Han Geng Becomes Guangzhou’s Asian Games Volunteer

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On the 17th of April, Hankyung, who is embroiled in a contract termination lawsuit as of late, appeared at Guangzhou city’s Children’s Palace**, and was officially appointed as a member of the Asian Games Volunteers’ Hall of Fame, and formally became a volunteer for the (upcoming) Asian Games.

That morning, the event that was originally scheduled to take place at the Guangzhou Children’s Palace at 11 a.m. for Hankyung’s official admittance did not begin on time. The event that everyone was looking forward to finally started at 11.30 a.m. Hankyung was late, but was handsome as usual, and was wearing a stylish gray suit. Due to the confidentiality of the entire event, there weren’t many fans that appeared at the event venue.

During the ceremony, Hankyung received the “2010 Guangzhou AGV Hall of Fame Appointment Letter” and the “2010 Guangzhou AGV Certificate of Registration” from the head of the Volunteer’s Department, Mr. Wang Huan Qing, officially becoming a member of the AGV Hall of Fame. Later on, he wrote his wishes for the Asian Games – “Cheering for the Asian Games Volunteers” on the AGV Celebrity’s Board. He also left his an imprint of his hand on the AGV Hall of Fame’s imprinting clay. In addition, Hankyung also specially presented a handsome autographed photo of himself to the Volunteers Department of the Asian Games Organizing Committee as a souvenir.

For this trip to Guangzhou, besides participating in this activity, Hankyung will also be filming promotional videos and be involved in photoshoots for the posters for the Guangzhou Asian Games, which signifies his first steps in being a volunteer for the Asian Games.

Since the contract termination lawsuit began, Hankyung has lived a reclusive life, and has only appeared in several activities once in a while, and this time he accepted the Guangzhou Asian Games’ Organizing Committee’s invitation to become a volunteer. The organizing unit expressed that due to Hankyung’s immense popularity, and because the number of security personnel is limited, they made today’s event an utmost confidential one, since they did not want to cause a big stir among the fans. However, at the event venue, there were still fans who gave Hankyung cakes, notebooks, the Asian Games mascot Le Yangyang, and other presents. When it came to the requests from reporters to do an interview, Hankyung’s manager rejected all of them. It was no different from the time when he made an appearance at the Music Feng Yun Charts to receive his award, but did not speak to the media. Nonetheless, Hankyung still delivered a short speech during the contract-signing ceremony.

“I hope that with the advantages that I possess, I could ask more friends to be a part of the Asian Games Volunteer Service. We’ll work together to make the Games better and better.” It is understood that since the AGV Hall of Fame was set up, it has already attracted more than 100 celebrities to join in the community, and this includes Zhong Nanshan, Ding Rui, Deng Yaping, Chen Qiuxia, Yi Jianlian, Xie Xingfang, Song Zhuying, Wu Xiaoli, Eric Tsang, Miriam Yeung, and Hins Cheung among others. By borrowing the King of Popularity, Hankyung’s participation and his exemplary examples, it is bound to attract more young fans to be involved in the Asian Games Volunteer Service.

* Le Yangyang is the mascot for the Asian Games. (click here for the photo)
**广州少年宫 (Children’s Palace Guangzhou) – click here for more information


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Sources:  http://gb.cri.cn/27564/2010/04/17/108s2820880.htm


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I think this is the right place for me to write my introduction~~~ Hopefully, I am right this time! As Pinetree introduced, I am a devoted fan of Han Geng (Gengfan). I am from China, except for my nationality, my love for Han Geng and purpose for joining here would the same as Pinetree's! So, I will refer this part to Pinetree's self-introduction...Yeah, I know, I am lazy~~~and I am still learning the blogging skills~~~I hope I would be able to change this part sometime later T.T ^^ Say Hello to Everyone Who Can See Me Here~~~
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17 Responses to Han Geng Becomes Guangzhou’s Asian Games Volunteer

  1. Pingback: What NorCal Men Single Asian Hot Spots?

    • bristlegrass says:

      = =||| ^^

      he is single…and hot…just too many Asian girls want him…not quite available now… =P

      • trueblue says:

        What do you mean by he is “NOT QUITE AVAILABLE”?
        Do you mean to say that he is “seeing” someone?
        That “someone” who was set up by his mom..?hehehe!!!
        I just watch the part where his mom try to set him up with her classmate’s daughter.hahaha!!!
        OH by the way,I sent you video links of the migu interview(eng subs)to your mail and to pinetree too.

  2. trueblue says:

    I know that Han Geng likes sports a lot.,and it’s not surprising that he volunteers as one. During the last 2008 Olympic Games he wasn’t able to enjoy fully the games because of his hectic schedules but now he will be able to go to all venues..?(wonder what did he volunteer for)I know he likes swimming and he “claimed” he is the best swimmer in SJ…hahaha!!!
    yes he also likes gymnastics.
    Oh and I hope he gets to perform in the opening concert of the games,like singing..huh?I also want to see his powerful dances too!!!My!…am I greedy?I want more more of him…kekekeke!!!
    Oh they added another moniker ..KING OF POPULARITY to him.
    The last one was DANCING DIVA.hehehe
    So far,I know…Bejing Fried Rice,Landlord,MieMie?am not sure about this one.
    Someone please compile all his monikers and how they came about/how were they tagged to him and post them up “here”?Anyone? hehehe asking too much am I?

    • bristlegrass says:

      Ummm….yeah,,,he has lots of nicknames…

      People just love giving him nicknames, because he is a naughty little boy!!!!!

      BTW,,,as I know, he has just upgraded from Han xian xian (line line) to Han qiu qiu (globe globe), Han xianxian is a nickname given by Sun Le long time ago, he teased him by saying that he was front-line star in China and Asia, so double lines…now, after he showed up in Hollywood, some gengfans call him Han qiuqiu, they hope he could be popular at global level in future…hehe~~~~

  3. truly3qts says:

    So agree with “King of Popularity”…..his presence is highly demanded in every event

    And it’s his influence on others that this organizer wants from him…..not screaming fans (thereby keeping the event confidential)….but his ability to inspire people to do good deeds

    What a role model he is!

    And yes trueblue…..all the nicknames he has are just so interesting….would love to know more about them too…:)

    • bristlegrass says:

      Haha~~~seems we should compile his nicknames or monikers and also indicate the reasons.

      If you guys have any contribution on this topic, please feel free to write comment. ^^

  4. onepinetree says:

    Thank you for this post. These days only gloomy news in Korea,, but Han Geng news is always pleasant one to me.

    • bristlegrass says:

      …There are always bad news and good news…things in China are not good either…another earthquake…but people who are still alive may want to keep up and try our best to lead a good life, just like what Han Geng are doing all the time. ^^

  5. whitecat says:

    i’m so proud of him, my miemie.
    he looked so fresh and energism.
    how happy he can do the things he want, and me too.
    i want to share one fancam of naughty geng here.
    click it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mL1v2N_-NLo
    i really want to see your smile!!!

    • bristlegrass says:


      Thank you, whitecat, for sharing these wonderful videos!!!

      Yes, he is just a naughty boy when he is off the stage ^^

  6. Mandy says:

    It became a habit for me to come to this site first thing after turning on the computer each time. Reading HG’s news and seeing HG’s smile make me feel better amidst the Tibetan quake and Iceland volcano. Thanks~

  7. Mandy says:

    http://www.gz2010.cn posted photos of HG taken for the Asian Games.

  8. Mandy says:

    From Baidu HG Bar: 偶像志里对咱庚和庚饭的评论 Idol Magazine April 2010 Issue talks about HG and Geng Fans. HG is the cover person. Good article~

  9. Ma says:

    Han Geng as I ask is that you are forever I like to ask you a very.
    You are good. Who are not only three car .. I will follow your work forever.
    I love you … Han Geng.

  10. Icydog says:

    I was there that day~~
    Geng looks so so so handsome~~ but very thin….

    In fact, I found myself in the last picture..ORZ
    Geng, thank you for covering me = =

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