True Elfs Respect and Support Han Geng’s Decision.

The following message was left at the guest log of my Korean blog, which was posted as a separate entry later with the author’s permission.

수달, a Korean elf’s heart-warmed message really moved me, so I wanted to share her message with you as well.

Please do not assume that SJ fans and Han Geng fans are totally different people, which is not true. 


Dear One Pine tree,

How are you doing?

It is very ironic that I have never left a comment at your blog in spite of reading your posts all the time.


These days my only thought is all about missing Han Geng brother so much and I really want to see him.

 I added all those Han Geng fan blogs at the list of my favorite and also have tried to visit your blog as often as possible… 

Although I am not good at maneuvering a computer and my blog has been abandoned for a long time…I am writing this message, I wonder, if there is anything I can do for Han Geng brother.

Reading your posts, I really wish I was talented at English composition…but this might be just an excuse, it’s my laziness, probably…

Ah… I am so sorry … I am just rambling in here….

Loving Super Junior and my Han Geng brother inside the SJ…. every single member is so invaluable and invaluble to me…

Although I don’t have any power, but I just want to shout out my mind that loves Han Geng brother….I just want to speak up my mind aloud.

Since I have never stepped out  like this, I am very dreadful and clueless now…

I just want to be a little help.

If such small voices, like mine, get accumulated…. you know.. with such a hope and expectation….I am just writing this message. ..

Regarding what I can do to help Han Geng brother … I have many thoughts about that….

I feel shameless of asking you to tell me what to do…

With a thought of being helpful to you and Han Geng brother,  I just want to say this… I always will be in Han Geng brother’s side and support and back him up walking on this lonely and rough road so he does not feel lonely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I am rambling….

If I can quote your phrase regarding my love toward Han Geng brother,

Not 99% trust with 1 % doubt,

Not enough but “surely 100% genuine heart”…

And I am leaving this message here to encourage those Han Geng fans who always be in his side…

because I am an ELF and, of course, a fan of Han Geng brother…

because I like Celebrity Han Geng as well as Human being Han Geng…

because I like Han Geng himself too much….

Suddenly Han Geng brother at Super Junior Super Show came to my head…

Ah… I really miss you, Han Geng…      

by 수달님


After the lawsuit, it was ELFs who spread Si Woo’s posts all over the internet.

It was ELFs who defended Han Geng against those people who bashed Han Geng without knowing what’s really going on.

It was ELFs who discredited all those trash reports or internet rumors that tried to tarnish Han Geng’s image.

To me, TURE ELFs are those who really love all those 13 members from the bottom of their hearts, accordingly, respect their decisions, and that’s why the number 13, representing those members, became so meaningful to them.

Those who shouted Han Geng’s name, although they don’t really like Han Geng,  just for the number “13” only at Bei Jing concert did not look like true ELFs to me.

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13 Responses to True Elfs Respect and Support Han Geng’s Decision.

  1. bristlegrass says:

    Thanks a lot, Pinetree, for translating this touching article in spite of your intense schedule ^^

    I think whoever truly love Han Geng will support his decision. Whoever know about him would understand how hard this decision to make. He basically gives up everything he strived for within 6 years, starts all over again…it is a hard decision, but he has no choice. No matter how kind he is, he is still a human being, he has his own life to protect…

  2. truly3qts says:

    Just warms my heart every time I read supporting message for Han Geng….

    It especially touches my heart when reading such comment from ELFs. They understand him…..that makes me happy. Though SJ will never be the same, nor the path he has chosen, they support and respect his decision.

    I truly appreciate that…..TRUE ELFs

    Thank you, again, for your dedication….onepinetree

  3. Mandy says:

    Reading such a warm-hearted message 1st thing in the morning made my day! Happy day to all~

  4. dyjsm930 says:

    Pine tree,I donnot know how to say something..
    true Elf suppot hangeng so I like them as a gengfan,
    but if some elf merely to because the support for only 13 to harm hangeng, then they are my enemy.
    I just hope that everyone respect their choice, whether to stay in SM’s or to leave the company’s Han Geng,
    I hope that the future will be Han Geng all goes well, happy and healthy.
    love Pine tree,love true elf,love my hangeng,
    love gengfan

    • onepinetree says:

      Yes there are so many elfs so not all of them have a same position onthis lawsuit. But those who left messages to me appear to care about individual member’s decision for his own future, becuase they want the best for the members themselves. They also told me it’s not easy to keep such a position when other elfs might more focus on protecting sj group itself. But they hold such a position simply they love Han geng so much they knew what would be best for him So i am so grateful for those true elfs who know how to love their stars.

  5. please34 says:

    this is a warm article during this time ^^.
    im always thankful to trueEFLs.

    staying at EFLs position is really hard.
    if they could love and supporting hangeng with their true heart.
    that should be respected with our true heart too.

    always be thankful..
    for making us be deeply impressed that we are not stand alone in the world.

  6. Sarah says:

    It’s so touching my heart…
    Actually, I have no more words (can say nothing)…
    Just Believe and Love them all…Super Junior, Han Geng and all TRUE ELFs…
    Let’s pray, pray, pray, and pray for them all…for us…
    Thank you so much for Pinesis…
    No I know how to be a true elf although I’m not a good elf and Geng fan but I will try my best…
    Yeorobun Hwaiting!!!

  7. rascalkitten says:

    Thank you very much for translating and sharing.

    Just reading this make me happier ^^ ahhh… missing him so much.

  8. icewater says:

    This blog has a great theme: Han Geng, Loving you, trusting you and waiting for you!
    I love and trust Han Geng.
    On this stage, I have learned how to waiting for you…
    Han Geng and all Geng fans, JIA YOU~~

  9. trueblue says:

    I have been reading a lot of comments about HG’s lawsuit with SME.Some are in favour of Hangeng and some are not…whereas some are confused and in a dilemma.
    As this topic here is centered on a particular ELF expressing her stand and defining her position as an ELF,I would like to elaborate on this if I may.

    I do not consider myself an ELF..for these 3 simple letters do not do justice to my admiration and respect for them..!These 3 letters have evolved onto a more complex meaning than just “ever lasting friend”. E.L.F….this acronym is over-used and commercialised as it is and become a bondage to true ELFs!
    When I look at SJ,I see real people not “idols” or “celebrities”I see them without the glamour & glitters.!
    They deserved the success that they have now,and more.Others are just fascinated with the number 13 and the obsession with it but never realised the picture behind the scenes!!!
    My stand is this…let them explore their potentials and be free spirited to choose what they want to do within the concept of being Super Junior.My wish is…. not to exploit or use them against their wishes.!!!Let them be paid their actual worth!!!Other celebrities are earning in millions with that kind of fame that SJ has and yet SJ is just getting only a small fraction of their value!
    ELF should nurture and care for SJ and let them grow to what they can become and not put them in a box and package them as SJ..If ELF do that then they are no better than SME(for profits)and ELF..for their own selfish obsession??
    Love is not selfish…
    Love is kind….
    Love is giving….and
    Love is loving….!

    Thanks for reading this long entry of mine…!

    • amanda says:

      love your comment trueblue that what i think toooooooooo
      let him fly he can fly higher than what he was
      don’t u think ,miss him so much!!
      wishes the result of the lawsuit will come out soon……….
      he will win win ………….

    • bristlegrass says:

      Wow~~~well said, trueblue!!!! Cannot agree more!

  10. Charmaine says:

    수달 is so lovely. While I was reading this article, I can feel her love and full support to HanGeng. I have been visiting mainly chinese website lately because I can get prompt update on HanGeng’s news. At the same time I was afraid to go to non-chinese website just because I have seen many bad comments about HanGeng ever since the lawsuit. I even had a debate with an ELF not too long ago since she can’t accept HanGeng may be leaving SJ. I am glad there are many ELFs out there still supporting him and had defended him. I always wants to thank those who has put efforts in loving and supporting HanGeng. Please let 수달 know we love her too.

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