[100409]SJM's FINALE Performance on KBS National Singing Contest

Regarding the impact of this performance will I discuss later.


First I will just show you Super Junior M’s performance of Me.

They did it live.

They did an excellent job!

After the show, the internet key search words were all about Super Junior and Super Junior M.


There were many newspaper articles about SJM’s finale at the show.

Korean Geng fans’ blogs were never so busy as now.

Once again, I cannot express enough gratitude to Chinese Geng fans for  showing such impressive supports for Han Geng.







I am emotionally exhausted….

I don’t know how to express my true feeling here….

one thing clear after the show…

Han Geng is the #1 asset in SM now.

There was one newspaper article

where a SM staff,( I met her at the Concert before by accident) just said…

Han Geng is the major force of SJ popularity in china as well as Asia.

I have to translate this article as well.

I don’t know….it’s just overwhelming feeling….

Now I clearly see Han Geng will fly higher and higher…

I am just hoping his flying direction will be where he wishes for….

not SM wishes for…


really exhausted…

probably my next posting will come in a few days…

I have to digest this unsettling feeling first.

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9 Responses to [100409]SJM's FINALE Performance on KBS National Singing Contest

  1. icewater says:

    I feel so proud of them…
    They work hard, they did it excellent, they fully deserve more respect and love!!

    Han Geng & SJM, flighting!

  2. Green bristlegrass says:

    HA! Thanks a lot, Pinetree!

    I am getting so excited now!

    Waiting for your further report on the impact of this performance~~~~

    I love you, Han Geng!

    I love you too, Pinetree~~~~

  3. Green bristlegrass says:

    Hi, Pinetree, did you just update your posting? or I missed the PS part at the very beginning?

    Anyway, I see your point, and I will wait for your next posting patiently!

  4. zung says:

    Dear onepinetree,

    I understand your concern. Please rest well 🙂

  5. weiwei says:

    Hey onepinetree,

    Love ur blog that focuses only on Han Geng. I have just began following stories about him like a month back. Anyways, thanks a lot and yay am excited as well =) Me is now stuck in my head after watching the video.

  6. Green bristlegrass says:

    I don’t know if I should say it here,

    but I cannot hold myself back…just want to say something

    It is very likely that another Han Geng’s solo was killed by SM again…which is supposed to be on China-Korea Concert…I wish for a big surprise, but it seems not likely…

    In case anyone who loves Han Geng here knows about this, please please support Han Geng anyway…

    No matter what has happened, he deserves more support and more love!

    PS: if there is a surprise tomorrow, I will go crazy!

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