Han Geng: the One and Only Part II





Original Source: neargeng.cn
Reuploaded by: 
y σ υ @ sj-world.net
Requested by: yeyebaby @ sj-world.net
Translated by: eternalsnow @ sj-world.net

Part 2

Hankyung in the eyes of the fans……

Kind and honest:

Kind is the word that best describes Hankyung. Yes, he always leaves messages on his CYworld which says: “Everyone, please don’t waste your money on purchasing gifts for me, it’s not worth it, because you can collect the money and donate it to people who need it more.” Huang Yi[1] said: “In the entertainment circle, you can’t really find many boys that are as pure as Hankyung anymore.” You can also always hear Hankyung say: “I’ll devote the best stage to all of you.” There’s nothing that’s really new; it’s always the same few sentences, to the extent that you can even recite it backwards[2]. This is actually why Hankyung is very practical. He holds high gratitude for his fans: “When I step out of the airport, I can see them everywhere, and sometimes they even forgo their sleep and wait overnight at the airport…… The amount love that they give is not something that can be repaid with one song or a dance. Not only that, Hankyung isn’t a person who would sprout those flowery words; he’s just someone who has a strong sense of responsibility and has profound respect for the stage, and would do his very best until the very last moment. Therefore, incidences like Hankyung declining to go on an ambulance after recovering from a fainting episode at the backstage of the Beijing Olympics event, are not rare……

Cute and Loli[3]:

The fact that he doesn’t really publicize himself is what makes Hankyung such a low profile person, but this doesn’t mean that he’s not smart or not mischievous. There was a fan that messaged Hankyung on Fly: “Geng Bao~~ Roar once. Roar… Roar roar roar…” to which he replied: “Bah~~~~~~” [4] Apart from the special characteristics that this Dongbei (Northeastern) boy has, he also possesses an active and lovely side. There was a Hong Kong fan who was waving a towel which said “The 1.3 billion miracle” (this is Hankyung’s Korean fan’s support merchandise) at him, and he asked: “Why don’t you get the one in Chinese?” The fan teased: “I don’t have it! Why don’t you get one for me?” The distressed Mr. Han could only smile in reply. Regardless of the occasion, he will try his best to look out for and remember his support merchandise. For example, when Geng’s fans come on a show, he will automatically hold the fan board for her. And when the girl said: “It’s not very convenient to be holding it, so why don’t you just leave it on the floor?”, Hankyung cutely rejected her offer. Hence when the fan was playing in front, Hankyung would raise his own lighted fan board, and let it shine = =lll

Warm and caring
Hankyung never fails to give others a warm feeling, and instead of saying that it’s because he has a face which no one bears to offend, you might as well say that he has a warm heart. There was a time when they had activities in Shanghai, where the weather was very cold and their schedules were very packed, not to mention their manager was being very strict with them, so the fans and the idols didn’t have many chances to interact with each other. Hankyung, who was sitting in the car, used the UFO reply machine which had a scrolling marquee, and wrote “It’s cold outside, please go home.” He then placed the LED screen at the window to show it to the fans that were following their car. Six simple words could warm someone to the depths of their hearts. There was a mother fan from Taiwan who went to Japan to see Hankyung, (Hankyung was filming for a show in Japan at that time) but because Hankyung’s flight was rescheduled to a much earlier time, she apologetically told him that she may not be able to see him off. Instead, Hankyung comforted her and said: “It’s okay. When you return to Taiwan tomorrow, please take care of your own safety.”

Trustworthy and dependable

At a certain recording studio of a variety show, Hankyung interacted with a fan during the waiting time and asked whether it was fun. The fan replied yes, but Hankyung said: “Actually if you play the same game every day, there’s no more fun in it……” The life of a celebrity is like that – during the promotional period, you have to perform the same dance, and answer the same questions all the time, and of course you have to play the same games over and over again. There’s nothing much to complain, because in Hankyung’s heart, fans are not just fans, but they are also friends whom you can depend on to a certain extent. This kind of relationship could make others jealous. There was once when they arrived at the airport where the crowd was too huge that it was hard to control, and even the human barricade could probably be broken through. There was a fan whom shouted “Hankyung, hurry up and run”, which he did. The immense understanding shocked the crowd, and the laughed. Every time Hankyung updates his CY, the final phrase would definitely be “I love all of you”, and this has become his permanent format. Of course, he would also write “Hankyung ~~ Hankyung ~~ Hankyung, Geng’s fans ~~ Geng’s fans ~~ Geng’s fans”[5] to express his love. Don’t you think that it’s a little childish? But Hankyung was probably in a good mood at the time, that’s why he used the intonation of a primary school student! Never knew that the atmosphere between celebrities and their fans could be so warm and full of understanding.

Hankyung in the eyes of those who have worked with him before……

One of the CF directors
Hankyung – a boy who is very professional and respects his profession! But I pity this adorable boy! He had to film for the CF overnight until 4 in the morning, and had to rush for an 8am flight to Hunan, where he had to record for two more variety shows! He told me that from the 8th (of December?), his daily schedules are completely packed, and only had 2-3 hours of sleep every day. Seeing that it’s so hard on him, I told him to take a short nap while we’re setting up the lightings. But he said that since we’re doing a commercial for an eyedrop, if he slept, his eyes would be red, and that would affect the filming. Hence he stayed up all night…… (Taken from the director’s blog)

A Korean cameraman
Whenever I see Hankyung, he would be observing the children [6] with warmth in his eyes, and plays with them as well. Although the other members have also expressed their care, but only Hankyung left a deep impression in me, because he always plays with the children. Even during the breaks, he never even sat down, and happily accompanied the kids throughout. (Taken from the cameraman’s jottings after Hankyung’s activity [7])

Yu Chun (<Stage of Youth>’s Director)
This drama should be Hankyung’s first, but it really doesn’t seem like it’s the first time that he’s starring in a drama. He’s especially smart, and could quickly accept new things. Compared to students whom major in Acting, he’s a lot better. I remember that in the drama, there were two scenes that were harder than the rest, which required him to collaborate perfectly with the cameramen. Initially we were quite worried, but he completed (those scenes) completely out of our expectations. I told the cameraman Wang Jian and lighting handler Old Zhao privately that this kid is good. Towards the filming of the later half of the show, he has shown tremendous improvement compared to the start, was able to relax, and also possessed a lot of passion and strength. To be able to do this well on the first time isn’t easy, which proves he has the talent (Little Han, please don’t be prideful). Apart from having talent, Hankyung is also especially able to withstand hardships. Towards the end, the weather was already very chilly. There was once that Hankyung was down with fever and another where he had an upset stomach, I really couldn’t bear to let him continue filming, but he’d still automatically finish filming first before he went home to rest. In this drama, there are a lot of scenes where Hankyung is dancing, and because we had to use different angles and backgrounds, there were times where he had to repeatedly dance (the same choreography), and the type of dance he executes requires an exorbitant amount of energy, so there were times where he was so exhausted that he couldn’t even stand up. Just through this point, everyone please forgive the weaknesses of this movie. (Adapted from a book with the same title, <Stage of Youth>)

Fan Zhi Qi (Actor from <Stage of Youth>)
My dear son Hankyung.[8] Today is the first day of the Lunar New Year, so first, dad wishes you a Happy Chinese New Year! <Stage of Youth>, which we first collaborated in, is officially being aired on CCTV2. Whenever I remember the times when we were shooting the drama, I have indescribable feelings of being proud and glad for you. Even though it was the first time that I’d worked with you, but from the bottom of my heart, I can be sure of my son’s performance. As a young actor, you respect the profession a lot, and are very punctual; besides that, during the filming session, you are very immersed in your acting. Although you’re still considered quite green in the acting department, and you lack certain skills in terms of acting, but the good thing is you have that extra sincerity and honesty, and this proves to be very important. Not only that, you are someone who loves to learn, and I would often remember the times where I would share some tips in acting with you. Through your eyes, I can see the purity and persistence, and it was as though I was looking at my younger self. (Adapted from Fan Zhi Qi’s blog)

Xie Na (Female host from ‘Happy Camp Show”) 
Many of Hankyung’s experiences are very tortuous, and he is a child who became successful through his own hard work. Behind his success, there are many bitter stories which are unknown to the others, and we can all empathize with that…… As they say, “there is no concord if there is no discord”[9], it’s probably like that. Perhaps previously, we didn’t know each other, and only tried to understand the other person through the circulating news and rumours. But when we really interact with each other, even if it’s only a week’s program, and a few simple words, they all made us feel really natural around each other, as if we’ve known each other for a long time. (Taken from <Na Xie Nian Hua>)

Ma Song (<Yin Yue Ji Jie Hao> [10] host)
Today, while sending Hankyung and the others (SJ-M members) to the airport, I talked to him a lot on the way, and I saw a special Hankyung today. Within an hour’s time, we talked a lot; I shared a lot of my stories with him, and he told me many stories of himself as well. I don’t know what made me tell him so many things, perhaps this is fate! Hankyung is really an interesting boy, because there were many different types of gaming consoles in his bag, and they were his closest companions outside work times! The fact that he could reach this stage today isn’t easy, as he had undergone many, many difficulties, but I believe that you can see the rainbow after the rain! I asked him this “Hankyung, do you think it was worth it for you to sacrifice so much?” and he told me surely “Yes!” I think it’s because of his dreams, and with dreams, you will never lose! (Taken from Ma Song’s blog)

Da Zuo (Guang Xian Media host)
Here comes Hankyung. I was rather surprised by his personality…… Even if a girl takes her half-eaten chewing gum and stuffed it in his mouth after seeing him, he would still be smiling. I have some doubts as to what will make this boy angry? Before I even managed to understand the entire situation fully, he happily mentioned to me about his mom’s dumpling restaurant, as if nothing had just happened. Maybe he thought it (the incident with the girl) had good intentions. Then it got me thinking: If someone is always optimistic, what will be bad (in their eyes)? Teacher Ho also came, and started talking about the incident where Hankyung donated his money. A Dongbei (Northeastern) boy who stays in Korea, but is still concerned about the snow disaster in the south. I was really touched. During the time of the incident, I was in Beijing, so I know how it feels to be keeping yourself updated with the happenings at home. But because Teacher Ho accidently blurted out the story about Hankyung donating his money during a national broadcast, Hankyung actually apologized to his company on the spot for the incident, as it wasn’t made known to the company beforehand. The desire to be a good person is hard (to accomplish), but it’s even harder when a celebrity wishes to be a good person. But at the end of the day, Hankyung still succeeded in doing so. That boy, who was supposed to be working with an entertainment troupe in Shanghai, has now become an Asian superstar. However, we could see all the difficulties he’s gone through behind all the success. Perhaps when it comes to something that you really love, people would have no regrets even if you have to face a lot of obstacles along the way. He did it. (Adapted from Da Zuo’s blog)

[1] 黄奕 – A Chinese celebrity; you can Google for her photos ^^
[2] Meaning people are already very familiar with his pet phrases.
[3] I’m sorry, but I don’t quite get the use of Loli here, because from my (very minuscule) Japanese knowledge, it’s not exactly a word to describe a guy like Hankyung… -_- (Bristlegrass: A word used a lot by Internet users to describe someone young and immature…it usually refers to girls, but Chinese Gengfans use it to tease Han Geng when he looks or acts childishly ^^)
[4] If the fan’s message was literally translated, it would mean “shout ‘bah’ once”, hence Hankyung’s reply
[5] "韩庚 ~~韩庚~~韩庚,庚饭~~庚饭~~庚饭"
[6] I assume they were working with kids? (Yes, they were playing games with children. ^^)
[7] Can someone enlighten me on what 六•一活动 is? (Bristlegrass: Children’s Day is celebrated on June 1 each year.)
[8] He’s the actor who played Hankyung’s father in the drama.
[9] i.e. friendship will not grow if there isn’t any previous discord.
[10] Sorry, I have absolutely no inkling about the English name of the show. (Bristlegrass: my translation would be The Assembly of Music ^^)

PS: Personally, I also like the preamble of this article which is written right ahead of the first part. I would like to translate it here ^^

“The celebrity is like sketch drawing. People tend to fill in the colours they like and make it become their own possession. You said you love everything of him, from his appearance to his soul. I don’t usually believe it! Who knows what kind of person he is like in the place without camera and lights; who knows what has been shown to us is not just performance? But, if you observe Han Geng closely, you will find that he has been highly consistent in being a meritorious idol and an ordinary person”.


About bristlegrass

I think this is the right place for me to write my introduction~~~ Hopefully, I am right this time! As Pinetree introduced, I am a devoted fan of Han Geng (Gengfan). I am from China, except for my nationality, my love for Han Geng and purpose for joining here would the same as Pinetree's! So, I will refer this part to Pinetree's self-introduction...Yeah, I know, I am lazy~~~and I am still learning the blogging skills~~~I hope I would be able to change this part sometime later T.T ^^ Say Hello to Everyone Who Can See Me Here~~~
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7 Responses to Han Geng: the One and Only Part II

  1. trueblue says:

    Thanks for translating the last paragraph which you have taken the initiative to have it included here.
    It aptly described Hangeng.
    People will always question the conduct of a celebrity.What kind of behaviour on and off screen.In the spotlight or out of it..That is to be expected.
    The secret to Hangeng’s consistency in his conduct is that he perceives his line of work as a job.Being given star status is not to be taken for granted!The glitters of a star will fade as time goes by but the character and attitude of a person will forever be stuck on that person.He knows what is permanent and what is temporary.He knows how to treasure the adoration and love showered upon him by his fans and admirers.Emotions are fleeting.Stars come and go so do fans & admirers.At the end of the day,what is left will be oneself and family.Though he enjoys the glamour and the hype for now,he still have a long way to go.He knows that! To be remembered after his star has faded,is to face reality now and not live in a glass castle.To work hard and show the public that one has substance and quality not just the cosmetic dressing.The public will remember one’s work and name, not one’s appearance.
    I do hope that he will always keep his two feet on the ground and not be carried away with all those fake and insincere glamour/applauds.
    Thank you.

  2. onepinetree says:

    ah….I really like the last part you added. I will take a note 🙂

    By the way, I personally contacted the Korean camera man…before…

    He told me that ” Han Geng was one of the puriest and most humble young men I have ever met” . After the lawsuit this camera man updated his blog, saying that there must be a legimate reason for Han Geng to sue the SME so the SME should treat Han Geng with sincerity and try to solve the issues quickly.

    Stupid SME… with one day contact with Han geng, this Korean camera man recognized what a genuine gem Han geng was… but you SME never appreciated about Han Geng past several years… look at what you got now.. this lawsuit.. which could’ve been preventible if you know how to respect your own artisits… I really hope you learn something from this case and no more another Han Geng in the future.

  3. amanda says:

    I really miss him so so much !!!!!
    once again thank you girl for your hard work to translating such long paragraph.
    trust u , waiting for u , and i will be here for u
    looking for you to come back !!!
    i know he will win win win win win !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Geng ♥
    Thank u for translating the preamble… it does say it all ♥
    I hope things will go smoother for him in the future, he does know
    what’s important to him 🙂 Admire him, support him, believe him ♥
    Hope things will turn out for the best!

  5. 3qts says:

    I just love the part where those who used to work with him shared their thoughts about him.

    And it already supports what bristlegrass translated at the end. These people had actually seen, talked and worked with him when the camera was off.

    It is evident that Han Geng’s character gains him so many admirers working in various fields of the entertainment business.

    He is such a charmer…….simply irresistable

    Thank you bristlegrass for that extra translation 🙂

  6. icydog says:

    Thank you bristlegrass ~~~
    You are so hardworking…
    translation is a tough work….

    Geng is such a great boy~~
    We all miss him so much~~

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