Witty Han Geng Fans at NanJing Super Show Asia Concert 2

Original Author: Si Woo

Original Source: This Charming Man


Translator: One Pine Tree

Note 1: Due to some sensitive issues related to the SM Entertainment China Branch, I had to omit a few sentences from the original post.

If you want to know the original content, please click the original source.

Note 2: I have tried to avoid mentioning about SM entertainment at this blog since it’s Han Geng’s company and Han Geng , no doubt, is a very royal to his company.

However, I have to speak up since unfairness is unfairness.

Note 3: Although I support  SJ and SJM,I am mainly rooting for Han Geng.

So some of the contents in my entries may make some of you feel uncomfortable.

It’s just my frank opinion, not representing the rest of authors at this blog.


As soon as coming home, I found out Han Geng Fans supporting activities at Nan Jing Concert, which cracked me up for a while.

Although I have expected that fans’ supporting activities would go crazy well before the concert started, this was beyond my imagination.

I was able to strongly sense how fiery Han Geng fans have been since SJM’s trip to Taiwan.

No wonder why Han Geng fans prepared such impressive fan supporting activities.

I don’t even want to mention about banners and bulletin boards with light bulbs on.


The followings are newly shown supporting materials.

What are they called?  They are not hot-air balloons then are they just big air balloons for festivals?????

Anyway, a total of 10 air balloons were brought by each of Han Geng fan forums.

In addition, there was a long banner attached to each air balloon where Han Geng fans wrote down what they wanted to talk to Han Geng.

Baidu Han Geng bar’s “Yes, I do! Han Geng, Let’s get married!”

Mother fans of Han Geng, Mother Group’s  ” Han Geng, please be my son-in-law!”

Masters’ and Doctors’ degree holders among Han Geng fans, “Masters & Doctors Association”, but cannot tell the content.

Big Sisters’ Group, ” With constant winds,  love always stays together”

Voting Group, “Han Geng, today we will eat you up”

Chun Jin’s fans, “Chun Jin’s son-in-law, Han Geng the Master”

Chefs’ group, “Han Geng, wait here!”

Knights’ group, “Han Geng keep soaring high, Knights protect that path!”

A fan forum, King Han Geng, “Good looking, singing well, dancing well, long legs, and Charming”

Another one by King Han Geng, ” King Han Geng, he captivated the world”


How fantastic!  T.T


After it got darken, the scene looked like a festival place.


Looking at these, I couldn’t avoid smirking..


Hey YOU…. 

During Super Junior M Album Release Press Conference, YOU totally squashed Han Geng Fans’ support by taking off Han Geng’s name tags from those 18 flowers baskets delivered by Han Geng fans.

Why didn’t  YOU try to bring down those air balloons and take out those banners Han Geng’s name was on?


Ha Ha I was thinking like that…



In addition…

Why have Han Geng fans been furious since SJM’s Fan Party in Taiwan?

Although I want to bring everything out on the table, probably you guys cannot digest it well.

Thus I will only point out the make-up matter this time.


Han Geng’s photos taken in Taiwan made me feel the urge to curse those who ordered to

charcoal gray to Han Geng’s face.

And per those make-up stylists who did charcoal  gray to Han Geng, I almost want to break their fingers.

After watching such a darken face in Taiwan, I was so glad to see Han Geng’s usual face once he returned to Korea for the Golden Disk Award.

This is usual Han Geng’s face.

In the spotlight, the face should have lighter tone than the neck.

Ironically, Han Geng’s face turns like this way in China.

This is hilarious.

How come the face looks darker than the neck in the spotlight?

Then, without the spotlight, how dark Hang Geng’s face will be?

Thus fans who saw Han Geng in person all talked about how dark his face was.

In order to confirm my claim, let’s see the group photos.

The group photo at Press Conference in Taiwan,

Han Geng’s face skin tone was much darker than that of Si Won…

Fan’s photo taken at Fan Party clearly shows that, as well.

Han Geng’s face skin tone was much darker than that of other members.

On the contrary, news media’s photo taken in Korea for the Golden Disk Award…

Han Geng did not look much different from other members in terms of skin tone.


Excuse me.. Dear YOU.. don’t YOU think it’s way too much?

Fans can move on if YOU do it in a delicate way…

If YOU do in this salient way, it’s very hard to ignore it…


Even the public is fully aware of YOUR intentions.

 Yesterday some people were openly discussing about those photos taken in Taiwan and Korea, comparing them at the public internet forum.

If YOU want to be successful in Chinese market, do not lose the public’s approval toward YOU. 

Now, what are YOU going to do?



I know it’s useless to talk about this in here..

I must be out of the mind.




I want to say something to YOU as well.

OK, no matter what Han Geng fans never give up supporting Han Geng.

So, please stop wasting YOUR time and energy.


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15 Responses to Witty Han Geng Fans at NanJing Super Show Asia Concert 2

  1. RottenSS says:

    OMG!!! I just want to read the happy article for waiting wedding celemorny. What happen to him? Later, I talk about my theory. Do not make double loose!!! T-T

    • RottenSS says:

      Wow. Forget about my spelling miss. Ashamed. Anyway, why I always feel that members as nonspeakable r always getting supporting, everywhere & everymoment. Maybe, I am really obsessed person about black rumor. T-T

  2. Lys says:

    Dear Pinetree,

    I didn’t expect u react so quickly(and publicly) about this,thank u for that.

    How to be a “responsible” gengfan sometimes just prevent me from screaming on such kind of unfairness, and that makes me feel frustrated sometimes (why can’t I just be a “fan” without considering so much about geng…?).

    After reading this article ,something deep inside me just burst out. With (crocodile’s) tears (almost invisible…|||) in my eyes, I ask(acturally to the company): why do u do that to my baby? (faint, I just can’t get rid of my role playing of the mother…of little geng…)

    BUT, at that moment, dear pinetree,do you know what I saw?
    I saw a sentense: Love you, Trust you, Wait for you.:)

    love you no matter what,
    trust you who you really are,
    wait for you till the day you achieve your dream.

    The sentence you three put on the blog makes me calm, maybe as calm as geng.

    —–sensitive me over, normal me start…——

    I saw in the Geng Bar that a new forum from Hongkong dedicates to Geng has opened since the end of this October, I loooooooooove their slogan:

    “Here, give an era to Hangeng”.

    let’s wait, wait for his era, pinetree.

  3. bristlegrass says:

    I don’t know what to say now…I know all of these…

    from feeling depressed, to angry, sad, helpless, then to keep up and try to support Han Geng more, I believe most devoted Gengfans have been through such feelings a lot…to now, we start making fun of all these unfairness. Eventually, as a Gengfan, we know the only one we can count on is Han Geng…so whatever he has lost, we will make it double or more to give him back.

    …I am really in rush, I am here just to express my respect to each devoted Gengfan who has been understanding and supporting Han Geng to now, of course, NOT only Chinese Gengfan!!!

  4. dyjsm930 says:

    I only can do is love ,trust and warit for him,I can do nothing except that。

  5. Sharon says:

    There are actually a lot lot more incidents like this. So we all admit that being a gengfan is a form of self-abuse! You get to taste feelings that fans of other artists won’t get to taste and one of them is ‘pain’.

    One thing Gengfans could never guess is that their support for Geng which they tried desperately to show SM by showing up at the airport even knowing that Geng wouldn’t arrive till the next day and chasing after LSM’s car holding boardcards with Geng’s name on it is the same one the company is now trying to bury.

    No one can find a company more stupid than this one! And what kind of a logic is that? Suppressing one member of a group can make the group more popular?! A group with a leader who doesn’t look his best can attract more fans?! Then staff of the China department, I’m suspecting you were sent by other companies!

    I thought you should be making more quality productions, finding more performance opportunities, advertising and marketing. You want a share of the market, you need the recognition of the general public – people who can spend money. They don’t count the number of flower baskets, they look at songs, performances, TV programmes, dramas and films.

    Why are the fans doing this for you? They make posters and put them at record shops, they introduce Geng to their friends and families, even present Geng’s story in their class projects! It doesn’t matter you’re not doing your job, but like siwoo said, don’t waste your time and energy! Gengfans have already said it: you suppress him once, they will support him with the strength 100 times stronger.

    So you’ll see more of these brilliant stuffs: balloons…. who knows what’s next?!!!

  6. Icydog says:

    ” please stop wasting YOUR time and energy.”

    Totally agree with you!!!
    It makes me being supportive even more!

    It fact, I think SMC know nothing about the Chinese market…

  7. weiwl says:

    as mentioned above,me too!! i don’t understand the logic. Shouldn’t the company be happy if Han Geng has more fans? Afterall, he’s the anchor that helps them to expand their popularity in China. Damn, the Taiwan thingy is just plain childish. Just let him shine. He has come from behind the mask. What do you want from this poor guy!! *furious* The balloon is impressive though. I salute China GengFans.

  8. fang says:

    wow,how to say

    i try to avoid thinking of those unfairness things.it is too painful to think all of that,
    what he have faced or what innocent fans have faced by the market way.
    all our hearts ache… not even only geng.

    change sadness to support,
    that is all geng’s fans want to do…
    love and support are the best solutions for all.

    sometimes i want to shout out louds these unfairness things..
    and ask why…(actaully i always shout privately. = =)
    but i think the answer from the sky will be just calm wind back again.
    but yeah sometime we need to fight!

    anyway sooo impressed T T with all stuffs in china for Hangeng.
    i love his big smile in china…pleasingly and delightful smile …

  9. trueblue says:

    I believe the company knows that Hangeng is their top money earner and to subdue him would be a foolish thing to do!
    In the 1st place,they wanted to get the Chinese market,and that is why they got Geng to lead a group into China,knowing the power that Geng has over in China.So why would they want to make the supporters in China be hostile towards SME?That makes no sense at all! So we don’t really know who was behind all these gimmicks or we can call them fiascoes?
    As we all know,businessmen want money and profits,so why would they want to shoot themselves in their feet?Don’t they have enough trouble already recently?So why add more to it?
    The only person who knows the real deal is Hangeng himself!He knows what he wants and he is working towards that dream that he has and of course he needs his supporters to help carry him forward upon that dream!
    So as you all mentioned before me,I too am a Hangeng supporter who want to help him achieve his dream.I don’t buy CDs and this is the 1st time in my life that I bought their CDs and that is my way of support!He is old enough to be my son and when I look at him ,it reminds me that if he were my son,I would want to help him in anyway that I can!
    So all of you who are hurt by these things ,remember that though we support Geng,we have to also think of his feelings!He is still under SME and he is a loyal person and that is one of his traits that I like and admire.He has commitments and he is committed to his work and responsibilities!So as to ease his hurt,the fans are doing these things which is to give him more love to cover the scars that he received!!
    I am really touched by the actions of those who turned their love for him into actions!Love without actions is just a passive verb!
    Thank you and thank you China fans!Keep up the good work!!
    P.S sorry for the very long post.Thank you for reading it.

  10. 100wonder says:

    There is the old Chinese saying:

    The rough translation in English is:
    When Heaven is about to place a great responsibility on a great man, it always first frustrates his spirit and will, exhausts his muscles and bones, exposes him to starvation and poverty, harasses him by troubles and setbacks so as to stimulate his spirit, toughen his nature and enhance his abilities.

    I believe Geng is the great man. Let’s love him, trust him, and wait for him.

  11. onepinetree says:

    Thank you for leaving comments here. Yes, you are right, SME is Han Geng’s company he is very royal to. So I don’t really like to mention about it personally.

    all of you are right; WE don’t even have enough time to enjoy and appreciate Han Geng… let’s just enjoy what he brings to us ^^

  12. 3qts says:

    It’s just amazing how he remains pure, kind and gentle after facing with all these injustice thrown upon him by the company which is supposed to help him fulfill his dreams.



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  14. kira says:

    love u han geng

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