Han Geng: Never Letting the Trophy Go off from His Hand

Orginal Author: Arwen

Translator: One Pine tree

Title : “Never Letting the Trophy Go Off from His Hand” 

(note: I picked up the title from Arwen’s account ^^).

Arwen and her children are huge fans of Super Junior.  I posted her accounts on Super Show II and Dream Concert before. 


 Thanks to free tickets of Golden Disk Award, I was able to attend the award event.

Strictly speaking they are not free tickets, since I spent a fortune in calling on the pricy phone-voting system. However, I consider myself very lucky since not many people were able to get tickets.

When calling on the system, I thought to myself, ” What am I doing in my age?”  However, I couldn’t help myself after finding out SHinee was winning over Super Junior in the popularity vote.  So I kept calling by rotating three phones.

Fortunately, the venue was small and the seats were close to the stage, so I was able to see all the faces of SJ members.

Han Geng surely looked skinner than Super Show II in summer, and I am now seriously concerned about his hair condition.

Nevertheless, his tall height and gorgeous body grasped eyes from the distance.  As usual, he looked so handsome.

I ceaselessly watched Han Geng’s right side face.

At first, Hee Chul blocked the view, but later he gratefully moved  his seat a little bit so I was able to fully enjoy Han Geng’ s face.

Since seating near to Han Geng’s place during Sorry Sorry performance, I was able to see his unfamiliar choreography.

At first he nicely danced but, as times passing by, his performance seemed strange. My son told me that the floor was not slippery enough so members could not show the best performance.

On the table, Han Geng was always with Hee Chul.  Often Hee Chul left the table but soon came back to Han Geng. 

During one girls’ band performance, who won the new comer award, Hee Chul explained each member to Han Geng by pointing one by one,  since Han Geng did not seem to know them well.

During Chang Ki Ha Band’s performance, Han Geng curiously watched them with a big smile.  Han Geng was clapping hands like a coutry old man, not really after the beats ^^…

During SNSD’s performance, he kept himself very calm, while other outgoing members were dancing with fans. …. No Surprise ^^… again…

Later after winning the Grand Prize, Han Geng looked genuinely moved.

He never let the trophy go off from his hand. He did not even offer other members to touch it ^^.

I was so happy to see SJ members win three awards as if they were my own children.

I am sure winning the Grand Prize will help SJM’s promotion activities as well.


Dear Arwen, thank you for supporting our Han Geng and Super Junior all the time! 

And thank you for sharing your story with us!


For pictures please see the tags on each photo. 

For video clip, 시대님

For GIFs. onepinetree

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5 Responses to Han Geng: Never Letting the Trophy Go off from His Hand

  1. sweet says:

    thank you for sharing your story ….
    I was so happy for them too…
    they are the best!!!!!!!!^^

  2. weiwl says:

    ahh.. looking at those nicely captured photos just make you fall for hangeng more each day.

    Thanks for translating & sharing !

  3. 3qts says:

    He looked so relaxed yet naturally composed……..and definitely HANDSOME!

    What I would give to be able to observe him from a distance throughout the show….

  4. hyeon ai kyung says:

    i can’t say anything..
    just can say..he is handsome and amazing..always that…
    i want attend his concert too..huhuhu…

    by the way
    onepinetree may i know you e-mail??

  5. icewater says:

    To me, Geng, you’re the shinest one no matter on or off the stage on that night!!

    Geng, you have grew so much compare to the last GD Adward Ceremoney.

    Still calm, but confidence…

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