A Special Encounter of Mr. Han and the Kim Family

I already posted about my family’s special encouter with Mr. Han at Naver’s blog, which was translated into Chinese and posted at Geng bar.

I felt very honored after reading such wonderful comments by Chinese Geng fans. Since the special story of my family was already shared with both Korean and Chinese fans, I felt an obligation to share it with you guys as well at here.


All those wonderful accounts about how gorgeous Mr. Han was at the event were already spread to all of Han Geng fans. Therefore, instead of talking about the event itself, I want to share one special story my family experienced on March 23, 2010.

As the one-hour event was finally over, Mr. Han and his group rode in the black luxurious limousine.  I had to sallow a laughter when Mr. Han unexpectedly popped out from the ceiling of the limousine and waved to his fans. He was just so playful and seemed to enjoy the moment. Cutie Mr. Han. 

Since another white truck blocked the driveway of the limousine, the limousine had to wait a little bit on the curb. Since I knew that people inside the limousine were able to clearly see outside, I was holding a scarf  that prints “Love you, Han Geng” in Korean.   

As the limousine was ready to change the lane, my husband, putting my son on his shoulder, joined me. 

Let’s picture this:  The Kim Family.

One middle-aged man with putting his little son on his shoulder along with one star-obssessed wife who was holding a “Love You, Han Geng” scarf.

Although the windows were heavily tinted, I was able to recognize people inside the limousine since they let the indoor lights on.

One man inside the limousine pointed us.  So I started flagging the scarf hoping Mr. Han would be able to see the scarf.

(Yes, Mr. Han is familiar with the scarf, which was produced by a Han Geng Korean fan site www.19840209.com for Super Show II  last summer. )

I really wanted to let him know that Korean fans’ support and love.

Then a person next to the man pulled out his head and saw us.

It was Mr. Han!

He even pulled out his torso so he could see us better.

Very excited, my husband and I showed him two thumbs-up gestures.

Then Mr. Han showed us two thumbs-up gestures in return.
He seemed to exaggerate the actions to make sure we could see him.

More excited, we kept showing him two thumbs-up, which implied that “We Korean fans think you are the BEST no matter what!”

Although it was a very brief moment that Mr. Han and we exchanged such enthusiastic two thumbs-up actions, we felt that Mr. Han really enjoyed my family’s support.

Just right before the limousine changing the lane, the window got rolled down and one man sticked out his head and took pictures of my family.

At the moment, unconsciously I shouted out, ” Korean Fans Support Han Geng!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I am not sure if the gentleman got what I said. I wish he could understand English.

However, the gentleman did not take eyes off from my family until the limousine finally took off.

Probably… Mr. Han and his group might talk about my family, the Kim family, the Korean fans, at dinner, looking at our picture.

I really hope…

Anyway, I felt great since Mr. Han recognized Korean fans’ support.

In addition, there was another special moment.

The paper my son got Mr. Han’s autograph on was a postcard produced by www.hangeng.net, the first and oldest Korean Han Geng fan site.

The front side has Mr. Han’s picture and the logo of www.hangeng.net in Korean. Yes, again, Mr. Han is fully aware of this fan site.

When Mr. Han got the postcard, he appeared to pause and gaze it for a while. It might be just my imagination, but I felt Mr. Han felt something by seeing the postcard, which might remind him of his Korean fans.

I really wanted to show Mr. Han that we Korean fans would not forget him and would support him no matter what. So that’s why I brought those goodies produced by two Korean fan sites that Mr. Han is very familiar with.

After the limousine left the scene, I felt a huge relief.

I felt like I completed my mission as a Korean Geng fan:  

Letting him know that we Korean fans love him.

Letting him know that we Korean fans support him.

We are fully aware that Mr.Han is not flying away from us, but he is flying high up in the sky.

After I posted this story at my Naver’s blog, Korean fans were very happy that Mr. Han recognized Korean fans support. Some of them said that they were teary when reading the part where Mr. Han gazed the postcard produced by www.hangeng.net for a while.

YES, we support Mr. Han.

It does not matter whether he stays with the SME or not.

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21 Responses to A Special Encounter of Mr. Han and the Kim Family

  1. trueblue says:

    Thank you pinetree for this update.I just came back from my email after sending you a request to post your experience /encounter here.
    Then bam! i see this ..thank you so much.That encounter must be so precious for you and your family.You also have a very loving and supporting husband who place your needs before his..I thank him..and wonder what was his impression of Hangeng in real life encounter.He was so close to him at the counter while Geng was mixing his shakes.(dancing & blending his drink simultaneously….hahaha!)
    Now Hangeng really know who you are hehehe!!
    Now that your paths have crossed , both sides have made beautiful memories which can be passed down through the ages..
    I knew it!!I knew you would react spontaneously when you see him.You sure can’t keep all the excitement in one tiny person,it will explode some time..!!you do have to let out somehow..and I am glad that you did!!
    Yes my eyes were teary too @ the part where he was about to sign on the paper you gave him..he must have felt some stirring in his heart..I like the fact that he read before he sign anything..Some people just sign without looking or reading what’s on the thing that they signed.For a guy,Hangeng is meticulous & observant.. I am sure he will treasure that moment forever.He will make sure that he never forgets his past experiences..Those were the times that made him and bring him to his present status.
    He always appreciate his past though it was peppered with hardships and bitterness at times..That’s where one can grow stronger and fly higher or give up.He chose to swallow the bitterness and the sweetness together..Chinese have a saying…sweetness comes after bitterness…!!!!
    Like the proverb..rainbow after the rain..At the end of the tunnel is the light..??Or ..pay forward..??

    • onepinetree says:

      Yes, I really expect him to thrive more and more. He will return to Hollywood as a real actor next time, not just Chinese star.

  2. ♥ ♥ ♥
    There’s so much love to give and to share 😀 …

    I’m glad you completed your mission… though I’m not sure, I think
    I think I saw your family in one of the footages of the event XD…
    (a child on man’s shoulders handing a card to Geng to sign)…
    Thank u for sharing this touching account 😀 ♥

  3. amanda says:

    hi onepinetree

    thanks for all the photo and video u must be really excited to see him right.
    and you’re really lucky to have your husband so supportive. pls say well done to ur hubby for me keep up the good work haha hubby. also your son is so so cute.
    once again thank you for sharing

    • onepinetree says:

      Thank you, I was glad that my huband decided to come along with me and volunteered to be a photographer. He also enjoyed the experience as well. I didn’t tell him about how often he was spotted at here and there though, he he.

  4. Sarah says:

    I really envy you…
    You are so lucky…
    Thank you so much for sharing your precious story with us…*cry*

    • onepinetree says:

      Yes I am so lucky that I watched Super Show II in Korea last summer and now I saw him in Hollywood again. I have a feeling that there is some destiny between him and me as a star and a fan. yeah.. my husband just laughed at me when i talked about this special connection with him.

  5. bristlegrass says:

    I have already moved by Pinetree’s article in Chinese,

    now I am moved by this English version again T.T & ^^

    Just want to add another story to tell how much Han Geng loves his fans. A girl posted some details at gengbar about what happened when she tried to give Han Geng gift package. It was really hard to pass on gift to Han Geng, since the bodyguard tried his best to stop it (well, I guess that’s part of his job), but eventually, one girl successfully threw the gift package into the limo on an empty seat, she saw Han Geng moved immediately to pick up the gift and sat back…she was a bit surprised, as she wondered why he had to pick up the gift so quickly since it was in the car already…then her friend standing beside told her that the bodyguard was pissed off by her action, attempted to grasp the gift and throw it out…so Han Geng reacted quickly and protected the gift. He is protecting his fans. The Love is mutual between Han Geng and his fans, it really can be a life-time happiness to be a fan of such star.

    • onepinetree says:

      Yes, he was very down to the earth at the scene, you could tell it definitely. He was very humble and pure… what a cute boy.

  6. trueblue says:

    oh one more thought pinetree.
    Please go there and try Han Shake Dance for us.See how’s the taste and give us an account…hhahahahha
    Love you..and oh yeah..first time I see Hangeng blowing a kiss…mmmmwah…!!

  7. Mandy says:

    Dear Onepinetree, HG and Geng fans are so lucky to have each others. I am especially delighted to read your closing comments –

    YES, we support Mr. Han. It does not matter whether he stays with the SME or not.

  8. truly3qts says:

    Korea and Korean GengFans are the beginning of Han Geng……this is undeniable

    Be it good or bad experiences, I don’t think he will ever be able to forget Korea and his fans there

    I’m so glad that you and your family are able to represent Korean fans and to show him that there are Koreans who still love and support him…….I’m pretty sure it deeply touches his heart to know that

    Cheers to you……onepinetree

    Mission successfully accomplished!

    • onepinetree says:

      You are so right… Korea and Korean fans were beginning for Han Geng.. now he has the China, 13 hundred billion population, and the world as his stage and fans. He will definitely thrive…

      • bristlegrass says:

        Haha~~~~Honey, I just noticed this…you are so cute ^^

        13 hundred billion population is about 200 times of population on earth~~~I wish Han Geng would get such a number of supporters, that would include aliens, hahahahahaha~~~~~

        sorry,,,I am just teasing you ^^ I think you want to say million, right?

      • onepinetree says:

        Haha you are right That should be million!

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  10. please34 says:

    envy envy you and
    all lucky fans their…

    thank you for sharing your Mr.Han and The Kim family ..hehe
    kind of nice adventure story~~…that have a beautiful ending.

    korean fans are important part of his life…can’t deny that he won’t too.
    …he must be happy that day~ look at that bright boy haha~

    Kim family~ the best!

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