at my blog.

(I think this one was translated in Chinese as well.)

Here is the link.


She told me that after reading Han Geng’s thank you note, she was so moved and burst into tears.

So I hurried to open the album and located his thank you note page.

After reading it, I could understand what she felt…and why she was touched enough to burst into tears.

This album was produced after I officially became his fan. On the note he expressed his love and gratitude to his fans from the bottom of his heart.  I felt so proud that I was the one whom he was talking to.

I was not sure …if I have to say, “You’re welcome..”

or ” No, No….THANK YOU…! “

repeating what he said to me.

It’s so clear that this album is his album,

although I grumbled about his vocal participation portion, whatever. = =;

Reading his thank you note, I felt my heart was going to explode with pride and love for Han Geng.

From now on, every year, he will have many chances to write up thank you notes on albums  or deliver speeches to his fans during award ceremonies.

I am so fortunate that I found him before too late,

since I can share such precious moments with him.

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12 Responses to Reading Han Geng's Thank You Note[Eng version added^^]

  1. 3qts says:

    I’m still waiting for mine…….patiently waiting…..

    So glad to find out that Super Girl has topped a few charts in Taiwan and Korea….especially Korea…..all those hard work by the boys…..starting to pay off…..starting to get accepted….so I’m feeling super HAPPY particularly for the Chinese members……..AND FOR THE LEADER

  2. zung says:

    Dear onepinetree,

    He looks so calm in the picture. He projects a peaceful and secured aura around him. I do hope that later on, he will invest more in movie industry. His vigorous eyes remind me so much of Tony Leung Chiu Wai in “In the mood for love”. Not meant to compare, but he has potential to be a great actor. Once ages and years add more edges to his look and his characteristic, he will blossom. aaaaa, I get all excited just to think about that!!! shame on me . hehehe

  3. fang says:

    Oh what what what ..i can’t read… English please please T.T

    it’s good to hear that SJM have more supporter in Korea.. or any wherelse.
    just start promoting but gain more love ^ ^…
    Cheer up!!…our SUPERMEN…especially Our leader..Super Geng

  4. Sarah says:

    Hiks…me too…
    I can’t read…I’m still waiting the English translation, please…
    SJ-M Hwaiting!!! It will be your good chance…don’t give up…

  5. Icydog says:

    Pinetree sis~~~
    There’s a news that,
    SJM will perform SUPER GIRL in 2009 Dream Concert!!!!!!
    Your dream may come true !!

  6. yanfox says:

    I am a Chinese girl. Thank you for supporting Hangeng. I love Hangeng so much.
    I hope Hangeng’s fans can help him to get more opportunities to show his talents in the show , movie~~~~

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