Super Junior Han Geng or Chinese Han Geng

Original Posting :

Author: 시카고 (secret0710)

Translator: One Pine Tree

시카고 is a devoted fan of Super Junior Dong Hae. She wrote about Han Geng at her blog on August 10, 2009.

As soon as she posted this one, its Chinese version spread all over the Chinese fan sites of Han Geng.

Although I got her permission to translate it into English version long time ago, today I finally translated it T.T…


I will open up the introduction by declaring that this posting is all about adoring Han Geng …

Today in my office, a Chinese woman in her 20s came for  a training with a plan of one month stay. I won’t reveal her name on the purpose of protecting my own identity …kkkkk…just in case….

I will just name her as ‘Ziyi Zhang’ …

The company told my team to assist her training ..but the reality is that my team has only five members T.T

So two of us had to hang around all day along …kkkkk…

Thanks to her flent Korean, we didn’t have any communication difficulties. During our conversation, I really wanted to ask her if she knew about Super Junior….kkkk…

But I couldn’t dare to say the word out of my mouth so I just gave up asking her about it.

Oh, My!  By accident I saw Heechul’s picture on her cell phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After seeing that picture, with renewed courage, I asked, ‘Isn’t he Super Junior Kim Hee Chul?’   At my question, her face suddenly brightened up and she said she was a huge fan of Super Junior. In addition she asked me if SJ was popular in Korea and I answered, yes, and told her that I was also a fan of Super Junior.

It’s just strange…what a coincidence~~~~~~~~~~

To the public, Han Geng is considered as a Super Junior member, a handsome guy, or the most good-looking member among SJ boys, a Chinese, nice, odd, and the famous nick name ‘ a miracle at odds of 13 hundred billion to 1’ ….and his Korean skills deteriorated ….and so on..

To the fans of Super Junior, Han Geng is regarded as the third eldest brother, nice member, good-looking member or the most handsome member among SJ boys, a good son, the SJ-M leader, the master of Beijing Fried Rice, odd but typical, unaware of his Chinese nationality (thanks to his familiarity), a good dancer, a gratefully taller member among relatively short SJ members, and, even more aggressively, with Han Geng an international marriage won’t be minded. … and so on…


To me, Han Geng is special.

I have never felt attractive to the country of China before getting to know Han Geng.

After becoming aware of Han Geng and perceiving him as positive, I became curious about China, wanted to learn about Chinese and its culture, and desired to visit the country, which would have never occurred to me if I did not know about Han Geng.

I even hated myself for choosing the French as the 2nd language course in school.

Han Geng has his own ” Han Geng” style’s aura that you cannot feel from other members.

From his appearance, you might misunderstand Han Geng as ‘odd’ ‘silly’  but with a careful observation of Han Geng, you realized that such an impression was incorrect.



The Best Friends’ Note aired in April.

There was an activity when members shared their letters at the end as part of the unity purpose. Among letters, there was one letter Han Gengwrote to Sung Min. Since it was written in Chinese, nobody could understand its content.

Then Kang In volunteered to introduce Han Geng’s letter but ended up mocking the language of Chinese, which made me be concerned about Han Geng’s feeling.

I paid a special attention to Han Geng’s facial expression.

What if he felt offensive, what if he felt his mother tongue treated disrespectful.

In such a thought, I was uneasy and unhappy with Kang In’s behaviors although his behaviors did not have any wrongful intentions.

Nevertheless, far from my worries, Han Geng was willing to interpret the content of the letter.

Although his explanation was clumsy, such his efforts made me like him more.

If Chineses watched the show, they might be upset with the scene, but Han Geng’s appropriate response in that situation made me applaud him.

In addition, when the show’s MCs did not understand Han Geng’s explanation, other SJ members assisted him, which looked very cute.

I felt a strong brotherhood-bonding  among them resulting from staying together for long time.




Han Geng alreay became a key figure.

The SJM’s debut in China brought Han Geng both the popularity and the fame and he became the number 1 among SJ members.

Han Geng reached the status where he was invited to a big brand’s launching party and treated as the guest of honor at  Jackie Chan’s concert.

Although I felt a little bit bitter-some that Han Geng seemed to drift farther and farther from me, I have to suppress such a feeling when thinking about the fact that Han Geng is approaching his goal in the life.

Thus, I transformed from a fan watching “Chinese Han Geng” always available in Korea to a woman who is willing to “go to China in order to watch SJ-M’s performance. ” T.T


Han Geng bears a good character.

Some people speak ill of Han Geng simply because he speaks Korean poorly and he is a foreigner.

Before Han Geng had to endure hardships due to the broadcasting systems unfavorable to foreigners in Korea, so he couldn’t even join in performing one song.

But now after his big break, Han Geng still has a maturity to be willing to play with children and build rapport with them in Korea.

(Probably this is my exaggeration kkkkkkkk)




Surely Han Geng is more handsome than any SJ members but he is even more good-looking than any other  Chinese celebrities.

Although in the first picture Han Geng was not photogenic, he still all-killed other guys.  Ha Ha….

That’s why this picture is my favorite.

Specially I liked Super Junior during Don Don promotion period, so I love Han Geng’s bleached hair!

How many would be able to digest such a hair style?

The third picture emphasizes Han Geng’s long legs.



On a variety show Super Junior member Eun Hyuk pointed that he felt awkward with Han Geng.

Later I watched Eun Hyuk interview on another show, he said, “I said I felt awkward with Han Geng brother on air before. I think Han Geng brother watched it. After that Han Geng brother spoke to me and played around. “

After hearing Eun Hyuk’s account, I couldn’t help thinking “That’s Han Geng!”


As a closing comment…

Han Geng,

Please don’t feel too lonely

Please don’t feel too pressured with the current status.

Just stay as  usual as ever…

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7 Responses to Super Junior Han Geng or Chinese Han Geng

  1. zung says:

    It is always a wise/excellent choice for me to open your blog everyday the first thing in the morning , onepinetree sis !!!!!
    Now, I’m full of energy and love for the whole FRIDAY !!!!!

  2. yanfox says:

    he is a good guy , isn’t?
    he is so kindly to the members of SJ and his Fans.
    Thanks for loving him . Thanks for supporting him.
    Thanks for liking China.

  3. laura10127 says:

    I saw this post in Chinese before, and was touched by the words of this fan.
    Truely, “that’s Han Geng”!
    Before knowing Han Geng and SJ, I had some misunderstanding towards Korean Pop Stars. But Han Geng and the good relationship of SJ members (like how they help Han Geng in adopting to the lifestyle in Korea) changed my mind, and I am really willing to go to Korea for culture exchanging programme some day.

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