Super Junior M is coming to DREAM CONCERT!!!!!


Korean fans are going crazy now….most of them did not purchase the ticket since they did not know about SJM’s appearance at the show.


SJM will perform Super Girl….I wish they perform Blue Tomorrow as well T.T.

 That song is very beautiful…


I got to go now so I cannot write in details… but good news kept coming about Super Junior M and Han Geng.

Han Geng….

You will just fly high!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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4 Responses to Super Junior M is coming to DREAM CONCERT!!!!!

  1. 3qts says:

    Such good news indeed…….the boys must be so excited….and nervous…..their first official performance in Korea… hear formal announcement of the group before their act for the first time in Korea…..”SUPER JUNIOR M”

    Though as you’d stated in your previous post….Henry and Zhoumi are still not accepted by some fans…..yet the support for SJM as a group is already a big step forward for them

    And for Han Geng….the leader….I’m so looking forward to his duet on October 6th in China……I miss his sweet, gentle voice……along with his performance with SJM……he’s representing both China and Korea…..amazing isn’t it?…..has any artist ever achieved such status??????

    I’m so so so PROUD of him 🙂

  2. Gaze's juniors says:

    i don’t know since when Hangeng have been very famous in Korea >00<
    But now..i;m glad…korean people step by step acknowledge him….because i never forget…he's diffrent from the other non-korean artist this day who accept easily by korean fans.

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