If I had a power to rewind the clock…




then…I want to send Han Geng back to this time.



source: www.ihangeng.com


Right after Super Junior debut.,,

Han Geng was the main of Super Junior’s Twins…

Had three parts of singing…

Had the center of dancing….

He was charming…pure….and cheerful…

full of dreams and hopes….



I want to stop the clock there…

Just let him be happy like that…




in less than two weeks after that picture was taken….

Exactly 13 days later…

the cruelty of the reality smashed  him….


He had to put on the mask…..

We couldn’t see such a pure and cheerful boy any more…


As my friend Si Woo said….

“每日一虐” started for both Han Geng and his fans

since then…



Han Geng, are you missing that time?

At least I miss a young Chinese boy who was giggling without any worries…




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4 Responses to If I had a power to rewind the clock…

  1. zung says:

    Dear onepinetree,

    I could not agree more. It’s painful to witness what he has and will be going through. And that’s why we love him dearly and support him for no matter what.
    Please stay strong, Hangeng !:)

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