“Seeing Han Geng with My Own Two Eyes…”

Original Author: Owlstar

Original Post: http://blog.naver.com/hyena2303/120096823631

Title: [personal photos] 2009 Golden Disk Award Red-carpet

Note 1 : ORIGINAL SOURCE MUST BE CITED when uploading these photos

Photos Original Source:

 http://blog.naver.com/hyena2303/ &


Note 2:  I translated Han Geng related part only


I am feeling so content when thinking about uploading these photos.

Totally forgetting how much I was nervous…

It was so much touching that I saw The Miracle of 13 Hundred Million with my own two eyes

T.T  T.T

No more words necessary, Let’s GO

(Of course no wonder, it’s totally Han Geng biased…)

Members’ Mommy Han Geng


Seriously shaky…



Consistently keeping eyes WIDE OPEN, Mr. Kyu Hyun…


Dear Han Geng, is something uncomfortable?



Sorry, Mr. Kim Jong Woon


Sorry, Mr. Jong Woon and Mr. Kyu Hyun…

Those two of the same age managed to chat in the middle of hassled situation…



It’s not a horror photo of Dear Hee Chul; It’s just his hair blocked his brown pupil = =;

It’s my choice of the BEST photo…


The GOLDEN silhouette of two men…

Cloud ( note: Yeo Sung’s nickname), today you were very quiet…T.T

You are such a quiet  man…Hands on back… what would you do? 



Han Geng

After greeting, entering the award venue…







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7 Responses to “Seeing Han Geng with My Own Two Eyes…”

  1. truly3qts says:

    One day……I wish I can also see “The Miracle of 13 Hundred Million” in person. Watching clips of him walking down the red carpet that night, I feel so proud of him

    Thank you for translating and sharing with us

    And the owners of these pictures, by uploading them……whether clear or blurred……every single move of him was captured…..they must be so happy to see him…..and they just want to share……I am grateful

  2. trueblue says:

    For the 1st time I see him taking the role of leadership on the red carpet in Korea.Usually it is Leetuek who does that,directing the members where to look and face.
    Truly, he has come so far and is now entrusted with leading SJ on official functions!!!
    What I meant is that he is always placed in the back-burner whenever he is in Korea.But now,he leads as representative of SJ.
    He has proven that he has the calibre and the qualities of a leader and the gentle fortitude in face of adversities and negative reports that may come his way.

  3. Swey says:

    Thank you for your translation and sharing.^-^

    When he walked on the red carpet, I can fully felt his charisma.He do has great style. I always think that his hardworing as the captain of SJM will pay oneday. And it does.
    Can you feel that from the Golden Disk Award?I don’t know how to express myself well.Hope that you can catch what I mean.

  4. sylvie kyung says:

    hangeng ..

    i really miss him a lot T____T

    i hope he always fine ..

    breathe han .. breathe ..

    eat dumpling as much as u can ..

    eat your mom’s food ..

    meet your friends and share everything about u and your life ..

    holiday !!

    sleep !!! u must sleep !! hahahaha

    i think it all miss from hangeng’s life in 4 years since he be a part of super junior T__T

    do it han … do it !!

    hangeng just a human .. he can feel tired ..

    i want he rest for a while from his activity ..

    jia you .. !! hohoho

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