Hangeng: A Man of Total Composure in CCTV.com Interview

Probably you already saw millions of photos where Han Geng was holding a naked Bobby Girl spread all over the internet

such as …








Poor boys… T.T


As usual…

Han Geng demonstrated how he could keep the total composure in any worst situations you could imagine.

Please check out this GIF file I made.



Once the MC took out a naked Bobby Girl, all the people at the studio dramatically reacted…



So I named this GIF file as

“Hangeng_only_jpg. gif”

ha ha

(ok…if you don’t get it,

I will explain…..

Although it is the GIF format, Han Geng seemed to be in the JPG file format since he did not even move a little bit)

As the captain of Super Junior M, Han Geng managed to keep his composure in such a worst situation.


Let’s enjoy the interview.

I linked those with English subtitles.

In order to see English subtitles you have to click ” CC” on the right corner of the bottom.

(English translation subtitle credits: MrGameKyu13)



(I will update the post as soon as the rest parts with English subtitles are available)

Regardless of  naked Bobby Dolls’ attack,

Han Geng was as beautiful and handsome as usual.

Credit: see the tagged

2nd source: www.ihangeng.com



As my Korean friend said..


Han Geng is the GOD of BEAUTY

Why does he need a Bobby doll when he is a doll himself?

= =;

ha ha


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12 Responses to Hangeng: A Man of Total Composure in CCTV.com Interview

  1. Sarah says:

    Woah…Hangeng Oppa what are you doing with that doll? hehehe…
    Never Ending Handsome for you Oppa!!!
    Thank you so much Pine-sis…

  2. Tayla says:

    When I first saw Geng holding a naked Barbie doll, I really freaked out and soon thought about how netizens will react to those pictures. I have seen some comments on other websites saying that it’s so perverted and wasn’t really appropriate to have it on interview. However, our Geng managed to deal with the situation very well. 🙂
    Thanks for the posting. It’s my first time visiting your blog and I will visit soon again 😀

  3. yanfox says:

    sorry,i don’t wanna bother you. i don’t understand a word of Korean. i just find this web site from a Chinese blog. but it’s written in Korean.
    can you translate it in English?
    i think it’s amazing.

    by the way, i just love Hangeng’s soul , his pure and his patriotism . I don’t wanna get married with him. and i respect him too much.

    so now i think i need to lean some Korean . if i wanna know more about Korean fans.

  4. yanfox says:

    sorry, i don’t wanna bother you. i don’t know a wore of Korean. so can you translate this?
    i think it’s amazing.

    so now i think i need to lean some Korean. if i wanna know more about Korean fans.

    by the way. i respect Hangeng. i just love his soul and his patriotism.

  5. yanfox says:

    thanks for your translation.

  6. Sylvie kyung says:

    A naked barbie doll ?? LoL
    huwaa .. Hangeng look so handsome !!
    I want your hangeng picture .. Can i take it ?? ^^v
    thanks onepinetree 4 this post ..
    So glad comeback here ..

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