Strange Phenomena around Han Geng Part 1

Original Author: Si Woo

Original Post Date: November 14, 2009

Original Post:

Translator: One Pine Tree

This is a very long entry; so I divided it into two parts. First part talks about the SME’s unreasonable discrimination toward Han Geng. In the second part Only 12 movement and hatred toward Han Geng by SOME SJ-ALL fans will be explained.

The original post had 180 comments and got spread all over the internet.

Please keep it in the mind that this entry was written even before the law suit.


In 2009, Han Geng’s first drama, “The Stage of Youth”, which filled the Han Geng fans’ new year with happiness.

However, you never guess how much tears were hidden behind the supposedly pleasant drama.  

The Stage of Youth was originally scheduled to air at noon on the CCTV-2 channel during new year’s break.

Thus since the beginning of year 2009, Han Geng fans started advertising the drama’s broadcasting time and channel.

 However, just a few days before broadcasting, out of a sudden, the channel switched to the CCTV-Children channel and the air time was also changed to 3-4 pm.

With such an unexpected change, Han Geng fans were perplexed and could not understand the situation. 

 Then sooner one staff at CCTV, who had been involved in filming “The Stage of Youth”, updated her blog.  

  “The company, (i.e.,SME), insisted on inserting SJM’s performances  three times into the drama but the producer refused it.  Since then, the company  had argued to quit the filming by pulling out people.

The company also insisted on including SJM in promotion activities for the drama but got refused by the producer again.  So the company appears bitter at this point. I am not sure about the details but it is not clearly pleasant situation. There were times when all of us might quit and  go our seperate ways.

 Han Geng silently wet his eyes after hearing this news. What I could do was only to being with him for a while.

Actually I did not know what to do for him.

Han Geng kept saying he was OK, shaking his head, …… although it must have been Han Geng himself who was most hurt. I still freshly remember everything: There were Han Geng, two stylists, and I in the room and we were very dejected.   Since this drama carried Han Geng’s aspiration, I am so disappointed that things ended up in this way.

  [January 20, 2009] “


 In other words, the company, SME, wanted to insert three parts of SJM performance in the drama and include SJM in the promotion activities of the drama.

But after its requests got rejected by the producer, the company showed off its wills by threathening that they would pull out from everything including Han Geng and quit in the middle of this drama filming process.


 Even major entertainment companies in China couldn’t even dare to face CCTV.

 It was the first time for CCTV to experience such an attitude from any entertainment companies. Thus the furious CCTV, which planned to highly promote “The Stage of Youth” on a popular channel at prime time zone, kicked it to the children’s channel at afternoon time zone.

 To make things worse, after episode 3 was aired on TV, high quality video clips of all episodes from 1 to 12 got uploaded at internet. This was evidently done by the CCTV, which indicates that the CCTV trashed the drama.

 This happened due to the company’s defeat in the power struggle with CCTV.

Han Geng had to bear all the costs from this situation by himself.

 In addition, there was one incident made me literally provoked. 

 Getting right into the point, jumping to the conclusion:  One drama producer asked the company to send Han Geng at its audition, but the company even did not let Han Geng know.

After the audition was over, the producer phoned HanGeng, asking why he did not come for auditioning. 

By then, he realized that there was such an audition and that it was already over.

If the producer did not phone Han Geng, he did not even know about what’s going on.

 This was spread by a person who is close to the producer.

And as you know, Han Geng rejected  a leading male character role in the Chinese version of ” Boys over Flowers” due to Super Junior’s 3rd album promotion activities.

It’s not rejection. The truth was that the company tried to include one SJ member and one trainee in the drama along with Han Geng, but was not successful.

 After such series of incidents kept happening, Han Geng fans finally realized that what’s the real intention of the company.

The company did not have any intention to bring on Han Geng at all.

 The company only used Han Geng as a bridge to the opportunities as part of trying to bring on the group.

If such attempts become unsuccessful, then, since Han Geng’s role as a bridge becomes useless, there is no need for Han Geng to take part in such activities.  In other words, there is no need for Han Geng to do drama anymore.  

 When Han Geng does individual activities, they must be for the purpose of promoting the whole group, not for cultivating his own talents.



What do you think?

When you are a devoted employee and have done everything for the company at the cost of your own health for several years, but the company itself never care about your own growth as an artist.  

The company used you only as a bridge to the Chinese market for itself; Never allow you to have a chance to cultivate your own talents.  

You are tired and sick,  but the company does not even allow you to have sick days.

You have to endure such discrimination no matter what, because the contract will be good until you turn to 33 years old. 

And you are now only 25 years old. 

If I were an employee of such a company, yes I would quit the company right away.

Due to the contract, if I couldn’t leave the company, then I would definitely sue the company.

What I need will be the GUT to take an action to do so.


(Updated on January 31, 2010)

Thank you for your comments and I am really sorry that I cannot reply to each of you.

You asked if I knew other stuff?  Yes I knew them thanks to Si Woo’s posts.

I will translate her posts here… your heart will be broken again..if there was any heart left to be broken…

After reading Si Woo’s translated posts, you will understand why SME, the big company, blocked one mere fan blogger such as Si Woo.

That’s why I decided to keep translating her posts because I noticed some of fans couldn’t understand why SM blocked one blogger.  

It’s simple; You just turn off the speaker. You don’t have to deal with the micro phone. 

The SME is in the music it knows well enough about the Audio control system.

Anyway thank you for your support.

I might not be able to update this blog on a daily basis. But I will try to update it as often as I can.

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25 Responses to Strange Phenomena around Han Geng Part 1

  1. Rae ho says:

    SME is more sickening than I can imagine!

  2. bristlegrass says:

    Although I’ve known about these from various sources for a long time, cried so many times already…I still felt hurt when read about these stories again…I thought I was able to be immunized…guess not…

    Please be noted that, Han Geng never ever talked a word about these…all these things leaked out gradually after the things happened for quite a while…through different channels. Also, these are only part of major incidents…These are the things we know, which can be confirmed, there must be things we don’t know, perhaps, we will never know…Han Geng will just digest all the bitterness all alone. Even now, SME is tarnishing him with non-sense, he is still in silence…yes, my dear boy, you don’t need to say anything…no need to argue with non-sense! YOU HAVE ALL MY SUPPORT AND LOVE!!!

    Pinetree, LOVE YOU TOO!!! I know translating and writing such post is really not easy for you.

  3. *crying* … how, why …
    Geng♥, stay strong! Supporting you forever!

    Pinetree thank u for translating! ♥

  4. kerojung says:

    i feel so sad after reading this article.
    i don’t know before that he must passed many things terrible in his life, although i knew some.
    and the company is so …. can’t explain how bad it is.
    so cheer him to win the lawsuit.

    and thank you so much for translated this.

  5. eva says:

    i’m speechless really.

    at times,i want to avoid reading about all the dirty stuff SME is doing because it really sickens me, as han geng went through so much pain for so many years. but he never showed it and kept on tolerating it. but then reading things like this reassures me, why he’s so determine to fight back!

    i have only been a fan of super junior since march, so i was rather uspet and confused when han geng decided to sue and thought ‘ah…han geng cant leave suju!!….’ but since reading all the entries on here i understand why so many fans have his back now. i really do. the translation on here have given me another perspective on han geng as a person and SME as a company.

    thank you so much!

  6. Fiona says:

    Thanks for the post once again!~!~!

    I really hate to see SJ spilt up but now i fully support Hangeng to leave SME. SME is really trash!! I hope the court will be fair & make sure justice is done. I hope to see Hangeng regain his freedom soon!!! I’ll pray hard for Hangeng & will support him no matter what happens!!

    Hangeng jiayou ok!!!

  7. trueblue says:

    Thank you 1pinetree.
    Though I don’t know the full details before,I already suspected that this is the scenario.That was my theory and that’s why I wanted to communicate with you privately.Now this has come out,so I am able now to air my observations.I have suspected all along that this is the case.SME never wanted to expand HG’s dreams and ambitions.It was never their intentions to make HG successful for HG himself but for the company.
    I even suspected that,that was what happened to the F4 case too.I knew that the company was the one that rejected the offer and HG never publicly complained.He just absorbed the pain and disappointment and dejection.I remembered that there was another role for him later that year but nothing came about.So twice HG lost the opportunity to be casted in the roles.
    I also have another theory..that is they would continue to exploit HG in the expansion of SME artists in China without promoting HG.He will forever be just a channel for SME.I think that HG cannot betray himself and his fans and enough is enough.He cannot continue to deceive his fans and himself as he is a role model that the youth in China are emulating.
    I can’t understand why those Chinese fans are so quick to judge HG and not stand by him? He is after all their own kind.!!!
    Another scenario…hypothetically..suppose LT & HC enter military..then HG has to lead SJ-M in China to keep SJ in the industry and others left in Korea will have individual activities like what SM,YS & KB are doing now.Then the next batch follows..this will repeat itself and HG will forever be tied to SME(till as you say)age 33.
    It is really very depressing.I am so very livid and that just doesn’t describe what I really feel.I hope this will spread around more to let others know what the real situation is.Hope that HG has a way to read all those supporting messages and take courage that many are with him.This will be in my prayers too and wish for him God’s best.
    Justice will prevail..I favour HG to stay out of SME and be his own boss.Keep strong Hangeng my “son”.We “mother” fans/supporters love you.Do not be afraid we will stand by you.

    • bristlegrass says:

      You got it, dear trueblue, you got it…that’s why his devoted fans were getting more and more depressed and frustrated until Dec. 21, 2009. By the way, as for those anti-fans…I’m a Chinese, but I can never understand them…

  8. weiwl says:

    it’s discrimination!! HG jiayou. i believe that we need to work towards our dreams and if the company does not support you and in this case SME even tries to destroy everything that HG has worked for. So leave the company.

  9. bristlegrass says:

    I just want to add something…how responsible and devoted Han Geng was as SJM’s captain can be seen in variety shows. Playing the roles of interpretor, manager, servant, working staff, team leader…at the scenes in so many Chinese shows, Han Geng managed to make SJM the top boyband in China. He has done what he promised, he said he wanted to make SJM the best boyband in China; he said he would take care all the members since he knew how hard it was to speak another language in an unfamiliar environment…he did it!

    What he devoted is his sweat, his blood, all his efforts, his youth, his dream, as he said before, almost everything to SME; and what he got is poor health condition, extreme limits on personal development, different kinds of hardship, repeated disappointments…but he also gets something so precious, so priceless, that’s the pure love from gengfans around the world ^^

    Just got something new…so I think I can update it here…about his health condition…I heard it was really poor, and his lawyer has strong evidence to show that…How come I dislike such evidence so much T.T Gengfans had ever imagined he could pass out on the stage to the end of 2009, appears it is not only in our imagination…

  10. lovekorea says:

    Oh really?…My heart just broke into pieces hearing about his health condition T__T

  11. Sharon says:

    trueblue, you ask why don’t some Chinese fans stand by Hangeng! Well, wail till you hear what only 12(not Chinese elfs but Geng-anti) have done to Hangeng, you’ll be ….! If you don’t understand them, I’m heart-broken by them.

    Pinetree, thank you for translating! I’m not sure if you will talk about CFs and films. I wanna mention something about the two film invitations for Hangeng rejected by SM. I read this from Tianya forum and there’s no way for me to confirm it, but it is well-known among Gengfans to be true.

    When the news of the lawsuit broke out, reporters interviewed SM. They asked them whether it was true that SM had rejected some jobs for Hangeng. They said,’Those were not good!’

    These jobs which were “not good” include two films. One is called Bodyguards and Assassins. I watched this film, I wouldn’t say it’s the best film, it’s definitely a big film with a big cast shown at Christmas and New Year. The box office was over 2oo million RMB, that’s about 30 million US. It is waiting to be promoted at the Cannes film festival.

    Another is called ‘Mulan’. After SM rejected this film, the role originally for Geng was taken by Jacky Chan’s son, Jaycee. Yes! Jacky Chan, the international action movie star, Jacky Chan’s son took up the role that SM had rejected for Hangeng.

  12. rascalkitten says:

    Thank you very much for translating and sharing. That’s what I and many other GengFans need to know kah.

    Waiting for the time Geng gets his freedom and can achieve his dreams!!!

    GengGe Jia you!!! GengFan Jia You!!!

  13. rascalkitten says:

    Ahhh PineTree sister , I forgot to ask your permission to take this entry out and translate it into my language. This story must be shared to those who love and support Geng.

    Thank you again kah.

    • onepinetree says:

      no problem.. I wish my English skills were stronger. Then I can translate other posts chop…chop…chop…. you know. T.T … well I am trying my best now…

      • nancy says:

        you did pretty well.I also want to translate some articles,but it’s not as easy as I thought. -_-! * sob…….

  14. trueblue says:

    @ bristlegrass,
    I am Chinese and you know what..I am proud to be a Chinese even though I wasn’t born in China.
    I have always felt a sense of achievement when another fellow Chinese does well or is successful in their field of work irregardless of where they are as long as they are Chinese.
    Circumstances deem that we Chinese are scattered around the globe but nevertheless we are still Chinese.We have persevered many hardships and we triumphed in the end.When I first knew of HG,I thought he was Korean,then found out he is Chinese.My support for him grew and liken him to my very own son.This was how I got into Kpop.
    Well for those who are rejecting HG now,I feel so sorry for them because they don’t know the true worth & value of Hangeng.He is truly a rare gem that is one of a kind.He is truly the genuine precious stone,one in a billion.Those who are against Geng are the pitiful ones and I find their behaviour shallow and fickle.Just let them be,as HG knows not all will understand him nor support him.
    Thank you all who are doing whatever you can to help show the real situation and I know for a fact that HG will never bad-mouth his company no matter how much he is suffering.Aside from what we are doing now,I hope that we will also pray for Hangeng’s good health and God would be gracious to restore his health completely.
    Let us all cheer up and have a fighting spirit.Do not be depressed,just be strong for HG,as this will boost his courage knowing that we are ok as he is ok too.!!!!Keep going!!!

    • bristlegrass says:

      As a Chinese living abroad, I totally understand your feeling ^^

      I think not only Chinese, anyone who has experience of being minority or facing so many barriers due to his/her status in a society could understand Han Geng better and appreciate him more and more.

      Since Han Geng is not in the postion to speak up for himself, as his supporters, we speak up for him! YES, we will keep blessing and fighting ^^

  15. nancy says:

    I’m also Chinese and I am so disappointed and irritated today.I just read through some articles wrote by some fans,they wrote something against him and even anti him.To be honest,I don’t even know there are so many people don’t like Geng.But what is really hurt me is some of the Chinese fans,we are from the same country,I thought they can understand Geng better than foreign fans,but it seems I’m wrong.How they can be so cruel and mean to him ???!!!!

    I’ve been to this country for 2 yrs already,without the life staying overseas,I won’t understand so much that what Geng has been gone through these years.He is really the one derseved all the love and respects and once you fall in love with him,then you cannot stop it any more.I’m so proud to be his fan and I will support him all the way.

    To some so-called fans,I just want to tell you : I won’t force you to love Geng and you have the right to love any one else,but you don’t have the right to hurt him!

    • onepinetree says:

      Because they play along with SM’s game rule. That’s why we need to spread the behind stories to people. Korean elfs strongly support Han Geng after they found out all those dirty tricks done by SME. Thanks to Si Woo!!! NO wonder SME blocked her blog!!!

      Since Korean ELFs support Han Geng, it does not make sense to me that some Chinese fans are not supporting Han Geng… why not?

      Anyway.. I will post the Part 2 probably Wednesday or Thursday due to my school work. Please be patient with me…

  16. han_girl says:

    I really haven’t know yet about this twisted matter before
    but thanks for the authors,, I can see it clearly from now on..

  17. Snoopie says:

    I’ve seen a lot of these news in Chinese before and thanks onepinetree for the translations to spread them to non-Chinese readers.

    I don’t want to struggle with current news but rather look foward to HG winning the law suit and begin his entertainment career all over again. I believe he will achieve more than he did in SME and become a greater actor & singer.

    There are always people who like or dislike an artist, but with his talents and his hardwork, he can expand his successful career well beyond 33 or 50 y.o. Unlike Korean’s entertainment business, Chinese artists, esp male artists, have longer and still successful careers. Just take Andy Lau, Tony Leung and many other Chinese actors for example.

    So as long as HG is free from SME, I believe he will continue to do well and I will sure continue to support him.

  18. don'tlie says:

    uh, why SME like that??

  19. Lilia says:

    I m really sad about this problem .

    Hangeng is so amazing and courageous .

    Fighting Hangeng with or without the SUJU , we love you ❤

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