Every time I come to know a new fact, my heart falls down to the bottom like ‘woop.’

Could it be better if I don’t meet the new facts?

How seriously Han Geng was suppressed and discriminated was beyond my imagination so that I stuck to my illusion as above.

I am not sure whether I like Han Geng because of his talented capacity or the sympathy on him which may vanish soon.

Those facts revealed to his fans were so enormous to my surprise, I don’t even know how many things are out there.
“Don’t stick to the past time,” as he said to us on his interview in his calm voice, “it is natural to the people in this field.”

I’m so sad whenever I come to this news because I’m not the man of Pacific-wide mind like Hangeng.

No more I’ll come to know, and no more I’ll come to hear the news like this.

The more I come to know, the more people I can not but dislike.

Anyway that is the past thing, it is hard to hide my hurt mind even if it may not happen again.

A star, it is a so dirty job…

How many hard things the job has behind the gorgeousness…

How many unfair things the stars have without telling to others…

I’m very sorry and uneasy to see Han Geng’s smiling face.

How can he be absolutely calm after suffering from these things?

The slavery contract itself may tell him you must endure all those things.

You have to live your life for other people not for yourself until you’re 35.

Your misery will make us happy.

You can return to your homeland with a hurt and sickened body after you’re 35.

Could Han  Geng wait for the moment when the contract with SM would be ended?

Or did he just wish for the time to pass quickly?

How could he endure the hard situation?

Maybe he looked forward to seeing the contract ending desperately.

How hard he was in waiting for it.

My favorite musical is <Notre dame de Paris>.

The original writer, Victor Hugo looked Anarkia carved in the corner of Notre dame Cathedral,

conceived an idea about it.

<The sataned people, Anarkia  means a destiny in Greek.>

The keyword in <Notre dame de Paris> is a destiny itself.

All the things is a destiny, Victor Hugo says to us.

An undeserved death of Esmerallda, a suicide of Frollo,

the end of the medieval times and the end of Notre dame Cathedral are all the destiny.

<Desitiny, you rule our lives.>

If the destiny Victor Hugo said means a natural result of that period, is Hangeng fate already determined by God?

I wish Han Geng’s destiny will support for Han Geng itself.

All I can do is this prayer.

I’m not same as fans of other idol singers.

Other fans get angry, if their idols show off their love for female star.

I may be just happy if Han Geng will have the same case for  female stars.

I will be satisfied if Han Geng will enjoy the situation.

And the yellow flag for Hangeng…

SM created a simple way to make Han Geng’s fans, who gathered to support him,  look ordinary group fans without any troubles.

If SM took away Han Geng fans’ electric signboards, Han Geng will feel timid more and more and think of himself as nothing.

Although Han Geng is growing up, SM Entertainment’s treatment for him and group comes to a standstill.

How he feels about this hard situation where there are no fans for him, as a leader of SJ-M?

SM penetrated his painful situation.

“You are nothing. People gathered in this place are other member’s fans or SJ-M’s group fans.

You contracted with us then you have to be forced by us.”

So the yellow 庚 flag newly appeared looks so sad and touching to me.

Everybody knows what yellow means in color sheet.

And I want to add one more meaning to yellow.

It means waiting: not permanent stop nor permanent going straight.

If the traffic light is red, we judge that we cannot cross the crosswalk now.

If the traffic light is green, we can just go straight lively.

However if it blinks on yellow, we hesitate for a while.

Cross or not?

Yellow is like fans’ mind that is waiting for going straight if seeing the green light.

As his fans notice that SM have sent red signal to Han Geng,

they take out the yellow flag eagerly longing  for the change to green.

Like this, I think, yellow flags to Han Geng mean sincere minds from his fans.

In Migustar College, Geng fans don’t have to hide the yellow flags.

To see the yellow flag in the anticipated end brings new meanings.

“Now, isn’t it too childish? Han Geng is the famous actor at the moment,while his fans are still chasing him thinking that, they have to give the power and strength to Han Geng?”

Han Geng’s yellow flags will fly freely until that day comes.

SM Entertainment has early identified the outstanding talents of Han Geng and planned to blind him at any methods. The flowers sent to the name of Han Geng, the photo shows,

pictured the moment just before SME had done mean action to wreaths.

I brought the pictures to see them again even though it is too late.

Han Geng, these wreathes were just for you, not for other people….

They were your fans’ true hearts to encourage you who were in the discrimination and oppression.

We don’t know why the destiny may spoil your twenties,

but the destiny will be obviously our supporter and your supporter from now on.

Philosopher Nietzsche once said, “The pain that cannot kill me will make me even stronger.”

Han Geng… I have taken many philosopher classes while studying my major to try not to hear criticizing my ignorance.

There must not be any uneducated person among your fans.

All of your sufferings are the ordeal that can make you much stronger, I think.

As now is the cause of the past, you are doing very well.

The experiences of the past will be the base of your future and make you much nicer than we expect now.

I didn’t want to feel unjust and choky about his discriminated and oppressed situation again. but it is not easy.

The scar on Han Geng’s life…

But he is wise and calm, I think he doesn’t think these scars as his painful tracks, but be can be awakened by them.

I want to believe whenever he reminds of scars, he can complete his life.

Dear Han Ggeng… I believe your destiny is not that of what will end hollowly without ant result as Victor Hugo said.

Your destiny will be such a beautiful star that will shine on the Chinese entertainment and

everybody will remember you as a shining star…

The more we come to know a star, the more we tend to be disappointed at  him and make him on a black list as his anti.

However I will support you forever…

My heart for you will never change…


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12 Responses to Destiny

  1. Nahby says:

    Yellow is the sun and HanGeng is pure sunshine. Also, yellow is the color of gold and HanGeng, either in Super Junior or not, is and will be a golden boy. Yellow is bright, and I can see him having a bright future. Even if it pains me to see him go, because I love all my boys together and I would love to see them stay together until the end, I can see HanGeng having a much brighter future outside of SuJu. I see his future distancing itself more and more from Super Junior every time, and him walking into great opportunities that will make him shine not only in China but worldwide. He’s been having this “glow” on pictures lately, a good glow,a glow of health and happiness. I wish the best things to him in or out of SuJu. Even if my heart wishes he would stay, I know he’s going to be better outside of the group…not only him but all the others who are also being worked to death. I wish the same than you for him…I wish him to be happy, healthy, to shine freely and always, to be strong, to live his life the way he pleases. I wish all his past scars to heal thoroughly. I wish this so much for all the other members too. I wish they didn’t have so many crazy fans that think their lives belong to them, that bash him, criticize them for the smallest errors. I wish they would be able to break away from this madness and still be artists. I wish they could live their lives the way they pleased. They make many fans lives better, they have brighten my day countless of times and still do, but they should take care of their needs more. We fans will be fine.

    HanGeng oppa, you are a shining star.

    I love this article, thanks for writing :).

    • 0621falling says:

      Wow… I love your expression… as you told me, Hangeng is pure sunshine and he is a golden boy for us. I really hope that he becomes a worldwide star. He deserves credit for world’s star.

  2. Mandy says:

    Han Geng never fears hardship which will just make him stronger and stronger. Let us simply walk with and support him while he is going through “this battle” with SME. We will see him shine.

  3. onepinetree says:

    I already read this article in Korean. Thank you for translating this long article. Your interpretation of the yellow Han Geng banner was something. I have never thought about the true meaning behind the color. I don’t even know why Chinese geng fans picked up the specific color. However, when reading your article, any Geng fan surely can feel all those bitterness as well as sweetness Han Geng has brought to us.

    Han Geng is very unique idol star. I don’t really like calling him an idol star since I don’t see any glamor or splendor that typically go along with idol stars from Han Geng. The only thing I see from him was all about hardships and sufferings. So I am very happy to see him get free…becoming himself. Started enjoying what he can do for himself and his fans… now watching that itself is very worth.

    • 0621falling says:

      pinetree, we are talking in English…. It is strange and not familiar thing for me. haha..
      Anyway, I fully agree with you. Hangeng is very unique star.
      That’s why I love and understand him totally….
      His struggle would make him stronger…

  4. bristlegrass says:

    Welcome, 0621falling, sooooo good to have you here!!!

    Hope you could have an enjoyable time here ^^

    I read your article in Chinese, now it is in English, my feeling are the same, moving and a bit stung. Each word you are saying, I truly understand it, because I felt the same way for a long time, because your words remind my feeling again.

    Actually, many gengfans love to think back, not because we want to be sad, just because no matter they are pain or happiness, tear or laughter, frustration or satisfaction, they are the precious memory of being walking along with Han Geng on this path. He is the idol we can learn things from, he is the idol we can grow up with, I believe he is the idol we can walk with to the end. All these memories make us love him deeper and deeper. I feel fortunate to get to know him before he becomes a real mega star, to know how he grows up to be today’s and tomorrow’s Han Geng. There are such special attachments between him and gengfans. Borrow some words from a friend (she must know whom I am talking about^^), “all those tears,anxieties and frustrations….are worth it!” Yes, we trust him, he will try his best to make all our love and support be worthy. He promised that in 2009, he is doing that now!

    • 0621falling says:

      Hi^^ I already know about you a little bit from pinetree. Glad to see you.
      When I wrote this essay, I heard about a mean action which did injury to Hangeng.
      My feeling was really terrible…. But, now, I’m fine…
      It was the past and these unfair distinctions will never happen in China anymore.
      And one more thing, I totally agree with you.
      “I feel fortunate to get to know him before he becomes a real mega star, to know how he grows up to be today’s and tomorrow’s Han Geng.”
      I like your comment… ^^

  5. garnetblue says:

    Hello and welcome…
    Good to see our family here growing together and supporting each other..
    Thank you for all your efforts 0621falling.Heard a lot about you and your “mission” over in Korea..
    Someone once said ..THAT FOR EVIL TO THRIVE,GOOD MEN DO NOTHING..!!…how true!!!
    That is why I really admire and respect Geng fans(this refers generally to all fans of Geng not just the official Gengfan site.)out there who did their part in educating those who are chose to be “ignorant” when they know the facts and truth..For those who stood up for Han Geng,finally your efforts and your passion in defending & supporting Geng paid off..
    Can we say that happy days are here,… again?
    In everything we do there must always be a certain set of ethics that we live it is good that we kept our cool and our own set of morals and ethics..This also applies to Han Geng…for we see in him his work ethics and his moral ethics…He knows when to speak up/out and when to be silent…If I am right,he never ever speak bad about another person..he likes to practice the saying..if you have nothing good to say then don’t say anything at all!!..hehehe
    I am glad too that through him I met so many wonderful people who know how to live the right way..Thank You..

    @ pinetree,age is only a number, so don’t think that way…hehehe..!!!
    Ahhh bristlegrass..finally we see light at the end of the tunnel….

    and yes I don’t feel comfortable calling Han Geng an idol star too..

    • 0621falling says:

      Happy to meet you.:D
      By the way, heard about me?? and my ‘mission’??
      Hangeng is an admirable man because he is always push forward by acting accordind to his belief.
      As you told, he knows when to speak up and out.
      Also, I’m really happy I can meet nice person through Hangeng.
      He is a present for us. We are very lucky, aren’t we?

  6. truly3qts says:

    Thank you 0621falling for this heart-felt entry… deeply touches me

    I believe your expression demonstrates why Han Geng and GengFans share such unique bonding….it goes deeper than just appreciation for appearance or presentation…’s something that he is as a person and he endures beyond any human being should.

    He is PRECIOUS and GengFans appreciate how rare it is to come across such individual. I believe he will attract more fans as he continues his career path……freely. He will continue to have that “Han Geng effect” on whoever comes in contact with him.

    Let’s wait and see how even more beautifully he will shine.

    • 0621falling says:

      WOW… I’m so flattered. I didn’t expect people moves by my awful essay.
      I already addicted to Hangeng and Geng fan’s real humanity.
      Hangeng could boast his fans forever. I believe we can grow well by supporting him.
      Now, Hangeng is leading a mature culture of fandom. I am really proud of being his fan.

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