Wonderful Present Comes Early This Year…….for GengFans

Some pictures of Hangeng while recording 南京非常不一班 on November 10th.  According to fan account, he performed a few tribal dances.   I’m purely guessing that the red ribbon tied around him was used in one of the dances.

To me…….he looks like an CHARMING PRESENT…….where can I order one for my own?????

And watching him perform these tribal/traditional Chinese dances is also considered a present by itself.

He looked like he was having so much fun……enjoying himself as usual……right?

Could you tell that he was sick that day?

I couldn’t, nor did the fans who attended the recording.…….until some fans saw him coughed and Zhoumi told them….because the fans kept calling for him while he kept disappearing to the backstage.

Life of an idol…..I do not envy……but I will support you……Super Hangeng…….hope you are all well now

BTW…don’t you miss seeing those elegant moves by this gracious dancer?  This is one of my favorite Hangeng’s Chinese dance compilations.

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14 Responses to Wonderful Present Comes Early This Year…….for GengFans

  1. bristlegrass says:

    WOW~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Dear 3qts!!!!!

    This entry is also a precious present from you!!!!

    Yeah, I miss Han Geng’s traditional dance move so so so much!!!! Finally, we can see it again, cannot wait for the show on air!!!!

    I even cried when I saw this video, speechlessly beautiful and graceful = =||| and ^^

    Thank you, for the present from you and Han Geng~~~~~~~

    • truly3qts says:

      You are most welcome BristleGrass…..and same here…..I can’t wait to watch this show…..his traditional dance never fails to WOW the audience……..lucky are those who can experience it LIVE

      Glad you like the clip….first time I saw it….got all teared up…..his dances were beautiful and they all fit perfectly with the music…….hands down to the fan who made it

  2. Sylvie Kyung says:

    Hangeng gege …

    i’m in love with u .. always .. every day ^____^*

    this picture is really beautiful ~~

  3. onepinetree says:

    The video rocks T.T …

    At first I thought it was a clip from a show..but it turned out a fan-made movie.

    Ha… Han Geng is a total package… I don’t know how to describe my feeling toward him. How one person can be such an excellent singer, dancer, actor, model, and natural leader of a team?

  4. Lys says:

    welcome 3qts!
    This is really like a big party for writers and readers,haha…

  5. Sharon says:

    Me too!!!! I like his Mongolian Chopsticks dance the best. He did it on ‘A date with Luyu’ and ‘The more talk, the happier’ the show in which he sang ‘I’m willing to’.

    BTW, the new episode of ‘Bravely going forward’, the one he shot in Japan, will be shown on 22/11 at 7:30 p.m. on Hu Nan Sat.T.V.(according to Gengbar) Try to find a link to see it on the net.

  6. Icydog says:

    What a wonderful present~~
    May I open it ? XDDDD

    I can’t wait to watch this show!!!
    I love his traditional dance so so so much!!!

  7. Sharon says:

    Correction: the show ‘Bravely moving forward’ should be shown on 29/11 and 6/12. I could watch it using this link: http://www.renlinyan.cn/, choose推荐電視台 and 湖南衛視.

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