A Very Interesting Story about SM….

I think SM is saving a fortune by letting fans of Han Geng  advertise  for SJM’s mini album from their own pockets.

The following pictures show efforts by Han Geng Chines fans across China to advertise the new album of SJM.

They spent their own money on producing posters and billard boards.

It’s very interesting.

I thought it’s SM’s job to advertise the album, not fans’.

Source: http://blog.naver.com/siwoo_kim/120092246163



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10 Responses to A Very Interesting Story about SM….

  1. clem says:

    영어로 안써도 되는거맞죠?
    Olleh!!!!!!!!!! 드디어 추가했어요

  2. sylvie kyung says:

    thanks for share ^^

    i take some picture from ur blog that u posted today …

    i’ll put ur blog as the credit at my blog … sorry before n after .. hehe ..

    gomawo ^^

  3. Green bristlegrass says:

    Pinetree, after reading this post,

    I don’t know why, but I want to cry…mixed feelings, but sadness is not part of it for sure…

    Han Geng updated his CY…he knows everything…

    The love between Han Geng and Gengfans is…no words to describe…speechless…

  4. Sylvie Kyung says:

    don’t worry …
    i write with my original words … hahaha …
    in Indonesia language of course .. ^^

    sorry again … my english is really really bad .. T_______T
    sorry if u don’t understand what i say … ^^v

  5. Sarah says:

    WoW!!! Chinese fans is so great!!!
    I wish i could be there and see the poster that they made…

  6. Icydog says:

    SJM has never put any effore in avertising SJM’s album, since the first one.
    All the job was done by the Fans.

    There’s advertising from different fans clubs in Beijing……
    It’s so sad to see that…..

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