[Eng Sub][10/10/09] KBS YeonYega News Report on Dream Concert -SJM CUT

Last night KBS YeonYega Entertainment News had a special report on 2009 Dream Concert.

This clip has only Super Junior M’s Cut.

The news couldn’t report about Super Junior’s finale performance since it was aired even before the concert was over.

This will be Super Junior M’s second-time appearance on this entertainment news in October only.

Later I will post a translation of a postscript written by a mother fan of Super Junior.

Although she is not ELF, she felt very proud of ELFs’  supports for Super Junior as well as Super Junior M.

Her postscript had three major points.

First, Super Junior M’s popularity did not define only to China. Now more and more Korean fans love them.

Second, Super Junior and Super Junior M’s live performances surpassed those of any other idol groups.

Third, ELFs were the most impressive and powerful support groups among many fan clubs.

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7 Responses to [Eng Sub][10/10/09] KBS YeonYega News Report on Dream Concert -SJM CUT

  1. Green bristlegrass says:


    Are you ready for the overwhelming pics and video clips of our beauty Han Geng?

    He is speechlessly beautiful, adorable, gorgeous, and handsome…

  2. stalker93 says:

    onepinetree, did u see the banner fans had for SJm@ Dream concert…??

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