Looking in the Same Direction with Han Geng




At the 60th Anniversary of WuSi Broadcasting Station on October 23, the stage was built in the center of the stadium,

which produced numerous fan-cams of Han Geng taken from every single angle around the stage. 

I found two video clips that shot Han Geng from back of the stage, unlike others that focused on Han Geng from the front.

Such video clips made me trench into indescribable deep feelings toward Han Geng.

I have been so occupied with consuming Han Geng’ s appearances that never paid special attention to what the world would look like to Han Geng.

Watching these video clips enabled me to peek into the world reflected in Han Geng’s eyes a little bit.


1. Super Girl performance and the brief interview


2. The brief interview and Blue Tomorrow performance


During the brief interview with MCs after Super Girl performance, Han Geng looked too skinny.

His slender shoulder line was fully revealed due to the smooth textile of his black coat.

Han Geng who always carries the unimaginable burden as the captain of SJM….

That’s why…………?

His shoulder felt suppressed by some thing very heavy.



 Soon the interview was over while I was caught with his back.

Han Geng directed the SJM members to stand around the stage by circling with his index finger.


Suddenly his pale face showed up…

His hand wiped out the sweaty face…

After positioning himself, Han Geng turned his head around to double-check other members one more time.


looking down the ground, he was trying to get his breath.


The stage got darkened.  


His slender body again made my mind ache.

Probably Han Geng was again gaining his breath back during such a short time…


Suddenly all the lights flashed on.

While the music was played along, Han Geng wiped the sweat…




Nothing between Han Geng and the audiences



It’s strange.

Han Geng looked lonely.



Blue Tomorrow is a beautiful song.

However, Han Geng has the least participation in singing.

During Blue Tomorrow performance, Han Geng lifted the micro phone only three times.

The least amount among the SJM members.


He might feel bit awkward just watching the audiences..

He started waving his hand in a big motion.


The Geng fan, who was holding the camera, seemed unsatisfied with the fact that its lense could not fully grasp what she could watch with her own eyes.

She abruptly shifted the camera.

At the moment, countless Geng light boards and yellow banners got shown in the right upper corner of the screen.

As Han Geng waved his hand, they vigorously waved back to him.


It was the moment when Han Geng and Geng fans were connected…


My mind got brighten up suddenly..

Until then I had been reading loneliness from Han Geng’s back.



What a relief…


Han Geng was not alone.

He shouldn’t be…



his solo part came along…



His soft voice was just melting down my  heart.

I replayed this part hundred times over and over.

I am so grateful that Han Geng sang that part with his heart and soul.

As you can see in the video clip, Geng fans went crazy for this short moment.



For that short moment, Geng fans had lifted the banners hurting their arms…

Han Geng was probably saving every single fan into the bottom of his heart.




Han Geng

 who can perform in front of the audiences who love him so much…

must be a blessed person…




“Love is not just looking at each other, it’s looking in the same direction”



It’s two years anniversary of www.ihangeng.com.

Happy Anniversary to you guys!


“He said,

that chasing light is the goal of a dancer,
after you achieve the goal and find the chasing light belonging to you,


you still need to strive, perform better and more prominently,

only that can make the chasing light follow you forever,

can make yourself more confident,

and make yourself more splendent…

We said,

Chasing light is not darting into a flame,
not a spark disappearing in seconds,
but never-abandoned accompanying,
and all the time support;

Maybe it is a long way to chase that light,
but his perseverance to his dream gives us strength to walk forward.

Because of the light and warmth,
because we have each other, because we are not alone,
we come to chase that light and we will be going with that light.”

(translated by Bristle Grass)


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4 Responses to Looking in the Same Direction with Han Geng

  1. bristlegrass says:

    WOW~~~“Love is not just looking at each other, it’s looking in the same direction”

    I love these words so much!!!!

    OMG…Pinetree, I didn’t expect your new post would be this style…you make me cry again…

    Han Geng is not alone, because we are with him; but sometimes, he is too quiet and too calm in a noisy surrounding…seems like he is enjoying the loneliness…

    Looking at his back, always gives me complex feelings…there are too many stories behind this man.

  2. icewater says:

    Watching his back, I want to hold him from the back, I want to give him the most support!

    How? You’re correct:
    “Love is not just looking at each other, it’s looking in the same direction”!!!

    • onepinetree says:

      Yes…I want to hug him as well….to let him know there are also fans who are looking in the same direction behind him. …

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