Brother Han Geng is Singing T.T Singing So Well T.T



Original Author: 꽃미남슈퍼주니어

Original Posting:

Translator: One Pine Tree

꽃미남슈퍼주니어 ( meaning: “FlowerBoySuperJunior”) has been a devoted ELF of Super Junior for four years and now attends middle school. 

She posted this article on September 29, 2009. 

special thanks to her for allowing me to translate and post her article.





” Sobbing…………First I have to wipe my tears”





Yeap~~sa~~ra~~bi~~~la  Columbia~~~


This blessed fan-cam.







My brother

[Babbling and crooning sounds]

His voice is so fresh and he has a good voice.

Why do you sing such a song only in China?



You can sing a Chinese song in Korea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Please Han Geng brother, sing me a ballad song T.T


Do not favor China only (I am doing this. kkkk)





It’s worth to secretly do internet surfing today T.T

For your information, I am in the middle of a testing week.

Without studying for tomorrow’s test, I am doing this now.





사랑한다거 한경~♥


“I Love You Hangeng ~♥”






This ELF is so cute!


Oh, Hangeng, your charms even hindered this little cute girl from studying for the test.

I really wish she did well on her test the next day.





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7 Responses to Brother Han Geng is Singing T.T Singing So Well T.T

  1. rascalkitten says:


    such a cute girl~~ I believe If HanGeng knew that , he must say ” Study First!! Your test is more important” ^^

    Thank you very much for translation Onepinetree sister

  2. sarah says:

    Hehehe…same with me…
    Once I was a little bit stress because of some tests…but Hangeng oppa cure it..hehehe. Whenever I feel stress, I watched video about Hangeng oppa…
    Oppa Gomawo!! Pinetree Sister…Gomawo for translation…^_^

  3. yanfox says:

    I’m living in France. But everyday I come here to see your articles.
    I am a hangeng’s fan.

  4. laura10127 says:

    I think every fan of Hangeng is amazed and attracted by this song~~~~ 🙂

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