IT'S NOT ME!! …oh yes…Han Geng…it's you …^^

My youtube friend added the following video clip as one of her favorites.


Thank you, Honey…

This video clip made my day!!!



Staff:  Stop!!!

Si Won: It’s you, Brother?  (who got the wrong steps)

Han Geng: No…..It’s not me!

Si Won: It’s you, it’s you, right?

Han Geng: It’s not me…(He smiles…from guilty…probably? 🙂 )

Si Won: (To staff) Who was it? Who was it?

Staff: It’s secret….  ( Well, it’s like literally confirming Si Won’s suspicion )

Dong Hae: It’s you, Brother?  (See? Now Dong Hae is questioning Han Geng)

Han Geng:  (Smiles… I don’t know what he was saying.. ^^)


Ha Ha

Han Geng was so cute!

I am so happy to see his smiling face.

That’s my Han Geng 🙂




Good news!

Han Geng fans did again!

Their impressive support for Han Geng gave another strong impression on KBS again at Korea-China Song Contest last night.

So, KBS entertainment news will deal Han Geng as a topic again…probably?

Ha Ha…


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2 Responses to IT'S NOT ME!! …oh yes…Han Geng…it's you …^^

  1. Green bristlegrass says:

    AH, finally, I know what they are talking about in the video ^^

    Yeah, I believe the support was really impressive!

    I think the disappointment triggers even stronger support.

    Is this what SM expected or not? I don’t know, and I don’t care. I support Han Geng anyway!

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