It's Nice to Meet You, Han Geng…

November 6, 2005.

Four years ago, Han Geng came out to the world as a member of the boysband Super Junior.

As a new fan of Han Geng, I only memorized SJM’s debut date, April 8, 2008.

But now I have to memorize this date as well, November 6, 2005.


Each photo’s source:


Han Geng just right after his debut


Exactly 13 days later, Han Geng had to put on the mask on the stage.



That’s why…

I have this indescribable perplexing feeling about his debut in 2005.

As a Gen fan, I cannot solely enjoy this date.

However, at least I am very grateful for this date, since it is his debut date.

Without Han Geng, my life would have been a little bit dull.

Ok, more formally I want to welcome you to the world.

It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Han Geng.


Clip1 . MV TWINS  where Han Geng was the center of the attention.


Clip2   TWINS performance on the stage where Han Geng was the star


Clip 3  TWINS performance on the stage where Han Geng had to hide himself under the mask



Han Geng

Let’s fly high

Past four years you have achieved so many things.

I take a big pride in you.

You have a long road to walk on, which may be very rough and difficult.


You have us.

Let’s walk together steadily and slowly on that road, getting our breath back…



Picture source: Geng Bar

ps/ By the way, I have found Snow.Lin, who made this picture, visited our blog. Thank you for sharing this wonderful picture with Geng fans!

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2 Responses to It's Nice to Meet You, Han Geng…

  1. bristlegrass says:

    Pinetree, your post just made me keep thinking back about Han Geng’s story and my story of getting to know him…too much to say…so…

    Anyway, Han Geng is a man able to turn every hardship into life treasure; in this sense, he has been truly successful no matter what!

  2. rascalkitten says:

    4 years now it seems so fast…

    Knowing a man like him ,HanGeng, there’s nothing to regret.

    He’s so strong and nice ,it ain’t easy for him to get through all the difficulties till these day.

    He deserves all our respesct and admiration^^

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