Talking about Han Geng with Entertainment Journalist

As you may notice, translating is not an easy work, so our lovely Pinetree needs a couple days of break and focuses more on her own life. She will update when she gets the next part done. Let’s wait for her new post patiently together ^^

So, I would like update something about how people working inside or close to Chinese entertainment industry think about Han Geng and his lawsuit, by translating two blog articles. Different than fans, the blogger especially his friends have little emotional attachment to Han Geng, they just talked about his lawsuit based on what they know about things happening in entertainment circles. This may help us know about Han Geng and SME from another perspective.

Today, I am going to post the first one.

I will only translate the parts relevant to Han Geng or his lawsuit.

Title: Talking about Han Geng with Entertainment Journalists

A brief introduction: This blogger considered himself as connected to entertainment industry but not an insider. He had a gathering with his friends one day, since these friends are all working in entertainment industry, they started to talk about what happened inside entertainment circles, and eventually touched on Han Geng’s lawsuit.


Firstly, I (blogger) declared to them (his friends) that I support Han Geng~~~~~if you guys are going to attack him, I would refute~~~~~

His friend (neglecting his nickname given by the blogger) said, it doesn’t matter if you support him or against him, Han Geng has drawn so much attention now, not only in China, but also Korea, Japan, Thailand…his lawsuit becomes a topic commented by the public. Whether this is a good thing or bad thing, no one can tell clearly, positivity and negativity are coexisting and mutually interacted. Anyway, it is good for increasing the public attention on Han Geng. Besides works, public attention is something important for celebrities, although it is invisible…for business people, if they could get someone already having high public attention, they would not find someone without that…even if it means they need to pay more.

I asked him how he thinks about why Han Geng wanted to terminate the contract suddenly.

He said, this is definitely not something happened all of the sudden…there got be a process, got to be something happened which were unknown by outsiders, just the litigant in this incident doesn’t want to speak up now.

I asked him if he knew about the article posted by sohu against Han Geng. I was really pissed off by those articles, they are disgusting and annoying, and how come they help foreigners oppress a Chinese?

He said, he just read a little bit, because that’s enough, the article just served the interests, since this website has business partnership with the company, it is not surprise for them to write such articles. However, how much influence it can generate, actually not so much…the articles sound so immature and naïve. Also, that TV show invited a couple of guests talking against Han Geng…also having little influence over mainstream.

Their intention is just to make Han Geng’s fans get annoyed, this kind of little low trick must come from the company trying to bring shame on Han Geng, so that they can transfer such negative information about Han Geng back to Korea, to make Korean public think Chinese media are on their side. Using fans and public accusation against Han Geng to mislead public opinion is low trick…is it possible that Korean public would buy that easily???…Those who know what is happening in China can just explain it on Internet, so people would figure company is just playing tricks for its own interests. If the company is smart enough, they should sincerely try all their best to keep Han Geng…owning an artist like Han Geng is really a big advantage. He (blogger’s friend) interviewed so many celebrities including Han Geng’s group. Celebrities have different aura, Han Geng is definitely the one having strong aura. If the company was willing to pay sincerity to communicate with Han Geng, try to find the balanced point of interest between both sides, not just make empty promises, there might be a double-win result…but now, hidden scars in mind have been made…hard to tell…

Eventually, we discussed if Han Geng really chose to terminate the contract for money.

He said, I don’t think that’s the main reason. I think the main reason might be lack of good works, along with the increase of age, his unease would increase…his company doesn’t provide him better chance to grow, only makes him work for bigger or smaller group…this pushes him away from his dream farther and farther, makes him feel unease. In addition, lack of good rest makes body overloaded, makes him feel helpless. However, his company ignores what he needs, only does things in its own way and based on its own willingness, which leads to current situation.

When an actor sees a character he likes, the first thing he would think of is not money, but how to act well. If an actor first thinks about money when he sees a work, then this work is nothing more than a tool for survival. Han Geng is a very good artist, having clean mind, hope he could have a better future.     

PS: I was too sleepy to write up all the good stuffs…get headache from drinking too much…


So he wrote another article to write up their conversation about Han Geng’s lawsuit, I will post it as soon as I finish the translation.

PS: It seems like nationality or ethnicity and fans are involved in the discussion on this matter anyway, rather than avoid it, I would like to clarify my own position as a Chinese devoted Geng fan. Just like what Han Geng said before, there is always a reason behind anyone doing anything. My reason to write posts here is clear, to support Han Geng to the end and try to make more people know what he has been through these years, because he is worth my LOVE, my SUPPORT, and ANYTHING I am doing for him now. As for why some Chinese, like some sohu staffs, some Chinese fans, don’t support Han Geng even if they know exactly what happened, or even hated him for a long time, I cannot give exact answer, but based on what I’ve observed so far…there are at least three key words involved: money, jealousy and extreme selfishness.

To conclude, the entire lawsuit thing is actually as simple as it is, just an employee has suffered too much from his boss, finally couldn’t take it anymore, wants to leave his boss, that’s all! Nationality, SJ, SJM, fans, media tricks…those are all SME trying to use to blur people’s mind!!!  


Sorry for not being able to reply each of the comment! And thank you so much for the SUPPORT and LOVE for Han Geng!!!!! I know I don’t have to say this, since we all love him so much, but still..Thank You All!  




About bristlegrass

I think this is the right place for me to write my introduction~~~ Hopefully, I am right this time! As Pinetree introduced, I am a devoted fan of Han Geng (Gengfan). I am from China, except for my nationality, my love for Han Geng and purpose for joining here would the same as Pinetree's! So, I will refer this part to Pinetree's self-introduction...Yeah, I know, I am lazy~~~and I am still learning the blogging skills~~~I hope I would be able to change this part sometime later T.T ^^ Say Hello to Everyone Who Can See Me Here~~~
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27 Responses to Talking about Han Geng with Entertainment Journalist

  1. rascalkitten says:

    Thank you so much for translating.

    It’s good to know that those low tricks didn’t work the way the company want to be. And there’re many people who understand him and the things he’s done.

    “there are at least three key words involved: money, jealousy and extreme selfishness.” << I couldn't agree more. ^^

    I'd like to take this entry out and translate into my language , to share with many other Geng's supporters.

  2. nancy says:

    I just read it in Geng Bar today.I’m glad you already translated it to English,to make more people can understand it.

    Thanks for your help bristlegrass.

  3. Sharon says:

    Thank you bristlegrass for the translation. It’s such hard work to translate such a long post. Keep up the good work!

    It warms my heart whenever I read something like this! Two tall buildings supporting Geng have been built at Tianya. The owner of one of the buildings said the fact that so many long posts, articles, discussions about Hangeng are written when Geng doesn’t appear at all is already a phenomenon.

  4. 3qts says:

    It’s so good to know that “unbiased parties” understand Han Geng and see through SME. Reading this makes me so HAPPY…..some how.

    And I just love the following…
    “If the company is smart enough, they should sincerely try all their best to keep Han Geng….owning an artist like Han Geng is really a big advantage.”

    Well….with what’s going on right now…… shows how “SMART” the company is.

    Thank you bristlegrass for sharing this translation

  5. whitecat says:

    thank you for translation
    i love you bristlegrass.
    i love you onepinetree.
    i love you truly3qts.

  6. Thank u for translating and sharing!

    I think it means a lot 🙂 … I really dislike the tactics they are using and how things
    that aren’t really related to the case are all pulled into the ‘discussions’…

    The keywords you summed up – are right to the point I think. Those things will never really disappear, as long
    there are people involved. It’s sad, but I know that Geng’s stands above them (the keywords).

    I just believe in Geng, hope he pulls through strongly and will support him 🙂 … Jia you!

  7. Fiona says:

    You guys managing this blog are awesome!!! Really appreciate the work & effort put in.

    No matter what happen, it will not change my mind about Hangeng.

    SME can go screw themself!

  8. onepinetree says:

    This entry made me think many things.

    I think SM did not know well enough it’s individual artist.

    I strongly agree with the journalist… Han Geng is very strong man with strong aura… but his image in Korea is more like cutie, obedient boy,quiet, probably the opposite of “STRONG” image because that’s how SME promoted his image in Super Junior.

    If you follow SJM, then you know Han Geng is very strong captain, very strong man with full of potentials.

    I am sad that SME only used him as a money making machine.. without considering his potential and talent as an artist.

    Besides health issues, I think such treatments pushed Han Geng to make a big decision.

    I think those who understand and support Han Geng at this point are able to see Han Geng’s true want to support him to the end.

  9. onepinetree says:

    By the way…. thank you for calling me “Lovely pine tree” … he he…

    I am flattered….Blush…. ^0^

  10. trueblue says:

    To all who are doing your best to bring Hangeng’s character to the attention of the general public,I would like to say “thank you” and keep on the good work.
    Humanly,we are very fickle and absent-minded.
    Let me quote from one of SME’s manager who accompanied HG to the talk show of “A date with Lu Yu”.He was asked what are the qualities in Hangeng that made them select him.The answer of the manager..”There are 4 points…1st..Hangeng can sing,2nd..Hangeng’s dance skills are excellent..3rd..his good looks..and 4th..the important point,Hangeng’s CHARACTER..kind and with good personality.That manager was also the one who was one of the judges in the audition when Hg was interviewed.!!
    Now,they discredit HG’s character by tarnishing it and tearing it to pieces??
    So what does that show us?That SME have bad judgement by choosing HG over all those 3000 applicants?? NO on the contrary,it shows that SME is clearly manipulating the situation to suit their purpose and sad to say that some so called SJ fans are gullible and swallowed line, hook and sinker the character defamation of HG by SME..!!!!
    I hope that this will be over soon and HG’s poor health will improve and that he can start accepting offers.HG never seek fame and fortune.As what the article said..HG has a very strong aura and it attracts people to him and that is an asset in the entertainment field.It is a plus point for him cause he can bring in the profits in whatever he does and that is good for business!!
    Good looks won’t last forever but good qualities and character do.Idols come and go.When the fascination is gone,so do the idols.
    Hope that GengFans are doing something to cheer him up for his birthday,Feb.9

  11. Mandy says:

    As a birthday gift to Han Geng, I will donate $ to charity on behalf of him.

  12. Gengfan says:

    I believe you guys ENTIRELY. I really really do.

    But it kind of sucks that these things lack evidence D;; Don’t they? Some people like real solid evidences before they believe such a thing.. we don’t have that.. :(:( or do we?

    • bristlegrass says:

      “To conclude, the entire lawsuit thing is actually as simple as it is, just an employee has suffered too much from his boss, finally couldn’t take it anymore, wants to leave his boss, that’s all!”

      About how he was abused by SME, Han Geng’s legal team has hard evidences, especially regarding his health issues! You can just wait and see. SME should know about it now.

      • Gengfan says:

        Oh, yeay! that’s great then :):)

        But some news state that his gastritis was already occurring even at the start of his Super Junior career- so it can’t be really SME’s fault for that..

        but i don’t know.. Thanks! 🙂

      • bristlegrass says:

        hehe…seems you don’t have to wait then…claiming something doesn’t make it true…

      • onepinetree says:

        Dear Gengfan,

        Thank you for your comment on Han Geng’s Gastritis.

        I have two comments on your reply.

        First, as you know, I am a Korean, so most of my news sources are Korean news. But I don’t have any recollection of such news from the Korean media. So I really appreciate if you can tell me where those news you pick up unless you have special connection with SME people.

        Second, if he had gastritis since SJ debut, then it’s chronic gastritis. if SME knew about his condition, it should not have pushed him to much for SJM and SJ activities for past two years. As you knew, gastritis can be easily treated with appropriate medications and less stressful life.

        This just tells me more about SME; What’s the point here?
        The fact of since when??? That’s not point. THe point is that he had health problems but was not allowed to have sick days or sick leave… that’s violation of the basic rights of an employee.

      • onepinetree says:

        one more thing, if you pick up such news from SJ fan sites, then I have one comment on that.

        After the lawsuit, in Korea, SME contacted every single member’s fan clubs except Han Geng’s.
        Why? The SME is very skillful in manipulating fans’ minds… that’s how it has promoted the popularity of its idol groups since it started the business in Korea. Promoting conflicts among fans.

        Please wait for my next post, you will see another evidence of such dirty tactics done by SME.

      • Gengfan says:

        I don’t really remember where I read that info from. I’ll try to find it again!!


        I love you guys :):)

  13. bristlegrass says:

    “To conclude, the entire lawsuit thing is actually as simple as it is, just an employee has suffered too much from his boss, finally couldn’t take it anymore, wants to leave his boss, that’s all!”

    About how he was abused by SME, Han Geng’s legal team has hard evidences, especially regarding his health issues! You can just wait and see. SME should know about it now.

  14. yuki-j says:

    my god grass
    you translated this long article
    wow good job
    one pine tree come back please
    i see the chinese translation about her naver blog article

    ill? i want she get better quickly

  15. Namtarn says:

    thank you for your translate

  16. icewater says:

    Thank you onepinetree sister on your reply to No.13, great job!!!

  17. Sarah says:

    Great translation..
    Bristlegrass thank you so much for sharing this with us…
    It’s the fact that we have to know…
    For Pine-sis…I absolutely agree with you…
    Waiting for more articles about Hangeng Opa…
    Keep Fighting for all!!!
    Jia You!!! ^_^

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