Han Geng: A Subtle and Delicate Actor

My first impression on Blue Tomorrow MV was not that positive;

The SM entertainment seemed to less care about SJM’s MVs compared to those of SHINee or DBSK.

Being aware of the fact that the Super Girl Chinese and Korean versions, and this one were shot during a few days in a row strengthened my first impression as well.

However, after keeping playing the MV over and over, I have to admit that this video is well-made one in terms of carrying the message across the audience. 

Without  pricey special or visual effects, by focusing on each member’s emotional expression, this MV is a good exemplar of a cost-effective MV making strategy.

Moat of all, Han Geng’s acting was very subtle and delicate.


(Special thank to HangengLuv who inspired me to post this article.

Her posting made me approach this MV from a different perspective.

http://blog.naver.com/hangengluv/170000209419 )


A Red Thread…

It’s from a Japanese belief that the little fingers of true lovers are connected through an invisible red thread.

Every time we fall in love with a stranger, we feel like this is it.

Hoping this person is the one hooked up with me by destiny.

So, this MV is about lovers, love, and destiny.



A man, playing with fireworks…

His saddened face and gloomy background, contrast with an impression of excitement and enjoyment brought by fireworks.



This man is not playing with firework.

He is bring up a flame which will be used to burn a red thread, the only assumed connection with her.






A phone,





Everything that he shared with her turn ashes,

which can be blown away by a  deep breath.



He still cannot give up on her…


He cannot understand why their relationship has to end up in such a way…

I read anger from his teary eyes.



This man who is still desperately in love with her

whispers  what he has buried in his deep heart. 


It’s painful to watch his suffering.



he realizes that it is too late to turn  everything back as usual.



The reality is cruel.



Finally his suppressed tear is sliding on his face.

His anger toward her is not disappearing yet.



Everything turns ashes,

including the precious memory that he spent time with her…


Now it is over. 





His mistake was loving a wrong person.

The assumed red thread did not even exist from the beginning.



So he decided to give her the last present..

“Take care …”

A slight smile with  warm gaze



A man in love is beautiful…


a man who knows when to let  his lover go is more beautiful…




Was he aware of that

she was burning her own red thread as well with the broken heart…?


Two red threads in flame

 crossing over…


Twisted destiny….

Blue Tomorrow



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3 Responses to Han Geng: A Subtle and Delicate Actor

  1. bristlegrass says:

    Thank you very much, Pinetree!
    You make me appreciate Han Geng’s acting and this MV even more!
    I think my dream will come true one day!

  2. bobo says:

    I love your blog, love everything you wrote for Geng. Thank you very much.

    Dear pinetree, why did u think this MV is not good as Shinee or TVXQ’s? As a chinese, I really do not like those MVs produced by SM, but this one, I think it is the taste for chinese. I can feel the emotion expressed from the frame and the sorrow from the tears. A good MV is not dazzling and special effects for your eyes, but is a good description for the melody and lyrics of the song. I think you also got the points of this MV when you found this article which you posted here. Anyway, enjoy the emotion from geng, we love his everything.

    Ps. I don’t know the original of the red thread belife, maybe China. I only know that there is this story in China, you can find out that about 3 or 4 years ago Andy Lau had a album about red thread which means love, Chinese audiences can understand the meaning of red thread. I can say that, the director really know Chinese audiences…

    Have a good day, please keep shareing your love for geng with us…

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