Han Geng, We are So Proud of You!

While I was being a selfish Geng Fan these days,

whining about the lack of Han Geng’s individual activity opportunity for the year of 2009,

Han Geng just proved his high calibre once again.

My dear Thai Geng fan, Fang, emailed me about the last day of Super Show II in Bang Kok on November 29.  

The following story is what Fang wrote in her email which moved me deeply.

I am very grateful for having such a wonderful and devoted Geng fan as my friend. 

Fang, thank you again for sharing such a beautiful story with us.


Hi One Pine Tree… Two big days!
     These pictures were taken during the last scene just right before the concert ending on the last day. 

What the captain of SJM, Han Geng, and all of other SJ members did to Henry and Zhoumi was so lovely.

Actually Si Won pulled them out.

At first they didn’t want to come out but Si Won was very persistent and kept pulled them out.

(I think they didn’t want to come out because they were afraid of anti things). 


It took several minutes until they gave in and came out to face fans…

We could see all of their nervous emotions….

but with SJ members’ supports, who told us to call their names…

At last the captain, Han Geng, brought them out to the front stage and showed everyone these were also our family.

How amazing~ today


Zhoumi and Henry got cheers from us sooo much.

I believe Hangeng was so happy today.
I think I heard scream sound for Zhoumi and Henry louder than even those of all other SJ members…kkkk

Encore for SJM songs was as loud as that for SJ songs…

Now Thai fans all welcome them in the name of SJM.

 I could see Zhoumi’s surprise expression (from his face ) when all the audiences of the hall called his name so loud and also that of our young boy Henry…
 Today Han Geng showed the surprised face when he heard “saranghae” encore from  
“Marry U” so loudddd….

Then he took off his wireless earphone in order to hear love word  better and turned his mic to fans to listen it again and again.





Ah…love love love you Han Geng!




Yes…when, as a selfish Geng fan, I was singing about Han Geng’s individual activities,

Han Geng was clearly aware of his position and duties and, accordingly, taking actions.


The bottom line… in the winter of 2009… at this point,

the identity of Han Geng is

The third brother in Super Junior…

The captain of Super Junior M…


My dear friend, Bristle Grass told me one day…

” Anyway, I enjoy what Han Geng is able to give us for now, that is his heartful present for Gengfans.
As he said, our support will be rewarded.”



Yes, Han Geng is our proud captain.




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12 Responses to Han Geng, We are So Proud of You!

  1. weiwl says:

    it’s so touching. i’m getting goosebumps all over. thanks =)

    • onepinetree says:

      I think everything related to Han Geng is always touching and sensational…that’s why I cannot stop loving and supporting him. This is my desperate addiction to Han Geng.

  2. samshik says:

    han geng <3!!

  3. bristlegrass says:


    There’s absolutely no way for me to stop loving this super boy and super man!!!!!!

    Han Geng, a perfect leader to his members, a perfect idol to his fans!!!!

    PS: touching language again, Pinetree! ^^

  4. truly3qts says:

    Thank you for another thoughtful entry…..OnePineTree….

    Being the leader…it’s only natural that he wants SJM to be accepted. But so far, only in Chinese speaking countries that Han Geng is able to lead his entire team up on stage with full support from fans.

    Being the kind-hearted, considerate and gentle person…it’s only natural that he wants all his brothers to be successful and well-loved by fans.

    So yes….not only that the ending of Nov29th concert was a great moment for Zhoumi and Henry….it is also a moment that Han Geng has been waiting since SJM debut……every single one of his brothers from SJM present on stage….being accepted and appreciated by fans.

    What a stepping stone!

    • bristlegrass says:

      Yes, Han Geng is such a kind-hearted, considerate and gentle person!

      I respect him so so so much!!! Again, he is happy, I am happy ^^

  5. Lys says:

    holding Zhoumi and Henry’s hands, taking them to face all the audience, hearing all the applause for them two, make geng feel happy in another way,I’m sure, because he cares about them, as a captain.

    what makes you happy is their happiness at that moment, and what makes me happy is your happiness, no matter when.

    geng, you are such a kind-hearted boy who always make my heart melt.

    • onepinetree says:

      “What makes me happy is your happiness, no matter when”…. Ah… Dear Lys you just pinpointed what is more important when supporting Han Geng as Geng fans…

      I often feel like pushing him too much…as a selfish fan.. asking him to be more assertive..or even more aggressive in terms of pursuing his own interests…

  6. Sharon says:

    I’ve been waiting for this. It’s so touching and I agree with all of you. Thai fans are just lovely. But I’m worried about Nanjing. The only13 there may not be as kind as Thai fans. Be patient, one step at a time! We’re dealing with a subculture here!

    Sorry for changing the topic here! The other day, I read si woo’s blog(I should say I looked at her blog). There’s a posting about Geng and Jaejoong of TXVQ and saw your comment. I don’t understand Korean but in the way she analysed the clips of the concert, she seemed not clear about their relationship. In case you don’t know, they are actually good friends. They used to live in the same flat in the same room before debut. Jaejoong loved Geng very much, he would go to SM to pick up Geng and go home together every day. Some fans say Geng captures the hearts of two big flowers of SM(Heechul and Jaejoong).

    email me if you want to know more!

    • onepinetree says:

      yes, my friend translated it in Chinese so I thought…why not here???

      Ha Ha… no.. no. Si Woo is fully aware of the relationships between them…

      No wonder Han Geng only captured the hearts of those two big pictures but also ours around the world.

      He is such a sweetheart… ah……….

  7. fang says:

    Hi all,
    Actually ..if it is possible.i want to see this thouching part everywhere.
    Because i could see his happiness again…
    and that is my happiness too.

    • onepinetree says:

      yes, let’s see what will happen in December Super Show II in China..
      Crossing my fingers…

      AND THANKS!!! fang for sharing this beautiful story…I love you….Chu Chu Chu…. he he…

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