Search “HanGeng” but My Blog Doesn’t Show Up…


Starting today, I will share some uncomfortable facts about SME vs. Han Geng and SME vs. Han Geng fans occurred both in Korea and China with you.

Please keep it in the mind: This is a lawsuit between Han Geng and SME, not between Han Geng and Super Junior or Super Junior M.

After Super Show II in Bei Jing, I noticed more and more fans are getting confused even with such a simple principle.  So I decided to share what I knew about SME, Han Geng, and his fans with you.

If you are devoted Han Geng fans who are fluent in Korean or Chinese,  probably you are already fully aware of  those stories.  Then you are very welcome to share what you knew with us as well.


Today I will translate one article posted by the most well-known Han Geng fan blogger in Korea, who is called Si Woo.

Si Woo is fully fluent in both Korean and Chinese. So you can guess how much her language skills have been appreciated by Han Geng fans in Korea.

I already translated her posts several times here.

The daily visiting number at her blog is more than 1000 before the law suit. After the lawsuit, the number doubled or even tripled. After things seemed to settle down the visiting number was around 650-800 per day.

But after January 21, 2010, a very strange thing happened to her blog. This is her post about asking other Han Geng fans to figure out what’s going on her blog.


Original Author: Si Woo

Original Source: This Charming Man

Translator: One Pine Tree

I just searched “Han Geng” at for the first time in days.

The first page of results did not show my blog. Even a few days ago, my posts such as ” Han Geng who strongly impressed Taiwanese” and “It’s been one month since the lawsuit”  occupied the first page.

So I felt that was strange, thinking probably because I did not type in  “Han Geng” in the title, so kept clicking the next page.  However, after I clicked over 10 pages of the results, still my blog did not show up.

I mean … I don’t want to look arrogant, but this never happened before.

(Note: Usually, at,  the largest and the most popular search engine in Korea, if you search “Han Geng”,  her blog posts heavily occupied first three pages of results.)

So, I typed in ” Han Geng Fan.”

Same pattern again: My blog did not show up at all even after 10 pages of results.

Before with the key word, “Han Geng Fan” , my post such as  “Han Geng and His Fans ANTIed by SJ-all Fans” used to show up first.

( Note: I will translate this post soon. After reading this post, you will understand those who chanted “Han Geng” during SJM’s Blue Tomorrow performance at SSII in Bei Jing were not really Han Geng fans but so-called SJ-all Fans).

Feeling so weird, I checked  statistics of my blog.

Then I found a very strange pattern since January 21, 2010, which also explained why the visiting number dramatically dropped since then.

The following table is from  January 20, 2010.

As you can see 117 people visited my blog through the Naver search engine.

Then, the following is the URL analysis of January 21, 2010.

Only 41 people visited my blog through the Naver search engine.

Things got ridiculous on January 22, 2010.

Only 8 people visited my blog through the Naver search engine.

The following is the type of visitors, either they visited my blog through searching or not.

As you can see, “Han Geng” related terms took the majority.

(Note: All the search terms are either Han Geng or Han Geng related. Very typical for my naver blog as well as this blog.  The pink part of the pie graph indicates the portion of visitors who visited her blog through the search engine. 56.8% of visitors used to come to her blog through a search engine.)

However, on January 22, 2010,

Search terms were something I have never seen before at my blog.

TVXQ’s fan cam, Dong Hae and Zhang Lee Yin, Men’s Health, and even Yun Jae’s Accident…

As you can see the pie graph, only small part of visitors came to my blog through searching so such ridiculous terms make sense.

Simply, if you search with the terms, “Han Geng” or “Han Geng Fan” , then my blog cannot be found.

Dear friends,  how do I take this situation?

[omission of the rest of the contents]


After reading her post, I searched “Han Geng” or “Han Geng fan” at

Si Woo’s blog never showed up as a result.

All Han Geng Korean fans really got shocked with such results, since we have been so used to seeing her posts occupy most of search results when with “Han Geng” or any Han Geng related search terms.

Out of a sudden her blog seemed to disappear from the internet when searching with “Han Geng” or any Han Geng related terms.

In addition, I also noticed another strange pattern.

Other Han Geng fan bloggers’ posts did not show up for the first three pages of results. Instead, all kinds of trash-type of posts that simply included  the words of “Han Geng” took the majority of  the first 3 pages.  Then probably some ELFs’ posts on Han Geng, who probably posted about him for the first time thanks to the law suit.

Those blogs run by HanGeng-biased fans who have posted only about Han Geng for several months or even a few years did not show up for the first three pages.

How come that’s possible?

Since January 21, 2010?

Tomorrow, I will post about the on-going litigation procedure between Han Geng and SME with detail information.  Then you might be able to understand why January 21, 2010 was such a critical date.

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15 Responses to Search “HanGeng” but My Blog Doesn’t Show Up…

  1. bristlegrass says:



    Also, I would like to highlight this point “This is a lawsuit between Han Geng and SME, not between Han Geng and Super Junior or Super Junior M”. This lawsuit has nothing to do with SJ or SJM or fans, just between Han Geng and SME! Stop diverting attention from the actual problem, SME!

  2. rascalkitten says:

    Thank you very for sharing this PineTree sis.

    I don’t know how to describe my feelings after finish reading this entry.

    Just waiting to read more about this, I need to know more and more.

    You also have all my SUPPORT~!!!

    Fighting kah

  3. trueblue says:

    Thank you for this post.I have been waiting for a long time for updates from you.
    Before,I just give SME the benefit of the doubt in regards of all those negative reviews and reports written about them,but now I am truly aghast and disappointed with this kind of tactics.I cannot comment more in regards to this until your next post. I want to know what really took place on the 21st Jan.
    It seems that their tactics are like that of a triad/mafia style!!
    I hope that HG supporters can do more in terms of supporting & protecting HG.
    I read somewhere that SJ will be having another SS2 in Shanghai sometime in Feb.,so what will happened again?
    What are the counter measures taken for this kind of situation in the naver search?Isn’t that only in Korea? It’s getting kind of messier and dirty handed.
    Well I hope that after all this HG will be free to run his own show.Hope he and his family are in good shape.

  4. yilheh says:

    Thank you soooo much!!
    I really want to know what comes next and I hope everything ends well for Hangeng.
    thank you for keeping us up to date ^^

  5. LuvHG says:

    What is this? I had no idea this was going on. Thanks for sharing.
    Please keep the update coming.

  6. stalker93 says:

    what’s going on? elf didnt anything wrong did they? hope not…
    really confusing…

  7. 3qts says:

    This is so interesting……will patiently wait for your next entry

    I’m so eager to find out what tricks SME have up their sleeves.

    Thank you for sharing…..Gengfans or not…….we need to know what has been going on “behind the scene”

  8. Gengfan says:

    Please enlighten us on what happened on January 21.. o_________o

  9. trueblue says:

    @ onepinetree,
    May I ask if you are the 1pinetree @Youtube?If you are,can I pm you there as I have some things I want to say but it’s not convenient here.This place is too public for some of my comments.If you are not then it’s ok.
    Thank you.
    Keep up the good work.The more persecutions HG face,the more support he will get.

  10. Sharon says:

    SM has started its dirty tricks both in Korea and China. Two articles totally against Hangeng have been released at Sohu. But I think not many people will be misled. More people are angry giving comments like: Are you trying to humiliate our wisdom with these stupid so-called in-depth analysis? A few detailed blogs and comments(not written by Gengfans) refuting these two so-called reports have appeared at Sina and Tianya forum. But SJ-all fans are a tradegy. The ‘tear’ strategy works really well with them!

    I support you guys and anyone who tries to help Hangeng! I’ll fill you in with anything I know when you put on more posts. Fighting!

    One more thing, I found, only from my own observation, more and more passers-by support Hangeng, some are becoming fans. So we just stay strong and keep on supporting him!

    • bristlegrass says:

      sohu…a media selling its social conscience for money…

      I have no more comment about this media…will not visit again…

      The world is too cruel and ruthless…knowing Han Geng forced me to know more about the brutality of the reality, but at same time, I am so happy to meet Han Geng and many devoted gengfans who have kind and pure heart as he does…

  11. icewater says:

    My godness! What are SME and Naver doing? Shock…
    Si Woo and all geng fans, stay strong!


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  13. Snoopie says:


    I also agree with you and bristlegrass, “This is a lawsuit between Han Geng and SME, not between Han Geng and Super Junior or Super Junior M”.

    No attention should be diverted from the actual issue, the SME.

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