[100309]SJM's Appearance on the Korean Enternainment News

I will post about the National Singing Content Show of KBS tomorrow after the show is aired. 

KBS  made special efforts to advertise  this show at both news and entertainment programs, which reflects how meaningful this show for the KBS, which is the largest and the most influential broadcasting system in Korea.

The Entertainment News of KBS had a special time to deal with this National Singing Contest and you can tell Super Junior and, especially, Han Geng was the major topic through this less than five miniute air time, which was long enough to leave Korean viewers a stong impression about Han Geng’s popularity in China.  

I couldn’t find the clip at Youtube yet. To see the clip please click the link.


I only translated the part related with Han Geng or Super Junior M.


Reporter: The populaity of Super Junior Chinese member Han Geng was beyond imagination. Wasn’t it incredible? 

(Hangeng took his mask off when recognizing the reporter’s camera presence at the scene. See? He was very tactic and skillful ..) —>

Ok, this part was my mistake…other fans informed me that Han Geng took his mask to greet his fans….ah…I am so sorry..Han GEng…

Reporter: The airport was fully packed with fans. Han Geng, leaving the airport. After Han Geng left, some female fans who were chasing after him even showed their tears.


Reporter: Who do you like better, Super Junior or Sr. Song?

One Girl: Super Junior! ( She was supposed to say Sr. Song :))

(pushed away by her friend….yeah….she couldn’t say a lie :))

(note by one pine tree: Sr. Song was one of the most respectable MCs in Korea. That’s why he was called Sr. Song. )



Reporter: By the way, the singer who performed the finale was the first-time  appearance at the National Singing Contest. Who would be that?

Sr. Song: Super Junior-M !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Although the subtitles indiacted that they were Super Junior M, all the  people named them as Super Junior. This does not really matter. To people, it was like a miracle for either SJ or SJM to do the finale at such a respectable show!)

Reporter:  Yes, it was Super Junior. Who could ever imagine Super Junior would do the finale?  Once Super Junior performance started, fans went crazy in order to take pictures of or taping them. 



Sr. Song: 13 hundred billion and seventy million became united! This is indescribable pleasure. Finishing this show from the equal status.

Reporter: Dear Sir. Today you were more popular than SUPER JUNIOR!

Sr. Song: Was I?

Reporter and other people:  YES!

Sr. Song: SUPER JUNIOR!!! See? I am such a person!





Ha Ha….

Point 1.  KBS, Sr. Song, and other singers officially admitted that the popularity of  Super Junior in China was beyond the doubt.

Point 2. Although they did not clarify, it was evident that the major foundation of Super Junior popularity in China was Han Geng from the astonishing Geng fans’ support at the scene.

Point 3. The SM was successful in defining SJM as SJ itself, not a sub-unit

of SJ through this program.


 Ok, I just cannot wait for the show tomorrow!


Ah….Han Geng, I am so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And special thanks to Han Geng Chinese fans to show such an impressive support for Han Geng!!!!

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6 Responses to [100309]SJM's Appearance on the Korean Enternainment News

  1. Green bristlegrass says:

    Thanks a lot for translation, Pinetree!

    Teaching is such demanding work…

    but my anxiety of Han Geng’s next appearance can always cheer me up…

    I am expecting Han Geng to astonish Korea, China, and the whole Asia now ^^

  2. sylvie kyung says:

    hii …
    first, sorry … i can’t speak english … but, i want to know u …
    u like hangeng ?
    me too .. ^^
    like him so much …

    i know your blog from my friend …
    are u from korea ?

    so glad to know u and your blog ^^v

  3. rascalkitten says:

    Dear Onepinetree sister

    Thank you very much for translation. SJ-M did the excellent performance^^.

    I’m really proud of them , especially Geng. Ahh I don’t know what to say more…

    Ps. your blog can cheer me up as always~~ ^o^

  4. MirQa says:

    Anyonghaseyo ..
    Is the word correct ..
    I lov Han Geng ..
    Its so cool ..

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