Hangeng to become the Asian Games Volunteer’s Spokesperson. Photo shoots’ Highlights are revealed


I am new to this blog and was asked to make a self-introduction..

My name as you can see is garnetblue…

Why garnet? Because garnet is red and red signifies importance and power..hehehe (in some cultures red denotes purity,joy and celebration) It is also the birthstone of January which made it the 1st among birthstones…

Blue..because it suggests confidence and is linked to intelligence and stability…

Hence, when combined together,it is formidable…..hahaha..!!!

When i first got into SJ, my pseudonym was trueblue which suggests being loyal and unwavering in one’s opinion  or support for a cause….I wanted to be different from the usual ELF..and that I am.!!hehehe..!!

So as my 1st post ..here it is..

As we can see, in these pictures,Han Geng looked so  determine,delightful,delectable and decisive…!!

He is so irresistible and attractive to the eyes..I am sure with these promo pictures,people especially the youth would be drawn in to register as volunteers too.I think he purposely “fatten” up just for the shoot..hahaha!!!!

Compared to the last pictures at MengNiu,his face looks chubby here…

When I look at his cheeks,I feel like pinching themmmmmmm…delicious.!! that last pic…

I like that 1st picture with his furrowed eyes or shall we say scowling randomly …that is my first time seeing that expression of his..kekeke!!

Geng,what are you scowling at..hehe!?


chubby cheeks

Sina Entertainment News from April 15th to April 17th,

Hangeng was in a photo-shoot for the Asian Games Volunteers promotion video and poster in Guangzhou.

Credits to: Sina
Source posted by: yeyebaby @ sj-world.net
Translated by: snowyelf @ sj-world.net
May be taken out with full credits

This time’s trip in Guangzhou, not only has Hangeng join the “Asian Games Volunteer Palace”, he has also took part in the shooting for the promotion video and the photo shooting for the promotion poster, becoming the Volunteers’ marked spokesperson.

According to the Asian Games organizing committee’s staffs, they revealed that the reason why they chose Hangeng to be their spokesperson : first, it’s because of his powerful appeal that attracts many youngsters and his popularity, but they also chose him because he’s a healthy young man who isn’t afraid to work harder as these are qualities that represents him. Moreover, those qualities are what the Volunteers group needs.

Also, Hangeng’s schedule wasn’t publicly known, but even with that, a large number of Hangeng’s fans got to know that news and went to meet Hangeng at the airport, taking photos and giving him support. Many fans have also started to question the event’s staff as how to join the Volunteers’ group, to put their own efforts in the Guangzhou Asian Games event.

It has also been reported that Hangeng’s promotional film shot will be revealed by the end of April to all the media.

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26 Responses to Hangeng to become the Asian Games Volunteer’s Spokesperson. Photo shoots’ Highlights are revealed

  1. onepinetree says:

    Garnetblue, welcome aboard! I am looking forward to reading your posts.
    Per Han Geng pictures, I think the outfits did not really go along with Han Geng. Well.. but he is still very cute.

    • Mandy says:

      I agree with you Onepinetree with respect to Geng’s outfit. In my opinion, outfit for Chinese athletes is hardly stylish. I guess the outfit is official clothing for spoekpersons. Also, Geng now dresses like mainland Chinese stars and is losing the “Korean feel” likely due to change of stylist.

      • onepinetree says:

        Ha ha… what is “Korean feel”?… Hmmm… be honest with you… many Korean fans are feeling that… kinda accepting that Han Geng is now becoming a Chinese star. But I don’t think he will totally lose such a “Korean style” since one of his best buddies in Korea is a fashion designer. ha ha.

      • bristlegrass says:

        Hehehehe~~~no matter what kind of “feel” his outfit is like, as long as it fits Han Geng, I would enjoy~~~~

        I think that outfit or that white T-shirt is for volunteers. As for Han Geng, this boy is wearing another shirt under that T-shirt, at the same time, I heard he was wearing underwaist too…my boy, do you feel cold? or what are you afraid of, huh?

        BTW, he gave that little orange scarf to a gengfan after shooting ^^

    • onepinetree says:

      try to understand him… he is too skinny…. he might be afraid that he was looking too skinny.

    • trueblue says:

      Oh pinetree,
      I was like you in respect of his outfits….well not my taste..but he carried them well..I think he was making the best of what was given to him..
      As for the scarf/kerchief..it would have been better if it was tied to his wrist or on his forehead(rolled-up style)Oh! he has another on his wrist,(better leave out the one at his neck).Anyway,that is Han Geng so he can wear it any way he likes.
      My! my! we are one clothes critics aren’t we..hahaha!!!!

  2. It’s good to have a new member here, that is going to provide us of even more
    interesting news and good stuff about our GengBao… 🙂

    He’s so lovable… as long he’s happy and healthy 😀 *pinches cheeks*

  3. Mandy says:

    Hello Garnetblue~ Thanks for the post. I will be going to BJ next week…where Geng is. Haha…

    • Icydog says:

      I am going to BJ next Friday~~
      May be we will meet at Meihua~~ HAHA~~

      • Mandy says:

        I hope to visit Meihua to be able to “get near” Geng during my short BJ visit. But I am totally new to the city. Hopefully I will be able to locate the dumpling shop. I leave the same day you arrive in BJ. Have fun~

      • bristlegrass says:

        Truly hope you girls could meet him there ^^

      • trueblue says:

        According to Han Geng,his mother’s resto is at under/below Huaguosi Hotel,South of Xinjiekou…?hehehe(from his interview @ migu)
        I really hope you guys will be able to meet his mom and relay to her about our blog..here and ask Geng to drop-by cause one of the bloggers here have the same name as his mom’s shop..kekeke..!!!
        Hope you guys get to taste his mom’s special dumpling which HG likes…It is stuffed with pickled veg and meat…I think..hahaha!!
        And thank you for welcoming me here..and I hope your stay here in forhangeng will be a pleasant and memorable one.

      • Mandy says:

        I don’t expect to see or meet Geng at the dumpling shop. I just want to “get near” him by going to the shop ^0^ If I could locate the shop, I will leave him a message about this site. But I will have to write in English. Geng is learning English so he should understand our message.

    • icydog says:

      It’s my third visit to Beijing~
      I have met Geng’s mum once~
      She’s so nice and pretty~~~

  4. truly3qts says:

    Hello and WELCOME garnetblue……am excited to have you join us

    Thank you for sharing charming pictures of Han Geng in so many mood….he surely knows how to convey via facial expression

    I believe he will definitely bring in volunteers….may be even more than they need?????….LOL

    • trueblue says:

      Thank you for the welcome…
      Now we are truly INTERNATIONAL…
      Bristlegrass in the North…Chinese-Canadian?
      Pinetree…..in U.S.A….Koean-American?
      Truly3qts….(in U.S..?) Thai..?
      Garnetblue…..in Philippines….Malaysian-Chinese
      NO….NOT INTERNATIONAL…should I say GLOBAL like Han Geng..”qiuqiu”..LOLs

      • onepinetree says:

        I am Korean. My son is literally Korean-American 🙂

      • truly3qts says:

        Indeed GLOBAL…..we’re in different parts of the world……isn’t that amazing how Han Geng has brought us, readers included, all together?????

        I’m Thai…living in Bangkok, Thailand BTW!

      • bristlegrass says:

        ^^ I am Chinese, just studying in Canada~~~~

  5. bristlegrass says:

    My warmest welcome to garnetblue!!!!

    If I am in China, I will definitely join the volunteer team ^^

    • onepinetree says:

      I am not really volunteer type of person.. ha ha… Probably just donate some cash, that’s all.

    • trueblue says:

      Well Bristlegrass,according to some,Han Geng already attracted people to the volunteering sector,right after his appearance @ the ceremony…that’s the power of Geng(rice)…hahaha!!!
      It seems that the response was good as many were enquiring on how to participate in the event…
      And thanks for the warm welcome.Hope I can make quality contributions here…

  6. sarah says:

    Welcome to garnetblue 🙂
    Forhangeng is the first gengfans international base…and this blog is my main source about Hangeng.
    Happy to know many gengfans here…
    Yeah…I agree that Geng Gege looks more chubby now and I like it…hehehe
    Hope this event will success then more people will know who Hangeng Gege is…
    A kind-hearted and good person.
    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  7. Smile says:

    Hello, I’m a Bruneian n one of hangeng fan, since I’m not Chinese therefore I’m a bit behind about the latest news from hangeng, I came across this website n join in.

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