They did not cry for Han Geng at Bei Jing SSII.

Although I claimed that no more stories about the SME or some anti-fans, this one should be mentioned after reading some negative comments under this video clip at youtube.

Many people misunderstood that those people chanted Han Geng during SJM’s blue tomorrow performance were Han Geng fans.

That’s not true.

Devoted Han Geng fans did not go to the concert; Many of them even had to give up pricey tickets, upto $200.00.

If they were true Han Geng fans, why did they only scream HanGeng’s name during Chinese members’ parts?  Especially, Zhoumi’s part?

Why did they become so quiet during Korean members’ parts????

[The Content was deleted since the videoclip at Han Geng video channel was deleted. Sorry.]

Do you think you are his true fan?

Then you NEVER NEVER scream his name during SJM’s performance or any SJ’s performance.  

I am posting another Si Woo’s post right after Bei Jing Super Show II. 

It was translated by 나도 너처럼 (falling0621), Korean Geng fan.


Original Author: Si Woo

Original Post:

Translator: 나도 너처럼 (falling0621) 

Title:  It was ‘because of Hangeng’ not ‘for Hangeng.’

Both Chinese and Korean websites are occupied with talking about yesterday’s Beijing concert. Korean web sites seem fine but Chinese web sites are literally a mess.

I think Hangeng  bar’s masters have been really busy since yesterday evening until this morning. Because many busybodies visited Hangeng  bar and wrote,

“SJ members cried sorrowfully because of Hangeng.”,

“Yesterday I cried mournfully because I wanted to see Hangeng.”,

“All people in the venue shouted his name altogether. I was so moved.”

Theses sentences covered up a fact that Hangeng must come back quickly if he has a conscience. These kinds of sentences were posted and deleted again and again.

Yes, it is true. They cried because of Hangeng but not for him.

As I already wrote at “Don’t afflict Hangeng and Hangeng’s fans”, crying for his name and making a mess at yesterday’s concert is not good for him.

The more you cried Hangeng ‘s name in that place, the less you like him.

To cry his name and shout to have him come back means that he must come back to the past life which he could not go to the hospital and take a rest in spite of his sick and his human right could not get guaranteed.

Someone may complain why Hangeng’s fans cannot understand them and that why Han Geng’s fans are so critical about them crying Hangeng ‘s name.

However my tolerance and lenience for them has disappeared long time ago.

I changed into a narrow-minded and fastidious person as some vulgar people scratched my mind. I am so narrow-minded to value only one person, Hangeng, it’s too much for me. I’m sensitive if harmful accident for Hangeng occurs.

Whatever the reason yesterday’s tears was, SM nearly accomplished the goal they wanted. So many people took an attitude that they were so sad and moistened at their eyes that Hangeng had better come back if he really considers other SJ members and SJ fans.

However if he comes back, who takes care of Hangeng who has kept holding his tears?

Who gives consideration to his fans who have been suffered from all kinds of heart-breaking things around him?

The only thing he has is his fans.

Of course, there are ‘only 13 fans’ who loves Hangeng but they used to take care of other members, too. Therefore, they usually sacrificed Hangeng.

If even Hangeng’s fans act like ‘only 13 fans’ by comparing Hangeng with other members, Hangeng has nothing. Hangeng can not live.

So Hangeng’s fans is hoping that Han Geng will win the lawsuit uprightly and calmly. Therefore Hangeng’s fans are frigid about SJ’s party that was full of tears.

On the contrary, yesterday’s tears are not for Hangeng but are harmful to him.

So Hangeng’s fans who are the only people to support him with a pure heart about the tears.

Don’t force him to go back for others who shed tears.

Don’t force his fans to act like ‘only 13 fans.’

The tears we dropped were hundred or thousand times more than theirs.

Don’t compel the victim to come back to an assaulter who tormented too hard continuously, even if the assaulter dropped tears.

Don’t say , “I’m crying for him now.”, when you have never cried for him before.



I want to share this one with you.

Some Chinese friends might explain the highlighted sentence.

Please let him set free….. let him fly high…. with his own free will…



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23 Responses to They did not cry for Han Geng at Bei Jing SSII.

  1. whitecat says:

    thank you so much our lovely pinetree for your patiently translate it.
    abt. siwoo’s post, i’m wordless after read this. this is a topic i’ve talked to my chinese friend after bj concert ended.
    that time i’m not much understanding her thought abt some reactions happened there.
    now it’s clearer and i got her point now.
    although siwoo wrote it from her pure heart but i know this might make a conflict with some people. i don’t know how to handle it just support hangeng as much as i can.
    and for purple highlighted sentense, poor me that i can’t find any of my chinese friends now, maybe i’ll ask them the next morning.

    lastly for yt video, i agreed with you pinetree. i hate it when they yelled at hr and zm while they were singing.

    it’s so late now, i must go to bed.
    bye, luv you all.

    ps.i’m so happy seeing hg in yellow jacket!! so lovely ^^

    • onepinetree says:

      That’s why I decided not to post more si woo’s posts. If you don’t understand the whole picture you often misunderstand her points so I was not sure if I was doing a right thing since international Elfs don’t know much about what’s going on in china

      However Han Geng showed up yesterday when many peolple were wondering if hangeng would join the concert. I really think he is very clever showing himself to the public like that way.

      After bj concert peolple said they saw hangeng at the concert and that’s why members cried so on.

      It was a real mess.

      Come back hangeng that’s the message they sent out

      But come back to whom?

      I will translate some Korean elfs messages soon. they are true “all fans” and true “only 13” fans, not those who only focus number “13. ”

      International elfs should understand in Korea those true “all-fans” elfs support hangeng’s decision because they love, understand, and support Han Geng no matter what.

  2. bristlegrass says:

    The translation of highlighted Chinese reads “after a while, I started to shout out a name which I don’t really like “Han Geng, Han Geng, Han Geng” = = ??? Since you never like him, why bother shout his name in that occasion???? In order to understand why, I may have to translate the sentence following the highlighted one, it says “right after that, I had a feeling to cry coming from nowhere, then I understand, it is about only13, no one can be absent~~~”

    So…this fan never liked Han Geng, the only reason she shouted his name in the concert is due to a number 13…this number is even more important than Han Geng’s health, freedom, basic human rights in her mind…come on, be grown-up, think independently!

    I want to ask a few questions to those who cried about Han Geng in the concert and intended to force him back to the cage of SME.

    Have you ever cried for him when he couldn’t be on any stage for 8 months, not due to visa problem but because SME was forcing him to sign up additional items to his contract which are even harsher than the original one?

    Have you ever cried for him when some fans repeatedly posted at SME website, that “SJ’s stage is equally splendid without Han Geng” in the 8-month blank period?

    Have you ever cried for him when SME almost ruined the only opportunity he had to become an actor which he has dreamed about for years?

    Have you ever cried for him when seeing him run on and off the stage to do all the negotiation between working staffs of program team and troublesome manager even when he still had fever and couldn’t sleep for two nights?

    Have you ever cried for him when seeing him devoted all his efforts to be an interpreter, staff, manager, communicator, servant for SJM in such poor health condition…but got no single opportunity to show his talent in an entertainment show?

    Have you ever cried for him when knowing he actually threw up after intense dancing moves because he was not allowed to have a sick leave?

    Have you ever cried for him when some fans kept saying nasty words to him and threw LED-light at him and hit his head?

    Have you ever cried for him when…


    Well…if you never did…what are you crying for there? Do you really want him pass out or even die on the stage?

    No intention to offend anyone, well…I believe that elfs and gengfans who truly love Han Geng wouldn’t take it! I am just telling the truth and speaking out the things I wanted to tell for a long time. We didn’t tell them before, because Han Geng was in SME and he was leading a team by digesting everything…as his fans, we digested them too, FOR HIM!

  3. trueblue says:

    HI there!
    Thank you Bristlegrass for the translations.I appreciate all your hard work and I truly feel for HG.How can anyone go through all these and still smile for us?Take comfort bristlegrass in knowing that all those who did those things are not worth 1/1000 of Hangeng.They are people who are on bondages,not having the freedom to think for themselves! Always the follower but never the leader.But our Hangeng is one tough guy always the leader.Now he can truly fly and be what he wants to be.!
    I was looking at HG’s outfit and laughing to myself…huh is that the way to travel “undercover”? No way Hangeng,my dear boy..that is the most interesting way to attract attention!That outfit practically screamed “Look at me..I am going skiing !!”

  4. yilheh says:

    thank you so much for this post… i was watching some of the videos from the super show and i got really confused about people saying that he attended and that was why members were crying and stuff… i thought that in his situation it was really a bad decision to attend the show so i was really questioning this…
    this is a good point… i recently became a Geng fan (which makes me sad to have missed out on such an amazing person) because i was recently introduced to kpop by some friends… i couldn’t help it that his story caught my attention… ahhh~ i truly love his spirit and personality and everything about him…. i have tried to see everything about him in chinese shows and stuff… the one thing i can’t bear to try to see or look for are pictures or clips from the time he had to wear a mask… the thought of it makes me cry… reading posts about it breaks my heart and i can’t bear to see when that happened in visual representation

    after all this ranting…
    thank you very much for this ^^
    i really hope that by march all his problems are settled… i really do not want him to wait so long like the dbsk or shinhwa
    Thank you, thank you, zhi zie, arigato, kamsahamida, for this
    Han Geng forever! Fighting together!

  5. Gengfan says:

    I love the cute chibi drawing. srsly. that’s the cutest thing I have ever seen :D:D

    Thanks so much for sharing <3333
    but it's bad that some people don't really understand what's going on… and in the end we're the ones with the bad reputation..

    I wish people would THINK..

  6. onepinetree says:

    Sorry, I had to delete the video link and the related photo and picture after finding out the original video clip was deleted at Han Geng video channel. Since the litigation is still in process, I think we had better be more careful.

  7. weiwl says:

    i agree, the cry because of hangeng. without him sj is not complete.

    For him, who has lived with the other 12 and spend almost all their time together in the past 4-5 years, how much tears has he shed to come to this decision?

    Hangeng Jia You!

  8. amanda says:

    If u’re are pure gengfan then u will support whatever the decision that he make. i just don’t know what some of the ppl thinking lor.
    just saw his new photo with the yellow jacket i know he is doing well. anyway miss u so so much geng but i will be waiting for u to come back to us , in the meantime please take care of yourself!!!
    and thanks girls for your hard work again couldn’t thank you enough

  9. Mandy says:

    Thanks for sharing and the translation.

    I saw Geng’s pictures at another site before reading this post here and I was like…Geng had “vanished” for 2 months and no one could spot him but WHY would he all of a sudden wear a bright neon yellow jacket to “show up” this way. Ah, I now understand.

  10. Sarah says:

    *crying* T_______________________________________T
    Our lovely Pinetree, thank you so much for translating siwoo’s blog…you’re very kind…
    Bristlegrass, thank you so much for translating the highlighted sentence….
    Still confuse…what are actually happened? what is going on?
    Come up in my mind suddenly…”Let him free”…”Let him free”…”Let him free”…
    Our Han Geng is not a puppet, he is not a doll of SME…
    Our Han Geng has his own rights…
    I’m sorry if some of you do not agree with me….but now “I ONLY BELIEVE IN HAN GENG!!!”
    Han Geng Gege Jia You!!! All Geng Fans Jia You!!! Keep Fighting!!! ^_^

  11. 3qts says:

    Those who love him will never cry for him or call for him to come back to SME.

    Instead, they will rejoice when he will be able to regain all rights to decent living as any other human being… rest when he is ill……to take on projects of his dream and to further advance his career at his own choosing.

    Those who love him will understand what he has gone through….what he has endured….and that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  12. Geng Hwaiting!
    Believe, support, love you!

    Thank u for sharing & translating esp. for
    people who don’t know korean/chinese 🙂

  13. alwayswithyou says:

    I am a pure hangeng fan. I can assure you that. I love him more than anything else to the point I just burst into tears with everyone staring at me when I heard him singing bei pan right infront of my eyes.

    At the same time, I am a full pledged ELF.

    I wonder if there is anyone like me on earth, really. Pure geng fans usually don’t give a shit about SJ (really come on, admit it already) and SJ fans usually takes Hangeng’s presence and hardwork for granted.

    May I know how am I supposed to feel now? Because as much as I want to wish him happiness, grant him the freedom he has long wanted, this elf here can’t help it but to think about the other SJ member’s feelings. I’m sorry if I mispinterpreted anything but are you saying that SJ member’s tears are all an act? Because after 4 years of being an ELF and a pure geng fan, I can definitely see the love, care and concern between geng and the other members. Don’t even talk about Heechul, who still blogs about geng whenever he can even when he know he’s not allowed to. Or Siwon, who cares for him the most in SJ. Even Ryeowook, who clings onto him like a little brother and cooks for him. Donghae, who would play with him and bring out the kid in him so that he wouldn’t feel lonely. Leeteuk, who is so proud of him for leading his own subgroup. Kangin, who never fails to talk about Hangeng whenever they are talking about their own parents he doesn’t want him to be left out. Even Eunhyuk and Sungmin, whom respects Geng as a big brother so much. They’re proud to say Geng is the 1.3 billion miracle.

    Sure, they may not know what geng is going through. They don’t know what’s going on in china at all, they may not even know what SM did to him because geng has a heart so full of gold I am sure he would choose not to tell his other members. But you cannot deny the fact that they really, really truly care about him. This is also why their cyworld post nowadays have been revolving around SJ will continue to survive and overcome all the problems.

    Is geng going to just let go of everything at one go? The 4 years of memories? Don’t bring SME into the picture, nor the contract or the money or polictics. It’s the love between SJ. The worst thing is, will geng even be able to give up all these? Because I can definitely see in his eyes that he loves every single of his members and Super Junior means alot of him, and this is also I love him so damn much. Don’t tell me he’s not proud of Super Junior at all, because he does. After 4 years of loving him, he does. He really does.

    • onepinetree says:

      Oh honey no one denies their brotherhood here. This post is criticizing those who shouted hangeng’s name although they don’t even care about him

      I hope you don’t get a wrong message from this post

    • bristlegrass says:

      Thanks a lot for your comments! ^^

      Well, Han Geng’s lawsuit has nothing to do with other SJ members or any fan who truly loves Han Geng, neither this post.

      As much as I love him, I wish Han Geng good health and good future; I believe other SJ and SJM members who love him would wish him the same, and Han Geng would wish them the same. As a pure Gengfan, I also wish each of SJ and SJM members the same!

    • truly3qts says:

      I believe if you truly love someone….you only want the best for that person….it is only natural

      I love Han Geng……and I appreciate ALL THOSE who love him as well… it the members, staffs, colleagues, fans or even non-fans who just come across his story….who understand and support him

      I wish him to be healthy and happy………and to be able to pursue his dreams accordingly….especially when opportunities arise

      When he thinks it is time to stand up for his rights….just the basic human rights of being able to rest when ill without being fined or penalized….I support him

      What issues Han Geng had to go through and consider before making such important decision, I never knew. How risky or difficult for him to make the decision, I never knew.

      But once he makes it………I support him

  14. gengfan says:

    Hi Onepinetree!

    Have you seen Henry’s post in baidu? It kind of sucks that this also happened in Shanghai. People just don’t understand….. D: D: D: it makes me sad.. ):
    Henry’s post:

  15. Charmaine says:

    We all know there are people who does not support him and there are people who support him. This is normal since we can’t expect everyone to love him. I really can’t understand those obviously not Geng’s fans doing things like this. HanGeng is already under lots of pressure because of the lawsuit. Please do not add more to it.

    I remember reading these words in baidu HanGeng’s bar ~
    If you love (him), please love (him) deeply.
    If you don’t love (him), please do not hurt (him).

  16. ELF- KSA says:

    please don’t bes so hart on suju
    They love him
    He them friend
    They care a bout him
    All E.L.F love han oppa
    We ever don’t him go
    He so lovely and cute
    And very sexy boy
    I hope really he back
    We miss him so much but all of us know the damn and stuped S.M
    Make really unfair condition to han oppa and his health so badly
    Heechul Oppa so suffer because of him
    SuJu will be 13 and will my true love fro ever


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