Dazzling and Sexy Han Geng

One of my Korean friends used to be a devoted fan of a very famous Korean boys’ band.

One day she accompanied her friend, a huge fan of Super Junior, to a Super Junior’s autograph event where she met Han Geng BY DESTINY…

(according to her description 🙂  )

Han Geng  took his sunglasses off when she approached to him so she was able to have an eye contact with him. 

Then.. she fell in love with Han Geng at the first sight.

The end of the story…

Oh…no.. there were more..

She became a very devoted Han Geng fan right away, running a Han Geng  fan blog.

I believe many of her blog posts were translated into Chinese.

I really hope Han Geng will see her translated posts since the contents are full of pure lovely expressions by one girl who is desperately in love with one boy.

Anyway, the reason why I brought this pure and lovely girl up today is that today’s post was possible thanks to her.

One day she confessed me that she couldn’t bear her exploding affections toward Han Geng any more.

She was literally crying for help. 

“I love him so much that I am going to die like this way..

What am I gonna do????? onepinetree sis… T.T’

Thus I decided to make some GIF files that would show how dazzling and sexy Han Geng was so she could enjoy them when she couldn’t fall asleep during the long long night. 

Well, the outcomes were not that promising…

But anyway I posted them at my naver’s blog. 

In conclusion, the person who got blessed most with those GIF files turned out to be me = =;

I could not stop watching them over and over;

literally drooling and grinning. 


I want to share them with you.


Note: All the upper case letters are MY TRUE INTENTIONS to appreciate Han Geng





















Let’s enjoy dazzling and sexy Han Geng from the beginning to the end at the video clip.


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6 Responses to Dazzling and Sexy Han Geng

  1. weiwl says:

    LOL, i can sense that onepineree really love this video. This is the second one that i read from you. The labels of the gif kept me laughing. Thanks!

    • onepinetree says:

      Really? I didn’t know that I already posted this video before. Getting old… Yes I fell in love with hangeng from his activites in 2008, so hangeng in 2008 is like my first lover^^.

      Sent from my iPhone

  2. 100wonder says:

    “Miracle” is my favorite! Geng is so happy here. ^v^.

  3. bristlegrass says:

    Pinetree, your friend is so so so cute…I understand her very very much!!!

    Han Geng…

    what can I say…I truly want to get married…

  4. truly3qts says:

    WOW……..loving all these GIFs…..thank you!

    He looks so happy and charming in this performance.

  5. elevenohsix says:

    Thank you for the GIFs! Paradise indeed ;D <33

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