Change……Understanding and Support

As a Thai fan, I have witnessed quite significant change since onepinetree has started posting translations from Si Woo’s blog.

When the news about the lawsuit first broke out, like fans in other countries, Thai fans were shocked and in disbelief.  They just couldn’t understand the reason for Han Geng’s action………the one member of Super Junior who always seemed so happy with smile on his face every time they saw him.

Coupled with many rumors, especially the one about him wanting to start his solo career and wanting nothing to do with Super Junior, SJ fans started to question him while Thai GengFans were confused.  Their love for him was being challenged.

As onepinetree’s translations started to spread in various Thai websites, fans finally realized what had been going on for years……what he had to endure..…and still always with that smile on his face.

I see a shift in attitude of fans……from not wanting him to leave Super Junior, from not understanding him and from developing bitter feelings toward him………..they now support him in whatever decision he makes and wish him brighter future.  They have come to accept that he is fighting for the opportunity to pursue further growth in his career without suppression.

Also, the endurance of Chinese GengFans has been duly noted and much appreciated.

Below is a birthday tribute for Han Geng by a young Thai fans.  It just shows the support I have mentioned above. (See below for translation)

Her wishes….starting at 0:07

#1 : May your smile be as bright….forever

#2 : May you laugh happily like before

#3 : Wishing you great health….please eat a lot and eat on-time

#4 : Hope you will come back soon

0:59 Miss you so much…..Chinese man

Lastly…. wishing you everlasting happiness… cheerful again…..older brother

We will stay by your side

Finally…..we love you….Han Geng oppa

1:45 on his picture….it says… matter how many times I have to choose…..I choose to LOVE you

2:04 We promise to protect your dream Han Geng oppa

Han Geng oppa….your smile brightens up the world

2:30  Thank you for all the wings supporting older brother

We promise to stay beside him forever

We love you

Han Geng oppa

I am glad and grateful for the “exposure”.

The change is not across the board obviously.  There are some fans who want things to be the same…… before the lawsuit.  And they have the rights to do so……to wish for whatever makes them happy.

When onepinetree first started to share her translations, it was because Han Geng was being misunderstood and he was not in the position to explain himself.  Now it seems like the translations have made positive impact whereby readers gain better understanding of him and support him.

With the point made, there will be no further translation of Si Woo’s blog.

Let us now move forward and concentrate on Han Geng himself as well as the love of his fans…….a much more interesting, inspiring and uplifting topic…….don’t you agree?

It is already almost half way through February.  I cannot wait for March to come.  Hopefully, there will some good news about the case.  I long to see Han Geng back in action once again.

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15 Responses to Change……Understanding and Support

  1. onepinetree says:

    Ah… my eyes are teary…. Thanks God for getting to know this special boy, Han Geng, and his fans in my life.

  2. rascalkitten says:

    Thank you Truly3ts sis^^! I’m happy that after those articles spread ,more fans understand Hangeng and his decision. Though there’s still some fans who don’t wanna accept the truth but it’s OK! ! !

    I didn’t watch this video clip. Thank you for sharing , it’s so touching.

    • truly3qts says:

      Thank you for your support kah…….and thank you so much for translating the Thai versions and sharing them in various places……your contribution is appreciated

      I know we can’t change everyone’s opinion…..but some is better than none at all

  3. whitecat says:

    kob kun ka p’Truly3qts
    i think there are more understanding between thai fans of super junior or only hangeng’s fans about hangeng’s status now.
    thank you to all of you that shared many translation from many sources.
    but i still want to know more from siwoo’s blog.
    it’s so special site that i can get much data of geng.
    however it up to you guys.

    • truly3qts says:

      Sawaddee kah…..I see we have another Thai fan here :}

      I understand you wanting to know more since we have so limited information about Han Geng in Thailand…most likely, the same with other countries as well.

      As bristlegrass has stated below, this blog is for Han Geng… we try to do things that are beneficial to him. His best interest is our main concern.

      Just as we do not like SME trashing Han Geng, we do not want to turn this blog into a channel that trashes SME either.

      Therefore….let’s see how things develop from here

      onepinetree and bristlegrass are dedicated at sharing RELIABLE news about Han Geng at this blog. Both understand that we are HUNGRY for his news. So you can continue to check out the news here…..ha ha…..this is starting to sound like an advertisement.

  4. bristlegrass says:

    Thanks a lot, Truly3qts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So glad to know Han Geng have been understood by more and more fans, and it is always so touching and happy to see fans’ love for Han Geng ^^

    Yes, I totally agree with you, Truly3qts ^^

    Ultimately, our blog is to spread love for Han Geng…we have no intention to attack anyone…However, what SME did recently is attempting to jeopardize fans’ love for him, which we cannot stand anymore…we are fully aware of how little power we have compare to the company, but here, we still want to try our best to support the one we love so much by speaking up the truth…recalling those unpleasant things are really depressing, since at this point, recent exposure have helped many fans who truly love Han Geng understand him better, we would like to move on, keep spreading love for and news about our Han Geng ^^

  5. amanda says:

    thank you!!!!!!!!! thank you!!!!!!
    onepinetree,truly3qts,bristlegrass keep up with the good work
    i belived ur girls must be really touch by that
    all i can said is thank you n thank you

  6. I’m glad there’s more understanding for Geng and his actions
    and I’m thankful you three put your love and effort in this blog…
    So it could be spread to non-korean/chinese speakers…

    I’m always glad to know more, but I’m also understand your decision.
    Thank u!

    *Keep on spreading the love* 😀

  7. amanda says:

    Hi girls

    Happy New Year!!!!

    just finished my new year eve dinner with the family how about ur girls how do u celebrate ur new year ah !!!

    all the best to Hangeng and your girls too
    love u girls keep up with the good works
    take care

  8. bristlegrass says:



    Although I couldn’t feel lots of celebrative atmosphere here T.T

  9. Sharon says:

    Happy Lunar New Year!!! Girls!

    Wish you all and Hangeng Good Health and Good Luck in the year of Tiger!

    It’s “Geng Yin” year, so Geng will win!

    All the comrades here! Fighting!

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