Han Geng Fan Account Super Show II Thailand

The following is the fan account from Mike_Holmes @ Suju Sapphire Blue Together.  She is a Thai GengFan who has attended the press con as well as the concert.

Concert…….November 28th, 2009

–  Before concert began, I walked around looking at various banners from various sites, paying special interest in Geng’s banners.  Suddenly I saw banner(s) from ihangeng.  I ran over to take some pictures.   A staff/member walked over and asked whether I really like Han Geng (my friend translated for me).  I told her I really really like him.  She walked away and came back with a poster of Geng from SJM’s first album.  I was deeply touched.  We didn’t talk much.  But just by knowing that I liked Han Geng very much, she gave it to me………just like that.  How could GengFans be so nice?  I almost cried.  I said “Xie Xie” and hugged her twice.  When thinking about it, I was wearing a t-shirt with cartoon of nerdy Geng from Super Girl MV.  May be that was it…..

I met up with my friends from “SUJU Sapphire Blue Togeter” and “GengThai”.  I showed them the poster.  They screamed so loud, took the banner and walked over to “ihangeng”.   I believed they took pictures of each other’s banners.

I would like to thank the staff/member of “ihangeng” who came to see the concerts in Thailand, especially the lady with glasses and long hair who gave me the signed poster of Han Geng.  She was so nice…..a true GengFan.

–  Geng was very handsome……..cheers for him was loud.  With his great body along with good body control, when he danced, he looked so smooth, so charismatic……..very attractive……I just didn’t know how to describe.  All I could say was…..he was born to be on stage.  Normally, he was already good-looking.  But when he was on stage and when he sang, he had charisma that made him even more attractive.

–  There was one disappointing episode during the dance segment performed by SJ’s 5 dancing heroes.  As VCR was being played, fans yelled the name of each member.  But when it was Geng’s turn, fans didn’t know whether to yell his Korean name or Chinese name.  So his name chant was not synchronized and turned out to be more like mumbling…….not as loud as the other members.  I was afraid that Geng would feel bad.  It was not because fans didn’t love nor cheer for him.  They were just confused.  GengFans yelled his Chinese name……but it didn’t come out loud enough.  I yelled till my throat hurt. (FYI…..Thai pronunciation of Han Geng’s Korean and Thai names are very different.)Geng looked really cool in this show………..all of them danced well……I was impressed

Geng’s solo was perfect.  His expression, emotion and his voice…….just GREAT!

–  During “Miracle”, Siwon kissed Geng.  Siwon walked very close to Geng and turned to kiss him on the temple.  Fans just went crazy…….screaming like mad.  Geng looked embarrassed plus stunned.  He was so cute……but Siwon looked very satisfied to be able to tease his brother.

–  For “Don’t Don”, Geng wore that black mask.  He was so cool.  And in that tank top, his great body……he was just SUPER COOL with every move.

–  Cheers for SJM was really loud.  Fans sang “Blue Tomorrow” along with SJM and for “Super Girl”, many fans stood up, sang and danced……I was one of them…..it was so much fun

–  As “Gee” was over, “Pajama Party” intro started, Geng, Yesung and Shindong came out to join the others.  When Geng came out, he started dancing “Gee” too…….only a few steps…..but very cute…..causing another round of loud scream from fans.

–  During “Wonder Boy”, Geng shot his water gun at fans standing in the pit………but fans also had their water guns……..so they were battling…….Geng was losing so he called Heechul, who was around there, to come help him.  At the end, they were all soaked.  He looked like he had so much fun.

–  One incident that impressed and touched me was when Geng walked to his group of fans who had his cheer props and light boards in the seating area, which was fenced.  He opened the gate and walked into the section.  Staffs followed him and tried to bring him out…..but he wouldn’t.  He continued to take pictures and cheerfully play with fans.  He stayed there for quite some time until a staff dragged him out……..LOL…..they were looking out for his own safety.   He was the only one who walked into the crowd that night.  Other members either stayed on stage or walked up the stairs and stopped at the fence.

–  During “Shining Star”, Geng was on another side, I had to watch for him from the big screen.  Luckily the cameraman captured him often.  I also tried to look at him with my own eyes.  Geng waved to fans constantly.  His eyes were red…….he must have been really touched.  He alternately waved and made “heart” sign………so so cute.  If I were sitting in that area, I would have melted.

–  Geng played with fans in the pit a lot……..heard he gained many new fans…..they went crazy at how he was so handsome, cool and cute

Another friend of Mike_Holmes would like to share her friend’s encounter.  On the second day of the concert, she sat in the VIP section, holding an “I U” prop.  Han Geng walked toward her, said “I love you” and walked away.  She was shocked…….so crazily happy…….she yelled after him “Geng….I love you”….he turned back and said “Saranghae”

Clarification:  The lucky lady mentioned above is a friend of Fuku@gengthai.com, the owner of most pictures posted here, not a friend of Mike_Holmes………sorry for the confusion

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13 Responses to Han Geng Fan Account Super Show II Thailand

  1. onepinetree says:


    I love you, Han geng!!!!

    Love, love, love, love you!!!!!!!!!

    And same love and respect to all Thai geng fans!!!!

  2. bristlegrass says:

    Thannnnnk youuuuuuuuuu~~~~

    Geng ROCKS!!!!

    Thai Gengfans ROCK!!!!

  3. Icydog says:

    I love you toooooooooooo!!!
    So, please say those words to me~~~~~
    It’s happy to know that he gained many new fans~ hoho~~
    Please gain many fans in the Taiwan trip too!!!

    • truly3qts says:

      I’m pretty sure he has gained new fans in Taiwan as well. He has this special charm that makes it so difficult to resist.

  4. weiwl says:

    ahh, lucky fans and its always good to see geng enjoying himself on stage. I will save all my money to watch geng live at least one. Else, my life would be incomplete =)

  5. stalker93 says:

    ahhh, im so jealous of them…..*cries* ill never get to see any of the members T__T

  6. Swey says:

    Wow,how lucky that fan was!
    It’s a good news that geng have more fans in Thai.I’m proud of him!Thank you soooooooooo much!

  7. xuehui says:

    I love you, Han geng!!!!

  8. L says:

    She was so lucky to get that I love you and saranghae!!
    I love you Geng 🙂

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