Explosive Welcome…..Treasured Gift…..

What do you think about Han Geng’s appearance on Migu Celeb College?

He was nervous…..yet managed to show us a little bit of three traditional Chinese dances…..all of them too short in my opinion.  Even with such sporty outfit he was wearing, his Chinese dances still looked elegant…..with such body and long-leg extension………aahhhhhh

He also showed us his solo dance he had previously performed in Taiwan…….with minor change…….yet still so HOT HOT  HOT

But what made me most happy watching those clips was hearing the EXPLOSIVE cheers for Han Geng…….so loud and for long period of time…..they just wouldn’t stop…..

GengFans totally dominated the audience…….understandable…..it had been quite some time…..waiting for him

GengFans were probably so hyped up…..now that they could enter the studio as GengFans…..no more pretending to be fans of other idols…..they could bring in all types of cheering props…..no more sneaking in yellow flags…..they could sit close to Han Geng…..no more being driven to second floor…..they were fairly treated…..really really happy for them

I believed GengFans explosive welcome pleasantly overwhelmed Han Geng quite a bit…..he just couldn’t stop smiling…..

There was also the interview before the show.

Han Geng was so calm and collected while answering some annoying questions.  A few reporters were really pushy…….but we all knew too well it was part of being successful in the entertainment industry.  These reporters wanted headlines and our boy handled those questions beautifully…..with occasional cute laughs.  Often times he had to repeat his answers again and again without losing temper…..yet did not hesitate to correct those who wished to put words in his mouth…….he was a natural!

onepinetree shared an impressive, and touching, info regarding the suit he wore during the interview.  It was a gift that hangeng.net, one of the devoted Korean fansites, had given him back in 2008.  onepinetree was told that he never had the chance to wear it due to the stylist for SJ.  He kept it all these years and finally could wear it as he wished…..what a guy…..how his Korean fans at hangeng.net must have felt when they saw him in that interview

Thank you to icydog for passing the picture to onepinetree and to onepinetree for sharing the information

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21 Responses to Explosive Welcome…..Treasured Gift…..

  1. onepinetree says:

    ha ha… thank you for this video clip. I have not seen this one where Han geng couldn’t hide his true feeling. ha ha.. Han geng is so cute… he was so happy to see his FRANTIC fans again.

  2. Just gotta love this guy ♥
    Missed seeing him dancing and laughing…
    hope to see more of him now 😀

    Thank u for sharing 😀 ~!

  3. bristlegrass says:

    Hahahaha~~~~~Thanks a lot, truly3qts, for sharing these wonderful thoughts and messages about our Han Geng ^^ Explosive welcome indeed!

    I just couldn’t stop laughing when watching the first video, he was so shy, happy, maybe a bit little proud…hahahaha~~~no other words, just soooooooooo cute! Gengfans couldn’t restrain their love for him anymore. BTW, they only shouted during the break time when broadcasting ads, other times during the show, they were well-behaved.

    and, so happy to see Han Geng finally be able to wear the clothes he really likes and express his caring for his fans FREELY!

    • truly3qts says:

      Ah…thank you for the added info…..GengFans surely behaved well…..cheering only during the breaks…..gotta love them!

  4. weiwl says:

    hahahaha, it felt so good seeing hangeng back to work and looking good in his suit. He’s just too cute, and there’s too many gengfans!!!

  5. Mandy says:

    I wish one day I will be able to cheer HG live~

    • truly3qts says:

      Same here…..I wish…..will I go crazy if I get to see him in person???…..hehehehe

      • Mandy says:

        Hahahaha…I guess I am like HG who is a shy person even when deep down I may already be going frantically~ But who knows…I may just be like one of these Geng fans who would cheer HG with an EXPLOSIVE welcome!!! I hope this day will come soon, if possible.

  6. garnetblue says:

    I watched a backstage video clip of him at MiGu.
    One of his fan clubs was giving him a present and suggested he put it on but he was too concern that the necklace would drop off when he is dancing so he declined to wear it then.He would probably wear it when he is not doing any intense activity like dancing,I supposed..hahahaha!!
    This is in relation to what this article is about.He treasures all gifts that he received be they small or big.He is always thankful and that is the right attitude in life.
    Never think that the world owes us,otherwise,we would forever be ungrateful and always expecting the heavens to drop them in our laps..
    With his kind disposition he will go far in life as life is short.He has instill a worthwhile legacy for his fans to follow.
    So I hope to see him soon in any role he chose to come back in..be it actor,director or teacher..hehehehehe..!!Who knows..eh?

    • bristlegrass says:

      Hehehehehehe~~~~actually…he said he was afraid that heavy necklace would knock off his teeth when he was doing intense dance moves…we all laugh out when hearing this reason~~~~~

      You may remember he did wear an even larger necklace one time when he danced at one SM Town in Thailand…he didn’t wear any inside shirt, kekekekeke~~~but then he had to grip that necklace with his teeth…that was HOT!!!!!

      • garnetblue says:

        Ah so that was what he said.
        I couldn’t get the whole content clearly as it was quite noisy.
        I went back to watch again(using ear-phones this time)and yes he said it might hit his teeth!!
        Ah..silly me didn’t hear it clearly the 1st time.
        Thanks for the correction..
        What was it actually..? It looked like a koala bear to me or was it a panda?
        Yes I watched that too..That was extremely HOT…!!!

      • truly3qts says:

        His sense of humor makes him even more attractive….”knock off his teeth”….LOL

        And some how I just knew that you would bring up that “HOT dance” from SM Town Bangkok…..:)

      • truly3qts says:

        His sense of humor makes him even more attractive….”knock off his teeth”….LOL

        And some how I just knew that you would bring up that “HOT dance” from SM Town Bangkok…..:)

      • truly3qts says:

        His sense of humor makes him even more attractive….”knock off his teeth”….LOL

        And some how bristelgrass……..I just knew that you would bring up that “HOT dance” from SM Town Bangkok…..:)

    • truly3qts says:

      I saw that necklace…..it was HUGE!….couldn’t tell what it was supposed to be though

      I didn’t know they asked him to put it on…..they were passionate…

      And yes….he is so thoughtful of his fans……we’ve seen so many examples of that

      • Sharon says:

        It is actually the shape of China.
        His fansite, hangeng.me, gave it to him because he loves his country.
        They hope he can use it when he performs but his assistant said maybe it’s not so appropriate as it symbolizes the country. That’s when he said he’s afraid it would hit his teeth and joked that he would lose all his teeth halfway of the dance!
        He’s so considerate and so gentle when he said it.
        Your heart will be melted hearing his voice!

  7. shine says:

    thanks for sharing all that new stuf about our lovely hangeng ,he is indeed a gentlman,i haven’t heared or seen a celebrity did that before he is so concern about his fans actually he concern of all the people around him,i wish i can find aman like him one day ,exactly exactly like him it would be better if it was him hehe~~

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