A Small Part of Petition Leaking out on Dec 22


NOTE: I translated the following information from a Chinese version, so there must be inaccuracy in terms of language, and the language I am using is not legal language, so please just try to understand the content.


Since debut, even one day-off per week cannot be ensured. Due to frequent oversea activities, there is almost no appropriate break time for him due to the intense schedule of activities within recent two years. Because the compensation rules regarding inability to participate in activities have been stated in the contract, even if he was in poor health condition, he had to participate in a variety of activities.

Due to the unreasonable activity arrangements, besides chronic neurological gastritis and renal disease, Han Geng is also bearing lumbar pain and significant fatigue symptom.

Han Geng has requested for rest due to above health reasons to SME, but all have been rejected. Since 2006, he was required to stay in Korea except for participating in performance abroad, so his requests for taking a short break back in China through manager have rarely been approved.


I have no comment…my heart kept feeling ache when I translated this…and we can tell that this is only a tiny part of unfairness Han Geng has been facing for a long time. Please repost it to other places if you would like to. I think there has been Korean version and Chinese version now, I don’t know if there is a English version yet, but hopefully this may help people understand Han Geng’s action better.


A story posted by a CCTV staff at Gengbar in Early 2009

Title: Just listen to wind singing…There is always love making us walk forward in bearing heavy burden

“After have grown up, I finally know, there were many times, paying and rewarding are not in the direct ratio. I don’t care too much about gain and loss, but experiencing the process, can be only known by myself.”

When I wrote down these words, I had complex feelings. What kind of position and mood I should hold when I am writing this article? I knew Han Geng since 2005, to now, we can call each other friend, during this period of time, friendship has been accumulated, which is prosaic, warm, steady and sincere. I just want to share a couple of tiny things with you, those all long passed, please just read it with a peaceful mind.

We had a pleasant cooperation with Super Junior in early 2008. I talked about performance matters to them at the backstage, everyone was listening carefully, but suddenly Han Geng fell backward straightly down, none of us was able to make immediate reaction. In my blurred memory, it was Siwon first noticing what happened, ran over and held him. From where I stood, I couldn’t see his face. what I could only remember is he huddled himself up like a baby, as well as his tightly gripped, slightly shaking right fist. During a few seconds, it was so quiet, extremely quiet, you could even hear everyone’s heartbeat, as well as his whisper: “I’m okay,  I’m okay…”

Eventually, he still went on the stage and finished the performance. He seemed like another person on the stage, full of energy, each dance move was well accomplished with sufficient power…just left us staying at backstage getting cold sweat.

 After that time, every time I met Han Geng, the image of his smile and that huddled shaking and thin body were overlapped in front of my eyes.

 Now, I occasionally talked about it to tease him, “how come you are that weak as a Northeast guy (supposed to be strong^^)” He goggled at me and said “so what, who says Northeast guys don’t get sick?”

Okay, okay, I know you have big eyes, stop goggling at me~

Actually, it was a bit funny at the scene, I almost dialed 120 to call ambulance, but Mr.Kim (Han Geng’s manager) told me that Han Geng said he was fine, he could continue performing. Considering my duty, this was the best. Then I finally noticed why I was so stupid to call out 120, because Han Geng spoke in Korean at that time, I didn’t understand…when I asked him, he smiled and said “I was talking to Siwon.” Looking over the outside from his side, it was dark night.

All right, let’s stop here…I know, tonight’s wind, is a bit cold..

This is the pic from that activity, CCTV China Olympic Year

No one could imagine what kind of pain behind such resplendent smile…we didn’t know until a year later…

and we know from then to now, it has been almost 2 years, his health condition is getting worse and worse.

Super Junior was there because Han Geng was Olympic Torch bearer…

the song they were singing on that day is A Man in Love, 

in which Han Geng sings no single line…




About bristlegrass

I think this is the right place for me to write my introduction~~~ Hopefully, I am right this time! As Pinetree introduced, I am a devoted fan of Han Geng (Gengfan). I am from China, except for my nationality, my love for Han Geng and purpose for joining here would the same as Pinetree's! So, I will refer this part to Pinetree's self-introduction...Yeah, I know, I am lazy~~~and I am still learning the blogging skills~~~I hope I would be able to change this part sometime later T.T ^^ Say Hello to Everyone Who Can See Me Here~~~
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19 Responses to A Small Part of Petition Leaking out on Dec 22

  1. 3qts says:

    Yes….this is only a fraction of what he has been enduring all these time…..our SUPER HAN GENG.

    There is also a Thai translation of it.

    • 3qts says:

      I’ve heard about his collapse at this event before……but not in such detail

      The short version of it made my breathing difficult……..

      But the thorough account of the event now drives me to tears……..

  2. weiwl says:

    I have been avoiding news related to this. Part of me don’t want this to happen because the future of hangeng would be uncertain if the disputes with SME is not solved. Another part of me thinks that it is time for him to stand up for himself. Too much input for my small brain and after reading his cyworld entry and this article, i guess i just need to support his decision and believe in them.

  3. sweet says:

    I am really sad about all of this, and reading this story makes me fell more sad…( is the first time that I read about this).

    I hope that he stay fine. I will support him no matter what happens.

    Hannie is really a SUPER MAN…

    I admire him so much…
    He is a angel from heaven who came to make our lifes happier.
    Praying for him…and the suju boys!!!

  4. Also heard about his collapse before, but not in this much
    detail and it makes my heart ache so much to hear this, tears spring into my eyes…

    Still I hope things will resolve soon…

    Geng stay healthy & happy!
    Geng ❤ Jia You! SJ Fighting!

  5. onepinetree says:

    Let him live as a decent human being, that’s all T.T

  6. icewater says:

    Geng,I love you! I miss you!

  7. fang says:

    all my wish now for you…

    please be healthy Oppa.

  8. Fiona says:

    My heart goes out to Hankyung upon reading what he has went through to acheive his status today. I can’t help but cry.

    Deep down i know Hankyung belongs to the stage. He is awesome when he is performing, one can never take his or her eyes away. His slick moves, his superb dance, his amazing voice are simply too captivating & mesmerising..

    There is only thing i asked for.. That is for Hankyung to be happy & to be happy at what he is doing. I hope he excel & succeed in all areas & be the most shiny superstar that everyone in Asia or where there is chinese know who is Hankyung!

    I know he can do it!

    Oppa!! Fighting!! I will be behind u & i love you.

    From your faithful fan in Singapore,
    Fiona 🙂

  9. bristlegrass says:

    I don’t know if I have the position to say it, but I would like say THANK YOU…

    Thank you ALL for all the understanding and support!!!

    I believe he is not flying away from us,,,he will fly to the place where all of us can see him,,,no more cry, no more pain, just happiness.

  10. trueblue says:

    When I first heard the news,I couldn’t believe it..no not Hangeng..he is too nice and respectful to file a lawsuit against his company.The company who trained him to be what he is today and he always mentioned that one needs to look back and see where one comes from.Be always grateful and thankful..and now..this? He always put others first before him.Even in donations,I would like to think that he gave everything that he has out of his own pocket and not from any foundations that he founded but his very own!
    Then I thought deep about his actions and I concluded that probably there was something that triggered his actions,something that broke the camel’s back.
    I read about the prejudice against him in Korea…(he bore it silently,never once talk bad about SME)He is always considering others before him and never asked for his rights.!
    I do have a lot to say,but I will try to stick to my main points,to make this short.
    He has always been pursuing his dreams and hoping that through the fulfillment of his dreams,he can provide a comfortable life for his parents.
    Suddenly,his dreams came crashing down,when he realised that he may give a comfortable life to his parents BUT his health does not permit him to enjoy that life with his parents!So comparing his career with his health,I suppose he chose health.He is not getting younger and he is the only child,he is not married yet and hasn’t given his parents grandchildren.So with this in mind,he decided to take the way that is available by negotiating with his company to shorten his contract..but the company refused.so here comes the lawsuit..!This is only my view so please don’t take it seriously.
    To HG supporters..(I only write this here cause this is a blog for HG supporters and I believe we are all behind him whatever his decision may be,right?)if Hangeng needs to pay SME the penalty for breaking the contract and he needs to come up with KRW5,000,000 roughly USD5000,why don’t we donate USD1 each and we need only 5ooo fans to contribute to make that amount.In this way we are helping him not only by words or through protests,but by doing it constructively and unitedly as a body to show that HG has big supporters.Instead for putting up banners of support and other trivialities,we gather our resources and give them to him to fight the lawsuit.What do you all think?
    Much as I would like him to stay in SJ & SJ-M,I would opt for his happiness and health above my own selfishness.!!

    P/S if you think this entry is not appropriate,then feel free to delete it.Thanks.No offense to anyone.Just my thoughts on this issue.

  11. Sharon says:

    I think everyone’s reaction is the same. But mine change from ‘shock’ to ‘support’ in about half a day. And now I’m worried, actually scared because I think he must do it and he cannot back out! I’m really worried that Hangeng will compromise. No! You cannot negociate with SM. Remember what that SOB said? The way I see it, the hand that’s got bitten would calm the beast first and then kill it in the most brutal way it can!

    As for the reasons, of course the unfair contracts and the deteriorating health are true, but more of it is that his heart has been broken. He knows what this damn company is in for. For someone to be in this condition receiving these unfair treatments every day until 2018 is just inhumane. In fact, I watched ‘Bodyguards and the assassins'(the October film). I didn’t know it was this film which was refused when I watched it. After watching, I thought Hangeng can play Nicholas Tse’s role (Tse acted so badly!) My heart is aching when I think about it!

    And the fine is not USD5,000, should be One million USD. Someone suggested this in Gengbar: everyone chip in 50 or 100RMB would make it! But this won’t work. Geng wouldn’t take it. There’s the legal issue to collect money like this in China. But it is very very easy to find a company which can invest that amount on a singer who already has so many fans.

    There’s more I wanna say, but seems to be too long! I really hope I can do something! Let’s just wait! I have to borrow Cassiopia’s slogin: Always keep the faith! No! It should be: We are always there for you!

  12. sarah says:

    My tears are for you oppa…Hangeng gege…saranghaeyo!!!
    Keep strong…you are not alone…we are beside you!!!

  13. sylvie kyung says:

    always believe in ..
    yes .. i believe in you .. Hangeng !!
    i believe everything that u do ..
    do the best for your life …
    i will always support u ..
    even it bad news for elf, just do it if it makes u free as a human !!
    hangeng just a guy who have a feeling ..
    he can feel tired ..
    we all know that her job makes him cannot breathe even just one minute ..
    so sad know about that .. T___T

    hangeng gege .. fighting !!
    i will always pray for u . always … GBU

    NB : sorry .. my english really worse ^^

    • Sarah says:

      I’m so sad…can’t smile these days…just pray…pray…and pray for our Gege…
      I hope he will be fine…I’m really worried about him…want to see his face even once…
      Hangeng Gege…we are one for you…ELF…
      @sylvie kyung:salam kenal…I know your fansite…GangGangBulet if i’m not mistaken…two thumbs up for you…I’m Indonesian too…^_^

  14. lovekorea says:

    Hello Onepinetree and other dear Geng fans!

    Firstly, keep up the good work onepinetree! I adore your entries.

    I’m from Turkey. Thank you for spreading Hangeng love by this blog. Please ignore my bad English^^

    I’d like to ask if you know any projects containing fan-letters for Hannie’s upcoming birthday? Me and my friend wanna join and express our love and support towards him.

    I’d be more than grateful if you help me~

  15. Lys says:

    Day 8
    “love you, trust you, wait for you”

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