What is their true intention behind such a misleading article on Han Geng?

Orginal Author: Si Woo

Original Post: http://blog.naver.com/siwoo_kim/120099705452

Original Post Date: January 18, 2010

Translator: 나도 너처럼 (0621falling) http://blog.naver.com/0621falling

I thank to 나도 너처럼 (0621falling), for translating this complicate entry of Si Woo. 나도 너처럼 is a Korean blogger who started Han Geng fan blog after the lawsuit.

When I asked Korean Geng fans to help me translate Si Woo’s posts, 0621falling volunteered and already translated a couple of entries. So I will share her translations at here while working on translating other Si Woo’s entries that were written before the lawsuit.

If you were wondering what this video clip was all about, this translation is the answer :), since this video clip was made by Si Woo herself with this entry.

At this entry, Si Woo criticized one article published in Korea. This newspaper whose article on Han Geng was issued is one of the most popular and conservative ones in Korea. This article was published in both languages of Korean and Chinese. So, Si Woo analyzed both articles.


Korean version article source: http://sports.chosun.com/news/ntype2.htm?ut=1&name=/news/entertainment/201001/20100119/a1s77114.htm

Chinese version article source:


“The Chinese media is supporting for Super Junior’s Hangeng who has a conflict with his entertainment company.”

The first sentence of this article doesn’t seem to matter.

“Hangeng made a lawsuit against SME about terminating his exclusive contract because ‘his fellow singers such as Girls’ Generation looked down on him because he is Chinese’ and ‘he had no time to rest.'”

However I want to contradict everything from the second sentence.

First of all, I had a great “admiral” for the reporter in that she reported ‘Girls’ Generation’s disdain for Han Geng ‘ rumor that had already been well explained at the original site. The original news site already apologized for publishing such rumors and explained what was the story source.

Hangeng is famous in China and Girls’ Generation is famous in Korea. Both of them are famous in both countries. Thus this story was heavily dealt in both countries.

Therefore, I can not understand why this reporter did not know about the whole picture behind this ridiculous rumor. I can not understand why the reporter mentioned this story again even after both fandoms had already forgotten about it.

And why did the reporter try to imply that Hangeng himself was the source of the rumor by the use of a quotation mark?

Even though my memory isn’t that good, I clearly remember when the rumor appeared at first time. The rumor itself wasn’t about “Hangeng said” but more like “I heard Han Geng saying.”

A reporter is obligated to deliver the words more accurately than anyone else but how come this reporter wrote the story as if “Hangeng said.”

” About this lawsuit, Chinese CQ news reported on January 17th., ‘Hangeng’s charm is his goodness. Even anyone who isn’t interested in Han Geng becomes his fan after talking to him. We admire his courage to bring this lawsuit. It isn’t easy decision for him but there is s huge fandom behind him. We should believe in him for our Hangeng’s growth.'”

I, as Hangeng’s fan, don’t have anything to contest since this part praised Han Geng.

And the reporter wrote like that. “Hangeng said, in the interview with a Chinese media on January 16th, ‘I was forced into enduring unreasonable schedules and wanted to stop entertainment activities for a while to get some rest. I was moved with many people’s attentions and expectations. Trying to stand on the stage that I love the most is repaying to everyone.’ ”

Most ridiculous part is this:

Hangeng had not been interviewed with any media. He never said that statement. Please do not say ”a media” or “a certain media.” Please clearly write the media’s name accurately. Don’t vaguely say, ”a media said.”

“Hangeng, who has a conflict with his company, recently attended at Mi Gu Hui award with SJ-M members. SME said it was preparing a Chinese/Korean co-produced movie whose leading actor would be Han Geng. The script and other cast were not decided yet. SME said, ‘Although nothing is clear about the contract until the official announcement, we will solve this problem by talking with Hangeng for the SJ-M’s future.'”

The first sentence of this paragraph is ridiculous:

In the Korean version, the reporter said “Hangeng who has a conflict with his company”, “recently”, “attended Award.” This sentence implies a double meaning. Some people who don’t follow Han Geng’s case can interpret this sentence as that Hangeng attended an award ceremony even though he sued the company.

The other hand, the Chinese version article added “曾” , which means the past. Therefore, according to the Chinese version, Hangeng, who has a conflict with his company, attended at a ceremony as his last schedule. It is absurd that the translated article, issued several hours later, has more accurate meaning than the original article.

And it is just hilarious that the company was preparing for a movie. Hangeng is a leading actor but the script and other cast are not decided yet- How long have they prepared the movie on earth? No script no cast? What is their real intention?

There is another point: They changed their statement into “We will solve this problem by talking with Hangeng for SJ-M” in the Chinese version from the original statement, “We will solve this problem by talking with Hangeng for SJ” in the Korean version.

I can not help laughing at the word changes. Also, I can not repress a laugh because the reporter literally delivered the company’s excuses . I can not give up the idea that the company gave the reporter bribe.

“On the other hand , 李小璐, actress who won the leading actress prize at 金马奖, said that we must support Hangeng’s decision without any conditions, at a Chinese music show on January 16th. Chinese fans spoke out ‘Come back home without suffering from many difficulties in Korea’  and ‘ Let’s support him.’  At the same time, in Korea, his fans are supporting for Hangeng.  However some Korean internet users are wondering if ‘ his words are true?’  ‘It is hard to believe that his fellow singers and members looked down him. ‘”

This is the conclusion part of the article.

The reporter stated that Hangeng was getting both support and doubt and that some Korean internet users were wondering if the rumor from Han Geng himself was true.

With the last quote from Korean fans, the report again confirmed that the rumor (i.e., Girls’ Generation vs. Han Geng ) was from Han Geng himself.

This article is full of false and misleading information from the beginning to the end.

Who egged the reporter on to writing up such a misleading article?

What is a true intention behind this article?

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19 Responses to What is their true intention behind such a misleading article on Han Geng?

  1. bristlegrass says:

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a ridiculous report!!!!!

    By the way, about this 李小璐, she won that prize at 16 years old, now she is 28, not popular in China, I wouldn’t know she had won this prize before if I didn’t read this report and wanted to check = = anyway, I have to calm down, otherwise, I may say something really nasty about how this 李小璐 lady shamelessly made up those stupid scandals about Han Geng…okay, I have to calm down…Ummmm…although I never liked conspiracy theory, but there are some other celebrities supporting Han Geng in public, why just picking her to report? Disgusting scandals, 李小璐, SME, I smell something fishy here…

    • onepinetree says:

      oh..thank you.. I fixed it.. ah.. .now I know who she is = =; hehe… the famous han geng’s GIRL FRIEND… he he.. Now… it just proves that this reporter wrote the story from the SME’s side.

  2. trueblue says:

    I am really speechless!
    People with the right mind will not be able to fathom this and whatever the motives are,definitely they are not good for Hangeng.I am totally appalled with all these baseless articles and falsehood and writers who worked for money not for principles.There is no longer good morals in the world.there is no longer the fear that they will get their retribution later when these things get back to them.The saddest part is that Hangeng is not able to defend himself at this time and that makes it hard for us who feel for him and the injustices that he has to suffer alone.He can’t refute them and so it is up to us who believe in him to protest on his behalf.
    Thank you pinetree,bristlegrass and those who post their comments here and are in favour of Hangeng.
    With so much evilness surrounding this,it ironically exudes the goodness and purity of Hangeng.The truth will prevail eventually but in the meantime we as his supporters need to refute these falsehood so as to make our dissatisfaction known.We have to make our presence felt that we do not tolerate these underhand method and uneven level playing field.
    So so sad and all because one is greedy and sold their soul to evil.
    I believe that there are also many who believe in HG and will use their discernment when reading these articles.

    • onepinetree says:

      Always thank you for your comment Yes hangeng has been quiet since the lawsuit I personally think he is very wise when dealing with the sme. Hehe …. We Korean geng fans are like Han geng please keep silent no matter what… That’s the only way to win over this dirty media attacks….

      Sometimes you just have to ignore everything when things are becoming ridiculous. I think Han geng knows well how to play against the sme! He must learn something from those TVQK members case against the SME. Gosh that was a real mess!

      Sent from my iPhone

  3. Sarah says:

    Pinesis,may I ask a question. I just wondering..is there any possibilities that the reporter controlled by SME?
    I still confuse…

  4. Mandy says:

    I read the Chinese verson of the article on chn.chosun.com (as I am a non-Korean reader) before I read Si Woo’s translated blog. As I read the article, I thought it contained some false information, especially the part about HG being interviewed (but he didn’t!), since I have been following on HG’s news quite closely. There is also an article dated 29 Jan 2010 on chosun.com about some large entertainment management companies are contacting HG. I guess the best strategy is to keep silent which is what HG has been doing. So there is only one-sided “show” going on by SME which probably can’t last forever and can’t stir up more trouble if another side keeps quiet. It could turn chaotic when SME, HG, Geng fans and the general public lit up a fire each by commenting about the lawsuit. I guess we will have to be patient and simply wait and most importantly support HG during the interim period when the lawsuit is in progress.

  5. 100wonder says:

    Happy birthday, Han Geng! I just witnessed the celebration at Geng Bar. Geng Fans are hilarious.

  6. Icydog says:

    Happy Birthday my little brother~~
    Just came back form the “festival ” in Geng Bar~
    Ha~~~ It’s so crazy….

    Those ridiculous news will not stop till the day Geng come back…
    I hate that woman….

  7. bristlegrass says:

    Because of time difference…It’s not Han Geng’s birthday yet here T.T

    But I am so excited to join the celebration at gengbar.

    Happy Birthday, my baby brother Han Geng! ^^

  8. 3qts says:

    The most disturbed thing about this, for me, is the fact that SME manages to influence the “most popular and conservative” newspaper to trash Han Geng’s image.

    But because we’re talking about SME……and because of what I’ve read in recent posts…nothing about SME surprises me any more.

    So far, reading about how low SME is going in order to cause damage to Han Geng’s image only goes to show how valuable Han Geng has been to the company. SME is still as dirty and ruthless as in the case of TVQK.

    And one more thing, though it has nothing to do with the main issue here, but reading this part “나도 너처럼 is a Korean blogger who started Han Geng fan blog after the lawsuit.” just makes me very very happy.

    Thank you onepinetree and 나도 너처럼 (0621falling)

  9. sarah says:

    Now…is the day for Han Geng…I’m in Indonesia and today is Feb 9th…
    Happy Birthday for Han Geng Gege…All the best wishes for you…
    Keep your healthy and always be strong…All Gengfans will be here for you…
    Miss him so much T_____________________T *droptears*
    For all gengfans, thank you so much for everything…I feel lonely before because I’m the only Gengfan in my hometown…but now I don’t have a feeling like before… Thank you so much…Keep strong for our Han Geng…^_^

  10. trueblue says:

    One more thing,I cannot resist greeting Hangeng here on his birthday,though he may not be able to read this.

    May God bless you Hangeng on your day for this is the day that the Lord has made!
    May you have a wonderful time with your loved ones.
    May each day be better than the next and may success continuously come your way.
    May God bless the plans that He has for you.
    May He protect you in all your endeavours.
    May God’s hands be upon you now & forever!!
    I send you my blessings,Hangeng,in Jesus’ name!

    Dear Pinetree,I hope that it is okay with you that I took the liberty of posting this birthday greeting for Hangeng here.
    Posting this greeting here show others who are reading (here) that we love Hangeng and wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to greet him on his b’day.
    The more blessings he receives will give him more strength to face this present ordeal.Thank you again Pinetree.May god bless you too and give you wisdom and strength.

    • onepinetree says:

      I will translate all of your greetings and post at my naver blog, if you don’t mind it.

      Although Han Geng cannot read yours at least Korean Geng fans will appreciate other international fans’ love toward Han Geng.

      I love all of you from the bottom of my heart. This is something that different people from different regions can share same love and same heart for Han Geng.

      As my husband put into words.. “you ladies are just crazy.. = =; ” he he…

      • trueblue says:

        Thank you Pinetree
        Salamat Po (Tagalog/Filipino)
        Terimah Kasih (Malay/Indonesian)
        Xie Xie (Chinese)

      • onepinetree says:

        õ.. (no problem in Korean… Chun-Mahn-Ye-Yo) ^^ Korean is a very hard language for foreigners to learn.. I really admire Han Geng for picking up Korean when the SME did not formally instruct Korean language to him.. ^^..

      • sa_chan85 says:

        yes, strongly agree 😡
        Happy birthday to our love!

  11. Lys says:

    what a carefully and detailed work,
    well done!
    and also speechless about the article…

    Happy birthday to Hangeng,and may you happy everyday!

    Thank you Pinetree,Bristlegrass and Truly3qts, it can’t be a easy work to handle your own work and this blog at the same time, regards!

    by the way:
    “you ladies are just crazy.. = =; ”
    I’m can’t help myself laughing!
    and my husband asked: what are you laughing at?
    that made me laugh harder,hahahaha
    ok, i’d better keep him puzzled instead of jealousy,hahaha.

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