Beautiful Han Geng and SJM at Dream Concert

Author: Arwen

Translator: One Pine Tree

Arwen is a mother fan of Super Junior. Before I posted about her postscript of Seoul Super Show II.

This is a rough translation of her Dream Concert postscript.



Today I went to Dream Concert. I wanted to share it with you as soon as possible.

I got the tickets free from the event, which assigned seats in the certain sections from the first to the third floor.

My eldest son persuaded me into going early to the stadium in order to take better seats so we got there at 2:00 pm.

Then we had to wait for four and a half hours.

Fortunately we got the seats at the first floor’s corner, where the stage was clearly visible.

We used binoculars to see the members’ faces.

We were very surprised to see all the names of Super Junior members including Henry and Zhoumi on the official banner by ELFs.

In addition, there were banners for each member including Zhoumi.

The slogan was “We will be with you, Zhoumi” like that.

Watching those banners, I truly felt that Super Junior M would officially perform today.

Before the concert started, the stadium played music videos of various artists.

Super Junior M’s Super Girl MV was kept playing, not Super Junior’s.

A total of six times was Super Girl MV played and each time ELFs chanted for Super Girl.


Finally the concert started.

During the opening ceremony, Zhoumi and Henry were introduced as ” Super Junior”  They naturally stood along with other Super Junior members.


Super Junior M performance was shown next to the last during the first half of the show.

Mc Mong introduced SJM as the wonderful boys band that got number 1 spot at Taiwanese Music Chart.


Today their live performance was excellent.

Their live performance was more beautiful than that of music video.

Their movements were more powerful and dynamic.

Nevertheless, they sang great in live, which really surpassed other Idol groups.

Compared to other teams who made relative long comments, Super Junior M just shouted “We are Super Junior M!” then disappeared behind the stage.

I was so sad that Super Girl song felt too short.

The finale was Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry and It’s You.


The encore song was “Let’s take a trip”  sung by Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, Shinee, & FX

( Henry and Zhoumi also appeared on the stage as well.)


Then all the participating artists came out and sang ” Ah….Republic of Korea”  together.

Super Junior stage was as good as usual.


Han Geng’s outfits during Sorry Sorry and It’s You were eye-catching.

Han Geng got much thinner since last Seoul Super SHow II.

Although he appeared nervous during Super Girl performance, I thought he showed the best performance during Super Girl, Sorry Sorry, and It’s You.

In addition, RyeoWook was way excellent in live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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29 Responses to Beautiful Han Geng and SJM at Dream Concert

  1. Green bristlegrass says:

    Han Geng appeared nervous during Super Girl performance…

    My poor boy, you take on too much!!!

  2. Green bristlegrass says:

    Pinetree…I just read one of your postings which has been translated into Chinese…

    Thanks a lot for your insightful understanding…love you!!!

  3. sylvie kyung says:

    hangeng …

    Selalu tersenyumlah …
    Karena senyummu sangat berarti untuk banyak elf yang menyayangimu …

    Tapi aku ingin kau juga dapat tersenyum untuk dirimu sendiri …
    Tersenyum untuk kerja keras yang telah kau lakukan selama ini …
    Tersenyum untuk banyak hal yang terjadi dalam hidupmu …

    Dan mungkin, tersenyum untuk cinta yang akan kau dapatkan dari seseorang yang mencintaimu setulus hati …
    Suatu saat nanti ….

    Hangeng …
    Bersemangatlah !!! Jalani hidupmu tanpa beban …
    Selamanya menjadi Hangeng yang kuat …
    Menjadi Hangeng yang dapat membuat orang lain tersenyum …
    Hangeng … Saranghae ❤

  4. Sherry says:

    One Pine Tree, thank u for u hard working on translation. u did a really good job and ur English is so good.

    I want to say that Im touched by ur deep love on Geng, and all these things u did for him. I can share ur feeling about him, but Im shamed that i didn’t really do anything.

    We all Geng Fan, and we are so lucky to have Geng as the commen to share.

  5. Louisa says:

    Compared to other teams who made relative long comments, Super Junior M just shouted “We are Super Junior M!” then disappeared behind the stage.

    I was so sad that Super Girl song felt too short.
    I wish they had more than one song. It’s so awesome to see HK in a stage. He’s always the super man.

    During the opening ceremony, Zhoumi and Henry were introduced as ” Super Junior” They naturally stood along with other Super Junior members.
    I don’t mind if they are recognized as a SJ member since they are Chinese and of course, I’m Chinese. But please, SM, let HanGang has more chance to be a actor. don’t just take advantage from him.
    Finaly, would like thanks to the author: Arwen; And of course, without the translation, I have no way to read this wonderful article.
    Thanks One Pine Tree!!!!

  6. icewater says:

    Hi Pine Tree, I’am so glad to see and read your recent article has been translate into Chinese and posted at Han Geng Bar.

    Many Geng fans knew this situation under the table, however they didn’t discruss it too much in public.

    I am so happy to see that your article has brough such a positive influence to many Geng fans. They are discussing it in an ardently way now. Geng fans is very united and strong, and now I believe that we will became even stronger, more clever and more united than ever…

    We all Geng fans, I don’t want to say “thank you”, however I truely mean “thank you” from the bottom of my heart……

  7. admire hg says:


  8. admire hg says:

    obviously, sjm’s success benefits from hg’s great popularity in china. but in korea, no media mentioned it so far.

    btw, hg is the best dancer in sj. thanks for the beautiful pictures!

  9. icydog says:

    I have read your article that translated by Geng bar.

    You have told the truth story between Geng, SJM and SM.

    Although our influence is limited, but all we can do is to give our greatest support to him and become stronger!

  10. Sarah says:

    Hangeng’s outfits is really good…I like it…
    His smile, dance, and anything that he did always catch our attention…
    Thgank you so much for translation…Pine tree sister (may I call u sister?) Hwaiting!!!

  11. laura10127 says:

    Pine tree sister, I am a Chinese Geng Fan. I read the translation of your post/article about Geng in Chinese forum. I like your words very much. Thank you so much for translating the post~~^ ^

  12. laura10127 says:

    By the way, I translate this post to Chinese and post in Chinese Forum “Gengmingding”. Tell me if you do not want me to post. I will cite your blog as source. Thank you. 🙂

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