Are You Missing Han Geng?

Me too.

So these days I usually go and check some Baidu posts where Han Geng’s photos are being updated daily.  Some of them are still running and others are not.

Here are the links!


Link 1. This IS the ONE! Daily updated!!!

Link 2:



By the way, my dear friend Yuki provided me with this useful information.

Thank you, Yuki, for sharing this precious information with us ^^


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15 Responses to Are You Missing Han Geng?

  1. Love SuJu says:

    I’m not miising him, just don’t like him.

  2. Green bristlegrass says:

    Thanks for sharing, Pinetree!!!!!!!!

    I don’t have some of the links ^^

  3. trueblue says:

    Thanks for the updates. I have been in here everyday looking for news of Hangeng,and leaving,disappointed, when I can’t find any.
    Yeah..!if anyone of you here do not like Hangeng,why bother coming here and leave sarcastic remarks!Are you picking a fight with people here?
    This blog is for those who love and appreciate Hangeng and walking with him through this difficult time of his journey.Everyone needs a friend and in these troubled times with all the calamities in the world,one would count it a blessing and joy to have a friend beside you.
    Each of us has our likes and dislikes but we don’t have to be insensitive toward others.When you have been through life and seen the sufferings of those less fortunate,you will have compassion for them and not start strife.
    Sorry onepinetree, for jumping to the defence and to comment like this in your blog.I cannot help but make these comments as I feel that it is insulting to those who made an effort to bring us news of Hangeng and being brush off like that.Normally,I just ignore those “stupid remarks” but this kind of remark is not welcomed and should not even be made.
    Maybe,some of you might think that I am making a mole hill out of this but I really can’t accept rude and sarcastic remarks.
    I am hoping each day that things will turn out well for Hangeng.Each path or journey in our life is already predestined and I hope that he find his true path.Thanks again.

    • onepinetree says:

      Oh, it’s ok.

      I wish I could share some news with you. We just have to wait…. That’s the only thing we can do at this point.

      Sent from my iPhone

  4. rascalkitten says:

    Thank you very much Pinetree sister ^^ I miss him so bad.

    Ahh .. this is “ForHangeng” blog , if you don’t like him pls go to other blogs. Let us ,GengFan, enjoy whatever we can share to each other here.

  5. jterap says:

    Thanks for sharing those links. I do miss him and seeing those pictures and gifs cheered me up a lot.

  6. Sylvie kyung says:

    YUP !!
    Miss him a lot !!


    hangeng ,, are u okay today ??

  7. Sylvie kyung says:

    Thanks for share pinetree ..

    I miss u too ^^

  8. Miss him lots too … thank u for sharing the links!

  9. Sharon says:

    So sad! So sad to see people hurting him even in this site! It’s always people who claim to be Suju fans.
    Even fans of other artists in China support him! And now the public support him too!
    Love Suju, but don’t like Hangeng! What a contradiction!
    That shows what he’s doing is right. He’s never considered a part of Suju.
    Gengfans, that’s all Hangeng has!

  10. 100wonder says:

    I don’t really miss him. I know he is doing alright. I am proud of him. I visit Baidu HanGeng Bar everyday. It’s a warm place.

  11. lovekorea says:

    I just saw this post..I know I’m a bit late XD

    Thanks for sharing those baidu links.
    Really miss him so much, after crying whole day watching Heechul Beijing SS2 clips, this pics made my day a bit better~~

  12. yilheh says:

    I am really sorry to ask… but can anyone tell me what happened or what is happening to Han geng? I am sort of a new SuJu fan so I do not know too much about them now… Thank you anyone who replies and thank you for the posts… I really like Han geng a lot ^^

  13. rema says:

    Imiss Hankyung oppa imiss him so much

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