[REVISED] No Fabrication, Please!

One Korean Geng fan actually contacted one of journalists about this fabricated story. So I had to revise and update the post. Since this specific reporter said there was no pressure from the SME, I will drop the statements related to the SME, although it’s up to you whether you believe in such remarks by reporter who just copied someone else’s story without double-checking the source.

I am sure all of you watched the video clip, which was only two-minute short preview.  

If you are fluent in Chinese, then you should know better about what Han Geng actually said from that short preview video clip.

If you are not fluent in Chinese, you are still able to figure out what he said through English subtitles.

Please answer me:

Did Han Geng say that he was very certain that he would win the case?

Did he say that statement with his own words?

Yes or No?


If you are a fan of Han Geng, you are fully aware that Han Geng has never shown himself to public except last trip to Harbin.

Has he been actively engaged in entertainment activities in China since the lawsuit?

Has he been actively engaged in his solo activities in China since the lawsuit?

Yes or No?


Then how come major Korean newspapers websites simultaneously are reporting today that ” Han Geng said he was very sure about winning over the case” and that “Han Geng has been actively engaged in entertainment activities in China since the lawsuit?”

One Korean Geng fan acutally contacted one journalist who wrote such a report.

Well, basically he/she admitted that he/she does not speak Chinese.

So based on another journalist’s reports(whoever reported the story first)and a help of other journalists who can understand Chinese, they just add a little bit more.

Dear reporters,

 Please at least watch the video clip by yourselves when writing about the video clip.

Please at least follow the case with accurate sources when writing about it.

Do not just copy someone else’s report without first-hand references.

In addition, I don’t know the true intention of SOHO.com for uploading such a preview video clip and then deleting it.  Are they joking around fans?

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30 Responses to [REVISED] No Fabrication, Please!

  1. Mandy says:

    I was in doubt whether HG really did an interview. Okay he did. Will oly believe words coming out from his mouth. Period.

    • onepinetree says:

      Yes, he did. But I have a suspicion that SOHO.COM probably did not keep its promise on when to broadcast the interview. Why deleting the video clip after shown to the public? Since I am not familiar with the Chinese entertainment industry, I don’t want to make any judgements. But the way SoHO.com dealt with this interview seems unprofessional.

  2. bristlegrass says:


    I don’t know what to say…really…

    I don’t see any problem with doing personal interview…it is not for commercial purpose…even a criminal has right to accept an interview…

    but media…hehe…when do they become merely the slave of money…sohu never failed to make me feel sick about what they are doing to Han Geng…

    • onepinetree says:

      I have to add myself on that list as well. Sohu….well…. definitely not my favorite entertainment website.

  3. dyjsm930 says:

    SME is very shameless.,
    sohu also.

    Published hangeng’s pics and video then deleted .

    so maybe sohu is SME’s partner.

    • onepinetree says:

      Now, I am thinking..this is the way Han Geng tried to baby SOHO.com for the future. It’s like, “OK, I don’t care how you guys talked about me after the lawsuit in the past, I will work with you anyway in the future. I am very professional.” Don’t you think so?

      • dyjsm930 says:

        maybe he will work with sohu in the future,
        but so lack of credit’s sohu,

        not a good media

  4. nastia says:

    i saw the preview yester day, i think you can find it in allkpop or youtube

  5. truly3qts says:

    Another DIRTY tactic by SME……..and now with new Chinese partner, Sohu???????

    Is this SME’s revenge for being under investigation for the treatment of its artists after Han Geng’s case?

    Is Sohu willing to stoop so low as to match that of SME?

    • onepinetree says:

      I updated the post; there is no clear evidence of SME’s involvement. so… just bashing reporters at this time ^^

  6. bristlegrass says:

    Again, I know I don’t have to say this as a gengfan, but

    still want to say THANK YOU to you and all other Korean gengfans who have done so much for Han Geng!

  7. icydog says:

    Many people said, why Han Geng was doing this interview with Sohu
    but not Sina.

    Sohu is one of the most popular internet gateway portals in China.
    From the marketing course that I took today, I learnt that it ranks
    the first in News Websites, and Sina is the third only.

    News, it is very important for an artist, it can make you sucess or
    destroy you.

    Be a friend with the media is better be an enemy.

    In my point of view, this is a kind of strategy only ^ ^

    • bristlegrass says:

      Ummm…maybe…but it doesn’t have a good reputation though,

      Only being good at drawing public attention can help it make money, but may not help it be responsible public media, and can never justify the damages it brings to whoever being used by it as well as to the public faith on media. No matter what kind of strategy it is using…I don’t like it…sohu has no credit from me unless it will do something as responsible media

      • onepinetree says:

        They will get your credit as times go along. Since they have to make a business partner with Han Geng. I want to believe so.

  8. Felecia says:

    I really dislike what the media and SME are trying to ruin our Han Geng Oppa’s reputation. He is a good person and wants to get out of his slave contract. He’s a human being not a commodity to be used up and tossed aside. I’m glad he did the interview to let us know how he’s doing and what’s been going on. Stay Fighting Oppa…Sohu shame on you for you dirty tactics and you too SME. You should be investigated for your shady dealings!!!

    • onepinetree says:

      I think Han geng decided to work with SOHO in the future no matter what. Since it’s more business like relationship. So, do not get upset too much with SOHO. In a few years, you will see SOHO becomes one of best partners with Han Geng. That’s Han Geng 🙂

  9. Sarah says:

    Pinesis, thank you so much for the explanation…
    I almost believed that was true because some fans blog in my country wrote that Hangeng would win and leave Super Junior T____T
    My friend even angry…but now I’ll tell her that wasn’t true…
    I’m so grateful…
    Thank you so much…
    By the way..I’m really happy because Hangeng Oppa looks so fresh now ^_^
    Keep your healthy…

    • onepinetree says:

      Oh… Sarah..unfortunately I am afraid your friend is right. I believe he will win the case eventually, which means he will terminate the contract with SME.

      That’s why it has been very hard time for ELFs who love SJ as well as Han Geng as an individual person. Some of them made a very hard decision to respect Han Geng’s decision because they love Han Geng.

      So, Sarah… you have to get prepared yourself… now..

      Please wish best love and luck to Han geng while keeping your love and devotion to Super Junior.

      • Mandy says:

        I was shock for just 5 mins when I found out the termination on 12/21/2009. 5 mins later, I was back to normal and respect HG’s decision because I knew he wouldn’t choose this path if he didn’t need to. I just want HG to be happy.

  10. Sarah says:

    Oh God…
    It’s very hard… T_____________________________________T
    But I will try…
    Thank you so much Pinesis…
    I feel down now…but I believe that it is the right path for all…
    Hangeng and Super Junior is family…eventhough they have to separate but I believe that they love each other…
    Hangeng Gege…my support is for you…
    Super Junior my support also for you all…
    ELF…I Love you all…

    • onepinetree says:

      Sweet heart… thank you for understanding Han Geng.
      Without love for Han geng, it’s not possible.
      Yes, support SJ. They are issuing their 4th albumm soon.
      I will buy one too! And Si Won’s drama is coming! I am so excited for him!

  11. trueblue says:

    I just watch the video clip on HunanTV.It was on the entertainment slot. They mentioned the names of 3 stars and talk a bit on each of those 3 “hot”stars, on what is happening to them lately, one was Wu Zun from the Taiwan boy band Farenheit, then Hangeng & the last person is unknown to me..hehehehe!
    I just stopped everything to just listen to what they said about HG and I am very pleased because they did not twist the words.It was exactly as what HG said on the video we saw..and they were favourable on their summary on HG.Seems to me that they were supporting HG.I think it is their way to show the public that they have not forgotten HG though he was MIA for 3 months.I think they are in support of HG because I believe HG has found a soft spot with them in Hunantv.HG always go to their show 1st whenever sj-m goes back to China..
    So with this video clip,I think I now why Hangeng went “public” I believe there is a valid reason for him to have that interview knowing that SOHU is not that reliable and responsible.As what icydog said..it was a strategy but don’t ask me why or what kind because I myself am baffled with such going-ons hehehehe….
    Could be #1… to show that he is ok..he may be down (for now)but not out ?
    #2….to see how he is received by the public and media..?
    #3….how his physical appearance look like Before & After pictures?
    Please don’t take my comments seriously ..OK??
    I am just trying to make sense out of nonsense..!!!!!
    hahahahaaa!!! Hangeng Jiayou!!!!Aja Aja Aja!!!!Fight fight fight..!!!!

  12. Charmaine says:

    I have watched this video a couple days ago but I didn’t realized the korean reporters have already posted the news up on the internet.

    No matter what happen, I will support Hangeng. Hope he will win the case!

  13. Mandy says:

    For those who do not know, the full interview is out.

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