Han Geng, the One and Only – Part I

A Chinese magazine “Modern Music” has a Semir commercial ads image of Han Geng on its Feb 2010 issue’s cover page. Along with this cover page, there is cover story about Han Geng. I feel deeply grateful to the one who translated this article into English, it is a really nice but long article. Also, I would like to say thank you to our friend Trueblue who is the one introducing this translated article to us ^^

Firstly, I would like to post the images of original article, which are scanned by 糖扫描 from http://www.neargeng.cn/bbs

I need to post this information in order to repost these pics





Cover Page

Cover Story (Page 1)

Because this is a really long article with TWO PARTS, I would like to post PART I first, and PART II will come in couple of days. Please recognize the contributors and enjoy the translation ^^

Original Source: neargeng.cn
Reuploaded by:
y σ υ @ sj-world.net
Requested by: yeyebaby @ sj-world.net
Translated by: eternalsnow @ sj-world.net

Article Title: Han Geng, the One and Only

Part I Hankyung: “In these few years, I’ve really tasted all the ups and downs of life.”

In the year 2007
Every celebrity would have their own stories of hardships, but if it was as “sour” as old vinegar, then it would be better if they had not experienced it, because it will emit a strong smell following the air flow. Hankyung wasn’t famous back in 2007, but through two programs – <Date with Lu Yu> and <Happy Camp> – he was remembered by people, as his story was very special, and the strong resilience emanating from the main character of the story makes even those beautifully blooming flowers who grew up in a “greenhouse”[1] pale in comparison. The tag “the Chinese artist whom debuted in Korea” signifies that no matter how many people follow the same path[2], their stories are destined to have less impact than Hankyung’s. This ethnic Nanai boy[3] really maltreated himself – at that time, he gave up a lucrative job with Shanghai’s Jin Dun Troupe[4] and went towards the unknown future, without bringing a single cent with him to Korea, and even promised his mother this: “I won’t ask for money from the family anymore, and I will send money back home instead.” By not giving himself any room to turn back on his decision, he could only march on! During his trainee days, he practiced dancing until he fractured his bone, but didn’t realize it until 3 months later. He even joked that he had saved a large sum of medical fees. Isn’t it a little too exaggerated? But for Hankyung to work so hard, wasn’t it all for the sake of fighting for those pitifully few places to debut as an artist, so that all the sacrifices he made in the past few years won’t go to waste? So what if he debuted? Wearing masks, and painting his face with black paint that causes the skin to be unable to breathe (At that time, the Korean legislature placed a restriction on foreign celebrities with regards to stage performances, but for the sake of not disrupting the choreography of the entire group, Hankyung left behind many performances of the kind.[5]), then continued to dance; but when the others are enjoying the cheers and flowers from the crowd, at the same time, the handsome face that was blocked from the light would probably be feeling helpless…… In 2007, Hankyung said: “For the past few years, I’ve really tasted all the ups and downs of life.” When he returned to the country for promotions as the leader of SJ-M, he was asked how he felt, to which he replied: “The air at home is really different.” The pride and joy was obvious in his speech and gaze. Later on, when he was asked again about the entire experience, Hankyung described: “To me, this is an excellent experience, and it also serves to remind me to increasingly appreciate my achievements now. If I hadn’t worked so hard in the past, I would probably be intoxicated by my status as a celebrity, and get stalled in my steps, or maybe even giving up when I meet even the smallest difficulties.

In 2008

Hankyung was destined to be different from the rest when he was put in charge of an international group which mostly consists of Koreans. To him, 2008 would probably be a year full of pain and joy. The pain was most probably physical, as he had to lead a group which wasn’t familiar with the surroundings to break into China’s market. Not only that, he was also feeling the rocks as he crossed the riverbed[6], but he also had to juggle several roles at the same time – a translator, a nanny, a manager, a celebrity, and a teacher – and not forgetting the pressure caused by various parties…… The joy would most probably be psychological, because he has been looking forward to “develop in his country” for five years. From the start, Hankyung has been a person who knows how to appreciate the chances given to him, but what’s more important is that he knows how to grab those opportunities, because for someone who has gone through so many hardships, he knows that chances are hard to come by. He is a very resilient plant, and if you give him a little sunlight, then he will bloom beautifully. In the MV <Beijing Welcomes You>, there are many famous people in it, and on average, everyone will only get several seconds of screen time. But the person who wore a red traditional costume and sang the line “si qing hua yi dai xiao yi”[7] still managed to “kill” a lot of people within a split second. During the event held to countdown the remaining 100 days to the Beijing Olympics, there were still a lot of hotshots, but after the live telecast, there were a lot of people asking who was the handsome guy in a white shirt that was standing on the right of the stage. The thing is, on that day, almost everyone was in white, but only Hankyung stood out among the rest. Hankyung has said this before: “I was born into this world for the stage.” Although he had once considered being a teacher, the 3-feet podium[8] really doesn’t suit him, because he really exudes the aura of a king. When he performs traditional dances, his stances are very beautiful; when he performs robot dances, he has really strong energy; but the reason behind his improvements lies within his humbleness: “In terms of dancing, within the group, even though I’m good at dancing, it’s not the best, but I have the confidence that I can do better. Singing used to be one of my weaknesses, so I really worked hard in vocal training; even if there are some results, I’d be glad.” Actually when Hankyung was young, he doesn’t really sing, and when he does, his pitching would be off. When at a karaoke, he would be the person who sits by the side and listen to the others. After being signed to SME, only did he really start to get in touch with music. Later on, while preparing for his solo performance for Super Junior’s Asian Tour, he even specially hired a teacher to give him vocal lessons, and the mellow song <Betrayal> came as a shock to many…… The more you get to know Hankyung, the more you will be fascinated by him, because in the current society, he who is already rather famous would still continuously improve himself, and relentlessly chase after the light and warmth that he desires.

In 2009

Within the four years after debuting, Super Junior (13 members) has released three albums, and SJ-M (7 members) released a full album and a mini-album. If you consider the 1-2 solo lines in every song (there are even some songs where you don’t get lines at all), and you total up all the album’s lyrics, Hankyung’s parts (in those songs) isn’t very much more than <Betrayal>’s duration of 3 minutes and 20 seconds! Maybe after watching most of SJ and SJ-M’s performances, some people may suspect that Hankyung only knows how to dance, but he has never explained the reasons behind it. Instead of doing pointless things like this, he continued to improve himself, and his covers on <Wo Yuan Yi/I do> and <Yu Ren Ma Tou/Fisherman’s Harbour > (Note by Bristlegrass: there was a mistake in the original article in Chinese, the song’s name is “愚人码头”(Foolish man’s Harbour), not “渔人码头”(Fisherman’s Harbour) on shows has had the ability to reduce people to tears. Even though his singing techniques isn’t the best, but the feelings and emotions that he conveys from his heart is truly the richest. Hankyung is always creating surprises when it is least expected. Therefore if you give him a chance, he will repay you with a miracle. Even though Hankyung’s contract dissolution case from the end of 2009 is still causing heated discussions among people, but please don’t overthink the complicity of a celebrity’s contract. Stories of celebrities asking for contract dissolution are really common! It’s similar to how workers demand for the dissolution of their labor contract. It’s just like how your performance at work is superb, but your boss just doesn’t give you a pay raise or a promotion; it’s just like how your boss promises to allow you to further your studies abroad, but his assurance disappears into the thin air, only to never be fulfilled…… Everyone has the right to choose and be chosen. If you work overtime every day, just to feel dead tired, plagued by various diseases, and are unhappy with your job, you might as well just quit. Perhaps all the glamour and fame surrounding him is nothing but a beautiful lock, but no matter how exquisite a lock looks like, it’s still used to chain people down. Rumour has it that Hankyung can regain his freedom the earliest by March, and even if he has to start anew or drops to the bottom – so what? He was once asked what he would do if he fell from the top, to which he said: “I’ve already known that it will happen anyway, so I’ve prepared myself for when the time comes. I can work hard again, because I’ve worked hard once.” His bravery is akin to preparing to climb another mountain whose peak cannot be seen, right after he has just completed climbing a mountain which has a height of 4000m above sea level – priceless.

In 2010

After SJ-M released their mini-album, Hankyung’s more important responsibilities consists of business, business, business, and earning money, money, money. Even though he’s a singer, but those who know him better would know that he wants to become an outstanding actor even more. The drama versions of the MVs in which he has acted in are all inclined towards the artistic, mellow side, and even though the characters that he portray will sacrifice gloriously in the end, they are all very successful, especially through his gazes. In <Super Girl>, the disparity of the change between the dorky and cool guy was large, but it was handled by him with ease [9], and it really makes people think that his profession is not a dancer but an actor! In <Stage of Youth> [10], the way he played his character with refreshing and natural acting skills won praises from many people. Although in variety shows, he would always be the one who gets pranked by the others, but in <Entertainment @ Azio> he shouldered the responsibility of the prankster, in which he suddenly got mad [11] and left the recording studio. Patty Hou was left shocked, but had to continue hosting the show with feelings of guilt, and when the truth behind Hankyung’s outburst was revealed, she exclaimed “You really good at acting!” and she even hit him out of “anger”. (Hankyung apologized to her later) Yes, Hankyung has wanted to be an actor all along, and when every time he was asked whether he has any plans with regards to movies/dramas, he would answer with a smile and with eyes that sparkle with longing and joy: “I would like to try every type of character, but in terms of movies, I’m just starting out.” The Hankyung now is shy, doesn’t care about the pay or character type, and would be okay even if it’s only a small role, because he’s really a newbie in the acting circle. Hankyung is already clear of his standings in this point. Someone once said, China’s acting sector seriously lacks talents under 30 years of age, and for the past few years, the male actors have always been overshadowed by those from Hong Kong and Taiwan, and those male actors who are popular in Mainland China can hardly be also that popular in Hong Kong or Taiwan. Hankyung, who has just turned 26, has very suitable prerequisites, as he is well-known in the Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan regions, as well as in Japan, Korea, Thailand, South East Asia, and even in Vietnam…… Young male idols like Hankyung can’t really be counted, because the fact is, there’s only him. Maybe Little Han[12] really can step up to the place.

Notes by Translator:
[1] Probably trying to mean those artists who are doing really well after being groomed in a good environment. Am not sure. (Bristlegrass: Yes ^^)
[2] Meaning those Chinese celebrities whom follow Hankyung’s footsteps in debuting in Korea.
[3] Nanai native – click here! for explanation
[4] Jin Dun Troupe – I think it’s a performing arts troupe in Shanghai.

[5] i.e. he performed while wearing masks/painting his face black
[6] 摸着石头过河 – a Chinese idiom, which means to figure out things as one goes; to take one step at the time.          [7] Hankyung’s line in the song
[8] 3-feet podium – literal translation, which actually means the stage where you stand on to give lectures.
[9] 游刃有余 – A Chinese idiom which means to do a job with skill and ease; to handle a difficult task with great ease.
[10] 青春舞台 – Stage of Youth, the show that Hankyung starred in
[11] Click here for the article~
[12] 小韩 – nickname for Hankyung

To Be Continued…^^


About bristlegrass

I think this is the right place for me to write my introduction~~~ Hopefully, I am right this time! As Pinetree introduced, I am a devoted fan of Han Geng (Gengfan). I am from China, except for my nationality, my love for Han Geng and purpose for joining here would the same as Pinetree's! So, I will refer this part to Pinetree's self-introduction...Yeah, I know, I am lazy~~~and I am still learning the blogging skills~~~I hope I would be able to change this part sometime later T.T ^^ Say Hello to Everyone Who Can See Me Here~~~
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14 Responses to Han Geng, the One and Only – Part I

  1. yilheh says:


    love this article… i already know most of this but it still makes me cry as i read it
    i truly want Han Geng gege to really be happy and that all his efforts turn out well for his dream
    thank you for this, always appreciate anything about him…

    Han Geng gege and Super Junior fighting!!

  2. trueblue says:

    @ bristlegrass,
    Thank you for calling me your friend.
    Thank you too for correcting some words especially the song title for “A Foolish Man’s Dock/Wharf/Harbour”
    I have been reading this again & again and it blesses my heart so much that I wonder how his own mother would take in all these blessings.To have a child like Hangeng is really one of a kind.How many mothers out there would hope and wish for a child like him who tries to share the burdens of their parents.To lighten their hardships with such a bright outlook in life!
    Hangeng is a giver not a taker,remember that(to those who think that he is selfish and betraying others).
    Did you notice the part where the writer mentioned that Hangeng hired a teacher to teach him vocals(out of his own pocket!)He didn’t wait for anybody to hand out to him on silver platters.He went for it himself.
    I also like the way he answered controversial questions like when he is in China what were his feelings and he answered “the air is different”It up to the reader to decipher the meaning.
    I am glad too that the writer wrote about Hangeng’s present situation and in that way dispelled any critics who thought that HG has ulterior motives in terminating his contract.It was a “no big deal” because he continued in saying “so what” if HG fell to the bottom,it isn’t like HG has never been at the bottom.HG has gone through many pitfalls and he has always climbed back victorious!He is willing to start all over again(note:his 1st solo song on one of the variety shows)the writer equates HG experiences as to climbing another higher mountain to conquer.
    If I were to chronically list down the songs that HG sang from the time SJ-M debuted,I would say that there were hints dropped here & there.
    1st solo on variety show…I AM WILLING
    2nd solo in concert……..A FOOLISH MAN’S HARBOUR
    3rd solo also in concert…BETRAYAL
    Think on the lyrics and probably there we can find the links to his present state with SME..huh?(hehehe blamed it on my analytical brain and an investigative nature!)
    Sorry for the long post,but I can’t stopped without pointing out some parts where they need to be highlighted..hahahaha !!!
    Thanks again Pinetree,Bristlegrass & Truly3qts for running this blog.
    Question @bristlegrass….why “bristlegrass”?any significant in choosing this nickname? hhahahha!!(blame it again on my brain)

    • bristlegrass says:

      It’s always something to read your comments ^^

      So, you know what the lyrics say in these three songs? Sorry, I am not sure if you can understand Chinese or not T.T Have you ever seen the English translation of those lyrics before? If you did, would you mind let me know? Actually, I am kinda working on the English translation of these lyrics, Sarah reminded me about this, I promised her to get it done asap…but sorry, Sarah…T.T~~~I will try my best!

      as for my id…I like bristlegrass very much, I think it looks cute ^^, also I have a character meaning some kind of grass in my name, which was given by my father. I think he was thinking about 白居易’s poem…anyway, he wants me having strong life force…he is right, I find my role model now ^^

      BTW…thank you for highlighting those important points! and…I also wanna highlight something from my point of view…I think Han Geng looks so so so lovely in those pics…I love his tiger claws so so so much, really want one…hehehehe~~~~yeah…not only his inside, I also love his appearance so much ^^

  3. eternalsnow says:

    Woops, thanks for pointing out the mistake in the original article about the song “愚人码头” >_< I didn't quite follow the older solos =X

    And by the way, it's my pleasure to translate the article after what the others have done with the Korean articles ^^ Good things are meant to be shared~~

    • bristlegrass says:


      Thank you so much for translating such a long article!!!!!!!!!!!

      I am so impressed by your English skill!!!!

      Yes, good things are meant to be shared…I like this article so much, it just tells how amazing this boy is ^^

  4. sarah says:

    “In these few years, I’ve really tasted all the ups and downs of life.”
    This words make me cry (again). I want to be a strong person like Hangeng Gege…
    I’m sure I can do it…
    Jia You!!!
    Thank you so much for translating and share with us…^^

  5. amanda says:

    thanks girl u done it again

    thank you so much

    love u so so so much

  6. onepinetree says:

    I am so happy that this was translated for those non-chinese speakers. Special thanks to eternalsnow for translating this long article! Special thanks to trueblue for bring this translated version to our attention! Special thanks to bristlegrass for posting this with the scanned picture!

    Most of all our hangeng! see? you are such a touching figure to all of us
    although we miss you so much we can wait for you so please ignore all those dirty tricks by sme just take care of yourself!

  7. jterap says:

    I cried a little reading it but what a wonderful article. Instead of focusing on the sad things lately, it made me feel so proud of him. He’s such an inspirational man. Thanks again for posting this.

  8. whitecat says:

    thanks to bristlegrass and Trueblue.
    because of my poor english, i can’t type much.
    there are so much difficulties he passed for many years and now
    in 2010 this year should be a year of sucess especially second half of 2010,
    hehe i believe that and let’s see it together!
    lastly everyone happy chinese new year to you ^^

  9. 3qts says:

    “Therefore if you give him a chance, he will repay you with a miracle.”

    And because of this….we are driven to keep supporting you. We love all the miracles you’ve made so far. And we know you have more to share in the future.

    Thank you LADIES:
    eternalsnow for translation….appreciate your effort
    trueblue for letting us know about this translation
    bristlegrass for further clarification
    糖扫描 for the scan….the second pose is just ADORABLE!

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