The Evidence of NAVER’s Manipulation of Han Geng Search

All those dirty tricks by SME started since January 21, 2010, when the legal team of the SME officially responded to the court.

January 21, 2010 was the due date for the SME to respond to Han Geng’s law suit. 

Since January 21, 2010, the NAVER started it’s manipulation of the search engine for Han Geng. 

So, we can guess that SME established its own agenda about how to tarnish Han Geng after January 21, 2010.  After that date, all kinds of dirty tactics started in both countries of Korea and China.

 The NAVER customer services never responded back to Si Woo’s complaint. 

This is very unusual in Korea where all those on-line customer services are very responsive to their customers’ any kind of requests.

Then we found out the evidence.

If you type, ” Han Geng” or “Han Geng fan”, all kinds of trash posts that simply included “Hangeng” in any part of their posts showed up.

For example, “Hangeng Village”, “Hangeng Chapel”, even a personal blog whose name is “Hangeng”.  But not Si Woo’s posts.

However, if you type, “Han Geng fans”, the plural, Si Woo’s blog showed up.

In other words, the NAVER intentionally blocked Si Woo’s blog with “Han Geng” and “Han Geng Fan”  key word search.

But it did not block Si Woo’s blog with “Han Geng Fans” key word search.

Considering that all kinds of words that included Han Geng showed up, it does not make sense that Si Woo’s post did not show up.

But if you add “s” after ” Han Geng Fan”, then her blog showed up.

They only considered “Han Geng” and “Han Geng Fan” two search terms for blocking Si Woo’s blog but did not think about “Han Geng Fans”.

This is the result when you typed “Han Geng fans”: Si Woo’s blog finally showed up but still with lower priority. Her posts took the last 10 page of results.

Thus this is a clear evidence that NAVER blocked Si Woo’s blog intentionally.

In addition, by giving less weight value to Han Geng fans’ bloggers, the NAVER also manipulated the priority of Han Geng related posts. When you search Han Geng or any Han Geng related terms, trash -kind of posts show up first, rather than his fans’ supportive posts.

 Today SME again started the on-line media attacks on Han Geng. 

So all Geng fans got really depressed and saddened to watch some ignorant public get brainwashed by SME dirty tactics. After reading news, those people who are not fully knowledgeable about SME and Han Geng would search Han Geng at NAVER and get those anti-types or trash-types of posts first. That’s something we are very dreadful pf at this point.

Then Si Woo said today.. she decided to give up running her Naver blog since her blog lost its original function.

She needed some time to take a rest…

You might wonder why Si Woo’s blog got blocked by the NAVER?

Why did NAVER follow SME’s such a request?

The Girls’ generation exclusively released their MV teaser at NAVER music site.  This is the first time for SME to release their artists’ MV teaser at Naver.

And it’s a mega hit.

There is no reason for Naver to ignore SME’s requests: First, simply block one blogger from “Han Geng” or “Han Geng Fan “search. Second, trash posts show up first when search “Han Geng” or “Han Geng fan”.

Then now you might wonder why Si Woo’s blog?

I will start sharing the stories Si Woo posted at her blog with you, which had spread to hundred and thousand blogs, fan internet forums, and portal sites since the law suit.

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21 Responses to The Evidence of NAVER’s Manipulation of Han Geng Search

  1. Gengfan says:

    WOW. SIMPLY WOW. I don’t know how much I could hate SME for this!!!!!!!! UGGGGGHHH.

    This has to spread!! I’ll repost this in the forums if you don’t mind D;

  2. Sharon says:

    Please tell Si Woo not to give up, she has all our support! Many many people, really a lot of people support her!

    Go ahead and take a rest! Take your time! This is heavy! Everyone deserves a break!

    But don’t give up hope!

    After reading the comments, 200 of them, refuting those two pieces of bullshit at Sohu, I’ve become more confident. It’s correct! Just trust Hangeng!

    Fighting! Fighting! Fighting!

    • onepinetree says:

      I am glad that Chinese public is fully aware of the situation. I think that’s enough for me… that’s enough…

  3. bristlegrass says:

    I still believe that there is JUSTICE in this world, just sooner or later!!!

  4. 3qts says:

    For such big company to play all these dirty tricks on Han Geng AND his fans already shows how DESPERATE it is.

    It is unbelievable!

    Thank you for sharing…..appreciate your fighting spirit along with Han Geng!

  5. jterap says:

    In the past when I heard that they did these kinds of things to Shinhwa and H.O.T, I didn’t really believe it. I didn’t believe that their company could be so evil. Thanks for opening our eyes.

    Now more than ever we need to support Han Geng to the fullest.

    • onepinetree says:

      HOT, SHinhwa, TVXQ, and now it’s Han Geng…. this tells us that the SME has issues, not the artists themselves.

  6. yilheh says:

    There should be something we can do… is there??
    I really want to help out Han Geng… its not fair he is receiving this treatment
    nor that SM tries to manipulate the public…
    Thank you for the posts and keep us up to date!!

  7. lovekorea says:

    Geng’s situation liken to 2009 K-Drama Dream I think..
    Although the drama has some boring moments, I loved the ending so much.
    The lead boy still got to find a new way to achieve his dream! I believe same thing will happen to Geng. He overcomed much worse situations.

    Geng Fighting, Geng Fans Fighting~~

  8. Sarah says:

    Why they are do such things like that???
    I’m really mad…
    Hangeng oppa don’t worry..we will always support you…
    For Si Woo, I really appreciate you..being brave and never give up…
    So many people support you…so don’t worry..
    Pine sis…thank you so much for sharing this…
    The Right One will win!
    God Knows…

  9. Fiona says:

    Really thanks for sharing this!

    SME is garbage!! Some low lying dog! I really look down at SME. Screw u SME!!

    Nothing is going to change my mind about Hangeng & this is definitely not going to change anything. In fact it made us stronger!

    No matter what, Hangeng has my ultmost support!

  10. nancy says:

    Thanks for sharing.It just makes me stand more firmly with Geng.Han Geng fighting ! Geng fan fighting !

    By the way,can I link you page to my facebook ?

  11. Sarah says:

    Pine sis… I’ve already spread this article to my friends on facebook..may I?
    I’m sorry to not asking your permission before…I forgot…
    Thank you…

  12. 혁-fied says:

    SM thinks naively.
    Ultimately, the fans stays with the group, not the company.
    Look at dbsk, the fans stays with them.
    & of course, we stays with super junior, with geng.

    As much as how desperate they’ve shown to be, its not going to
    make any difference to elfs or even the whole issue.

    Only hopes everything ends well & geng to be able to get his
    fair share & defintely resting time.

    • Sharon says:

      It is the public opinion that SM is trying to manipulate.
      And public opinion does affect jurisdiction. It happened in the States before.
      After the riot of black people, the court ruled O.J.Simpson,
      a black football player who was charged with murder of his ex-wife and her boyfriend,
      not guilty.

      Of course, comparing Geng’s case with this is a little ….,
      but it’s important to let the public know the truth!

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