Han Geng~~~ Han Geng~~~~

Several Han Geng’s photos from a Chinese show shooting  setting. 



Ok, holding the jacket…

gazing off…

what is he doing?




Is he dancing or something?




Definitely he is dancing!





I don’t remember such moves in his dancing routine….



Oh my…


that’s too much for me..






Be honest with you,

yes I want to take off that jacket!!!!!!!!!!!!


By the way…

What is he doing?

Torturing his fans?

with his fatal charms?


Well, as usual…

Visual Aids are always helpful for learning a new thing…




= =;


ha ha…

Such a wicked boy!


 The only part I understood was..

MCs’ scream~~~

Han Geng~~~~

Han Geng~~~~

Han Geng~~~~

Han Geng~~~~


Han Geng’s charms do not concern about a gender




Probably someone can explain what’s going on in the clip?








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10 Responses to Han Geng~~~ Han Geng~~~~

  1. bristlegrass says:


    I know…I’m doing it again…it is all Han Geng’s fault = =

    Pinetree, the MCs asked Han Geng to make ten charming poses, it meant to kill you ^^

    PS: Ummm…honey…actually, one of the MCs is called as “Han Ge”(means Big brother Han in Chinese) in the show, before the show was recorded, Gengfans were talking about the MCs would mess up “Han Ge” and “Han Geng”, since many Gengfans heard “Han Geng” intead of “Han Ge” when they watched this show before…I think here, they were intentionally to do that, what the MC was actually creaming is “Han Ge…Han Ge……” but at same time, no doubt, they were stuned by Han Geng’s poses, and tried to make joke to hide their stun ^^

  2. laura10127 says:

    Just add to what bristlegrass said, this show will come out this friday on Hunan TV. so excited ~~~~~~

  3. zung says:

    Dear Onepinetree and bristlegrass sis,

    I don’t know if you have seen this Oppo CF of Super Junior M. Hangeng looks so stunning and refresh in this advertisement.

    I adore the way Hangeng gently covered her eyes with both hands. It gives out very protective feeling , or I’m day-dreaming again 😀

  4. Icydog says:

    This clip was taken my friend~~
    i did not know she went to Hunan until she told me = =b
    She’s an energetic mama, ah…should be big sister fans…

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